Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 08-07-14

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With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Tonight continues the TV tapings from the Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center in New York City, as big moment that TNA has been hyping for the past week happens tonight where Dixie Carter goes through a table. Will Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer get the win over Team Dixie in the Hardcore War match? The bigger question is will we actually see Dixie Carter being put through the table? The winners from last week’s X Division Qualifying matches; Sanada, Low Ki and Samoa Joe will each other in a Triple Threat match to determine the new TNA X Division Champion. Who will leave tonight with the X Division title in their hands? Also Bram takes on Abyss in a Monster’s Balls match. Will Abyss use “Janice” to inflict punishment to Bram for his brutal attack from a few weeks ago? So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Bram pins Abyss in a Monster’s Balls match

The Bro Mans (Robbie E, Jessie & DJ Z) beat Mr. Anderson, Gunner & Samuel Shaw

Team Bully (Team 3D (Bully Ray & Devon), Tommy Dreamer & Al Snow) defeat Team Dixie (EC3, Rhino, Gene Snitsky & Rycklon)

Samoa Joe beats Sanada & Low Ki in a X Division Triple Threat match to become the new TNA X Division Champion

Again there’s no “No impact, Ok Impact or High Impact” this week because all the action this week was beyond awesome.


I Guess You’re Not Getting Laid Tonight

The Monsters Ball match between Bram and Abyss was fricking insane as they literarily beat the shit out of each other. The match went back and forth with each using everything that they could get their hands on. The crowd went crazy when Abyss nailed Bram in the nuts with a cheese grater. Don’t ask me why they had a cheese grater of all thing ringside but I bet you Bram didn’t laid last night. (Yes, I know that this week’s show was pretaped but roll with me here.) I have to give Bram credit for taking two vicious spots as Abyss threw Bram head into a steel chair that was setup in the ring corner. Another spot was Abyss chokeslamming Bram onto a bunch of thumbtacks that Abyss had poured in the ring. As you can see in the picture, it had to hurt like hell. However Bram was to come back after Magnus distracted Abyss which allowed Bram to spear Abyss through the barbed wire board which almost look like it knocked Abyss out. Bram then nailed Abyss with “Janice” in the mid-section and then pins Abyss for the win. It was a good way to start off Impact Wrestling because this match got the crowd hot which is a good thing.

Seg2RoodeLashleyConfrontationI’ll Be Taking That TNA Title Real Soon

MVP, Kenny King and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion; Bobby Lashley come down to the ring with four hot ladies as MVP grabs the mic talking about how dominating Bobby Lashley is and how despite him no longer being the Director of Wrestling Operations that he, King and Lashley still have the all power since Lashley is the TNA Champion. MVP goes on to talk about Lashley’s successful title defenses against Eric Young, Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries. Bobby Roode comes out interrupting MVP saying that MVP is full of crap and MVP had suspended Roode because MVP knew that He was a threat to MVP’s plans. Roode then tells Lashley that the only reason that Lashley is TNA Champion is because MVP blew his knee out. Roode then makes it clear that he wants a title shot against Lashley. MVP and King blindside Roode beating the shit out of him with Lashley joining in until Young and Aires come down to the ring chasing MVP, King and Lashley to the back. I call it last week during the Wrestling Debate Podcast that Roode would be the one who will beat Lashley for the TNA title. It looks like that is the direction that TNA is going which I predict that Roode wins the title at Bound for Glory in October.

Seg3BromansvsAndersonGunnerShawWow, They Look So Small From Here

So we had a 6 Man Tag Team match between the Bro Mans (Robbie E and Jessie) with DJ vs. Mr. Anderson, Gunner and Samuel Shaw as Shaw was hardy in the match. One thing that I like about this match is the fact that TNA didn’t book Robbie, Jessie and DJ Z to look like idiots when TNA has had them wrestling the Menagerie. Gunner looked really good in this match as at the start of the match Gunner showed real aggression as he hit multiple headbutts on Robbie. There was a nice spot where Robbie, Jessie and DJ Z each hit a running knee on Gunner at the same time. One point during the match, Gunner tried to tag in Shaw but Anderson intercepted the tag. I personally didn’t have a problem with this because it serves the storyline that TNA has being setting up between Shaw, Gunner and Anderson. Toward the end of the match, Shaw comes into the ring taking out Jessie and DJ Z after Anderson hit a rolling fireman’s carry on Robbie. Anderson then starts staring down Shaw when Jessie rolls up Anderson for the win and Robbie trips Shawn to prevent him from breaking up the pinfall. After the match, Anderson screams at Shaw while Gunner breaks up the argument by pushing Anderson back. I expect Anderson is going to turn “Heel” real soon and feud with Gunner and Shaw. Also I look for Gunner and Shaw to take a run for the TNA Tag Team titles as Gunner still has the “Feast or Fired” briefcase which is good for a TNA Tag Team title shot.

IMG_1501Taking Out The Trash; New York City Style!

