Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 08-14-14

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With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Tonight continues the TV tapings from the Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center in New York City, as tonight it’s the fallout from one of the greatest moments in TNA history as Bull Ray finally put TNA President; Dixie Carter through a table. Will we find out the status of Dixie as she supposedly suffered a broken back? Tonight for the first time in TNA, Team 3D (Bully Ray and Devon) renew an old rivalry as they face the Hardy Boys; Matt and Jeff Hardy. Who will prove to be the better team tonight and will the winners get a TNA Tag Team title shot against the current Champions; the Wolves? Bobby Roode last week make his attentions clear that he wants a title show against TNA World Heavyweight Champion; Bobby Lashley when he was attacked by MVP, Kenny King and Lashley until Austin Aries and Eric Young came out to help Roode. Tonight it’s a 6 Man Team match as MVP, King and Lashley face Roode, Aries and Young. Which team will walk out tonight with the win? Gail Kim defends the TNA Knockouts title in a 4 Way Match as she faces Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Taryn Terrell. Will we see a new Knockouts Champion or will Gail be able to hold onto the title? Also tonight, tension boil high as Mr. Anderson goes one on one with Gunner. Will Samuel Shaw get involved in the match and whose side will Shaw be on? So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Low Ki pins Homicide in a X Division Scramble and earns a TNA X Division title shot next week against X Division Champion; Samoa Joe

Anderson beats Gunner via disqualification

Gail Kim defeats Angelina Love, Velvet Sky & Taryn Terrell in a 4 Way match to retain TNA Knockouts title

Bobby Lashley, Kenny King & MVP beat Bobby Roode, Austin Aries & Eric Young

Team 3D (Bully Ray & Devon) defeat The Hardys (Matt & Jeff Hardy)


Ok Impact

 IMG_1217 Oh God! I Look Terrible In Orange!

EC3, Rhino and Rockstar Spud came out to the ring demanding that the fans to be quiet for a moment of silence in respect for Dixie Carter who was brutally put through a table last week by Bully Ray. EC3 grabs a mic and says that his “Aunt” was brutally attack by Bully Ray and demands that Bully’s termination from TNA. Kurt Angle comes down to the ring telling the three that they can either wrestle tonight or to get the hell out of his ring. EC3 and gang refuse to wrestle as EC3 says he’s hurt and that they are not leaving the ring until Angle fires Bully. Angle counters by calling the police down to the ring who arrest EC3, Rhino and Spud and hall them off to jail. I thought that this segment was ok but it could have been shorter in my mind. I say that it was funny watching EC3 trying to bride the police officers to let him go and the Bernard Madoff comment. I think EC3 would be better off breaking away from Rockstar Spud as Spud brings nothing to help EC3’s character.

IMG_1291He Keeps Calling Me A “Creepy Bastard!”

So we got a match between Gunner and Mr. Anderson coming off the tensions between the two last week at the end of their tag team match but it really wasn’t that much of a match. Gunner and Anderson mostly traded some shoulder blocks and reverse waist lock while trash talking each other. After Anderson nailed Gunner in the back with a knee, Samuel Shaw runs into the ring to separate the two only and talk some sense into Anderson only for Anderson nail Shaw who then attacks Anderson causing Gunner to be disqualified. I understand the reason why TNA did the disqualification angle as it advances the storyline but I wish that the match had went longer before the disqualification. It’s the disqualification angle why I gave this segment an “Ok Impact.”

IMG_1456Ha Ha! You Screw Wood!

Abyss comes down to the ring and starts talking trash about Bram especially about Bram taking his favorite weapon “Janice” last week. Bram comes out with “Janice” and Magnus tagging along telling Abyss that “Janice” now belongs to him and that Abyss can’t have her back. Abyss then suggests that they have another match where anything goes as chairs, tables, barbed wire and tack are legal with “Janice” hanging high above the ring and whoever gets her first can use her. Abyss says that this match will be so extreme that Abyss calls it “Stairway to Janice” match which Bram accepts. Magnus grabs the mic making fun of Abyss by saying that “Janice” screwed him over twice already and that Abyss should be grateful since it’s probably the only ‘girl’ that’s ever screwed him. This pisses off Abyss who attacks Bram getting his hands on “Janice” swinging at Magnus only for Bram to nail Abyss from behind in the knee. Bram leaves possession of “Janice” telling Abyss that next week he’s going to find out what a bitch his girl can be. The segment was ok and did setup the next match in the Abyss\Bram feud but calling the match for next week “Stairway to Janice” match is ridiculous to me.


“High” Impact


Damn, You Hair Is More Blue Then My Tights

We had a 6 man X Division Scramble match with Tigre Uno vs. DJ Z vs. Crazy Steve vs. Homicide vs. Manik vs. Low Ki with the winner facing Samoa Joe next week for the TNA X Division title. Match started off with Crazy Steve and Tigre Uno in the ring which was a little boring until Uno hits a running inverted fireman’s carry slam on Crazy Steve. Uno then hits a springboard splash on Steve for the first elimination. Manik now comes into the ring and things really pick as Uno takes Manik down with a hurricanrana. Manik follows with an inverted DDT and a springboard dropkick, then follows with a cradle slam and now Uno is eliminated. After avoiding a double attack by Low Ki and Homicide, Manik gets nailed by a dropkick by DJ Z who then uses the ropes to pin Manik eliminating him from the match. Within a few minutes, DJ Z is eliminated when Homicide nails DJ Z with Gringo Killer. So now it comes down to Homicide and Low Ki who try to take the other out with their finishing move as Homicide tries to hit the Gringo Killer on Low Ki but Low Ki is able to float over and land on his feet. Low Ki then drop kicks Homicide in the ring corner and then hits the Ki Crusher on Homicide for the win going on to next week to face Samoa Joe for the X Division title. This was a damn good match but I wish that this match had open up the show as the first segment of Impact Wrestling.