The Hardcore War match was an awesome match as the crowd was totally into the match as the match started out with EC3 for Team Dixie and Tommy Dreamer for Team Bully Rhino is out next nailing Dreamer with a trash can lid as Rhino and EC3 double team Dreamer until Devon comes out for Team Bully. The last man out for Team Dixie is Rycklon while the surprise man for Team Bully is no other then Al Snow who comes out with “Head” in his hands which the crowd went absolutely nuts. There were a lot of great spots during this match plus the facial expressions of Dixie Carter sitting in the balcony during the match. There were some great spots during this including Dreamer hitting a hard DDT on Rhino while Devon nailed Rockstar Spud with a spine buster who tried to interfered in the match. Things even got better when Snow nailed Spud literally with “Head.” Bully calls for the tables which Devon and Snow go for and setup the tables when Rycklon and Snitsky attacked Devon until Snow takes Rycklon and Snitsky out with a springboard moonsault. Team Bully gets the win when Bully Ray and Devon hit the 3D for the win. After the match, Bully point at Dixie telling her that the clock is ticking as he points towards a table with her name on it. I was surprised that TNA has this as the third match of the night as I expected it to be the Main Event but still one hell of a match I think all fans liked.

IMG_0565What The Hell Is Velvet Smiling About?

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) come down to the ring with Angelina complaining about everyone making a big deal about Gail Kim and that she’s better then Gail and better looking too. Angelina then says that she doesn’t care about ruining Gail and Taryn Terrell’s match last week as it should have her getting the Knockouts title shot not Taryn. Taryn comes down to the ring to confront Angelina and Velvet telling Angelina that Angelina took away her chance of possibly winning the Knockouts title. Gail then comes down to the ring and drops a bombshell that next week that Gail will defend the TNA Knockouts title against Angelina, Taryn and Velvet in a 4 Way match. Angelina and Velvet tries to attack Gail but Gail and Taryn quickly chase Angelina and Velvet out of the ring. It should be an interesting match next week and I hope that they get enough time for the match.

IMG_0767Joe Is Going To Kill It In The X Division!

The Triple Threat match to determine a new TNA X Division Champion was great as each man pull out their all in this match as each man went after the other. There were several close pinfalls and submissions with one of the three breaking up the attempt including Samoa Joe locking in the STF on Sanada only for Low Ki to break up the hold. Joe again locks in another submission hold locking in a cross arm breaker on Low Ki but Sanada breaks it up. Joe who dominated the match counters Sanada’s rollup and transfer into the Coquina Clutch forcing Sanada to tap out before Low Ki can break up the submission hold and Joe is the new TNA X Division Champion. I like seeing Joe back in the X Division and I think Joe is going to have a long title run with the X Division title.

IMG_1736Yes, I Recording This!

Dixie Carter comes down to the ring with Team Dixie pissed about their loss earlier in the night calling them pathetic and worthless. Dixie then fires Rycklon and Snitsky telling them to get the hell of her building. Dixie then takes her rage out on the crowd telling them to leave which gets her ultimate heat from the fans. Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer come down to the ring with a table that has Dixie’s name on it. Bully tells Dixie that he has made a promise to put her through a table with Dreamer then saying that he warned her but she didn’t listen, so she should listen again. Dreamer continues by saying that she is going through a table because she’s what’s wrong with wrestling when King Mo sucker punches Dreamer but Bully and Devon quickly take out Mo, Rhino, EC3 and Spud leaving Dixie all by herself in the ring as Bully and Devon prepare to put Dixie through the table that they setup. Spud pulls Dixie out of the ring temporally saving Dixie but the TNA locker room comes down blocking their escape and Dreamer tosses Dixie back into the ring where Bully with Devon finally puts Dixie through the table with the fans in the Manhattan Center going nuts cheering what they just saw. I have to say that was beyond awesome despite TNA announcing that it was going to happen. Even the talent surrounding the ring were cheering and Samoa Joe even took a snap shot of Dixie going through the table with his phone was funny. I think TNA got it right airing this segment last and I think that any fans who complains about this segment being bad needs to stop watching wrestling all together and watch something else become this segment was awesome!


Show Rating: 10 stars  


Final Thought

Holy Shit! This was the best Impact Wrestling that I have seen in quite a while. From top to bottom this show was perfect with nothing to complain about. TNA started off right with the Monsters Balls match between Bram and Abyss when I have to give Bram props for the spots he took during that match including being nailed in the balls with the cheese grater. The Hardcore War match was great and it was a great way to end the feud between Bully and EC3. I like that Samoa Joe is now the TNA X Division Champion and hopefully we’ll see the X Division get back to its glory days. Seeing Dixie Carter going through was one of the greatest moments in TNA history for sure. I give Dixie huge props for willingness to take a spot like that considering to the best of my knowledge that she never has ever taken a spot that. It seems like the New York City tapings have been very successful for TNA and hopefully this show will help convince Spike TV that they are making a big mistake in not renewing TNA’s TV deal.


Stars of the Night: Bully Ray & Dixie Carter



Pictures Courtesy of TNA

Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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