IMG_8924I’m Still The Best In The Knockouts Division, Bitches!

I have to say that the 4 Way match for the Knockouts title between Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim was great with several good spots during the match. One spot that sticks in my mind is Taryn Terrell taking out Angelina, Velvet and Gail with a top rope crossbody splash on the outside of the ring. At the beginning of the match; Angelina and Velvet worked together as a team double teaming Taryn after Velvet had taken Gail out. However as the match progresses, Angelina and Velvet start arguing as to who is going to score the pin as that person would become the new TNA Knockouts Champion. The argument between Velvet and Angelina continues for the rest of the match. Taryn had a close pin fall but got nailed with a DDT by Angelina. Toward the end of the match, Velvet went for In Yo Face on Gail but Angelina breaks it up. The match ends when Taryn takes out Angelina while Gail hits Eat Defeat on Velvet for win as Taryn is unable to break up the pin and Gail retains the Knockouts title. One interesting thing during this match was the fans were chanting “Better than Divas!” which proves what I’ve been saying all along that the TNA Knockouts division is the best Women’s Wrestling division on TV.

IMG_1010Drop Kicking Little Punks With Easy!

The 6 Man Tag Team match was great as Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Eric Young faced TNA Champion: Bobby Lashley, Kenny King and MVP as this was a fast pace match with each man getting in some spots during the match. Bobby Roode during the match hit a spinbuster on Kenny King and tag in Austin Aries who hits a springshot elbow on King. Eric Young tags in trading blows with Bobby Lashley and tries for a piledriver but Lashley backdrops Young. Young is able to send Lashley to the outside of the ring where Aries hits Lashley with a top rope splash. Lashley, King and MVP regain control of the match after King nails Young while the referee isn’t looking. Lashley, King and MVP tag in and out working on Young until Young is able to kick Lashley into the ring corner and tags in Aries. Aries hits King with a missile dropkick and Aries goes for an IED but King kicks him in the face, King then knocks both Eric and Roode off the apron before King tags in Lashley. Lashley goes for a spear but Aries blocks and goes into Last Chancery. Thing break down with everybody in the ring as Young hits the piledriver on MVP while Lashley hits several power slams before Aires nails Lashley with some hard kicks. Aries goes for a top rope move but MVP hits Aries with his crutch which allows Lashley hit the spear to get the win for his team. Great match between these six men which showed great tension between Roode and Lashley. I still expect Roode to get the title shot against Lashley most likely at Bound for Glory.

IMG_1732It Doesn’t Get Better Then This!

Impact Wrestling started off with Team 3D coming down to the ring with Bully Ray how good it felt to finally to put Dixie Carter through a table and that the nightmare of Dixie Carter is over. As the fans cheer, the Hardy; Matt and Jeff Hardy come down to the congratulate Team 3D on their Hall of Fame induction which will take place at Bound for Glory and then mentioning that it been 12 years since Team 3D and the Hardys have wrestle each other. So in the main event, we got Team 3D vs. the Hardys which was an awesome match. The match starts off with Matt and Devon in the ring as control of the match is even between the two teams. There were several sweet spots during the match including a great hurricanrana on Bully. Team 3D hit a nice Doomsday Device on Matt but couldn’t get the win. The Hardys hit their combination of moves as Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Devon while Jeff follows up with Swanton Bomb but they couldn’t get the win as Devon was able to kick out. Team 3D finally got the win as they hit the 3D on Matt for the win as the fans goes wild. After the match, both teams shake hands and hug as Impact Wrestling goes off the air. This was a damn good match and I wouldn’t mind seeing Team 3D and the Hardys go at it again.


Show Rating: 7 ½ stars  


Final Thought

Ok, this week’s Impact Wrestling was good but not as good as last week’s show which I can somewhat understand because it’s hard to top Dixie Carter going through a table. I still don’t get the EC3 segment through it was funny watch EC3, Rhino and Rockstar Spud being hauled off to jail. I thought that the X Division Scramble match was good and I can’t wait for next week to see Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe for the TNA Division title. It’s good to see TNA focusing once again on the X Division. I like seeing Roode, Aries and Young teaming together and worked very well with each other. I expect that Roode will get his title shot against Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Heavyweight title at Bound for Glory. While it is bitter sweet, this will be the last written “Making An Impact” review for the Mayer Nation site. John Mayer and myself have decided to move the Wrestling Debate podcast to the Nerd Port Network on Blogtalk Radio where we will be live every Tuesday nights at 8 PM Eastern and 7 PM Central starting this Tuesday. I will still be doing the “Making An Impact” Impact Wrestling reviews but I will be doing them on Youtube. So check out my Facebook or the Nerd Port Network’s Facebook page. Thanks to everyone for all of their support and join us this Tuesday


Stars of the Night: Team 3D & The Hardys




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