Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 07-10-14

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With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Last week, Bobby Lashley successfully defended the TNA World Heavyweight title as Lashley defeated former Champion; Eric Young in a rematch for the title. Tonight, a 20 Battle Royal will determine who will get the next title shot against Lashley. Who will win the Battle Royal and earn the right to face Lashey for the TNA title? Rhino made his return to TNA last week shocking everyone as he Gore Bully Ray. Will Rhino explain his actions from last week and why he Gore Bully? Bobby Roode made his in ring return last week as he defeated Kenny King in Street Fight match. Will Roode continue his quest and get his hands on MVP tonight? Gail Kim became a 4 time TNA Knockouts Champion as she was to finally beat Angelina Love for the Knockouts title. Will Gail be able to retain the Knockouts title as Gail faces, Angelina, Madison Rayne and Brittany in a Fatal Four way for the Knockouts title? Also tonight Austin Aries challenges Sanada in a rematch for the TNA X Division title. Plus the Wolves put the TNA Tag Team titles on the line as they face the team of Magnus and Bram. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) defends Magnus & Bram to retain the TNA Tag Team titles

Austin Aries pins Sanada to become the new TNA X Division Champion

Gail Kim beats Angelina Love, Madison Rayne & Brittany in a Fatal 4 Way match the retain the TNA Knockouts title

Jeff Hardy eliminates Eric Young to win the 20 Man Battle Royal to earn a title shot against TNA World Heavyweight Champion; Bobby Lashley


There’s no “No impact, Ok Impact or High Impact” this week because all the action this week was awesome.


I Didn’t Know That Wolves Could Fly

The Wolves once again defended the TNA Tag Team titles this week but in a regular tag team match as the Wolves put the titles on the line against the team of Magnus and Bram. I have to say that I really like the tag team of Magnus and Bram because their wrestling styles blend very well together. One thing that I liked during this match was Magnus running to the other side of the ring to take out Eddie Edwards in order to prevent Davey Richards from getting the hot tag which I thought was great because it shows that Magnus and Bram had a game plan. There were several great spots during this like Edwards hitting top rope hurricanrana on Bram and Richards preventing Magnus and Bram from hitting a double suplex on Edwards sending Magnus and Bram to the outside of the ring before hitting a double suicide dive on Bram and Magnus. I liked the finish to the match which saw Richards gets Bram back in the ring and heads to the top rope for a double stomp, but Bram counters with a gutwrench slam attempt, only to have Edwards come in for the save hitting Bram with a sunset flip rollup getting the win for the Wolves as Edwards was the legal man. Great tag team and I to see Magnus and Bram go up against the Wolves again because they had great chemistry and I can see thus being a great feud between these four.


Bobby, I Pissed My Pants Right Here See The Stain?

After beating Kenny King in a Street Fight match last week, Bobby Roode comes out to the ring calling out MVP. Roode says that the reason MVP suspended Roode was because MVP saw Roode as a threat and now that MVP is no longer his boss, Roode wants MVP out to the ring so that he can get his hands on MVP. MVP comes out in a wheelchair telling everyone that he has no idea when he will be able to return to the ring. Roode tells MVP he doesn’t care and wants to kick MVP’s ass. Kenny King tries to take out Roode. Roode was able to avoid King the first time but gets by King after he finally gets his hands on MVP. King and MVP starts stomping and beating the shit out of Roode when Eric Young comes to Roode’s aid but it’s short lived as Lashley comes to the ring and spears Young leaving both Roode and Young laying in the ring. It looks like TNA is going for a Roode\MVP feud which the payoff will be MVP vs. Roode which I actually looking forward to because MVP is a damn good wrestling and the elements to this feud makes sense.


Get Ready For The Greatest 450 Splash That’s Ever Been Done

What can I say about Austin Aries vs. Sanada but it was the best match of the whole night. Aries and Sanada pull out all of the stops in putting on one the best matches for 2014. The match started off a little slow with chants for Aries but they weren’t real strong but once things started to pick up, fans started to really get into the match. I can’t do justice in writing about this match as there were so many great spots during this match. One of Sanada’s impressive moves was when he blocked Aries’s attempt at the Brain Busters and reverse it into a tiger suplex. There were several close pin attempts during this match Aries was able kick out of a pin attempt after Sanada had nailed Aries with a top rope moonsault. One of the most shocking kick outs was when Sanada kicked out after Aries had hit the Brain Buster on Sanada. However Aries kept up with the pace and quickly when for a 450 splash from the tope rope and was enough for Aries to defeat Sanada and become the new TNA X Division Champion for the fifth time is his career.


Oh No Gored Again!

Bully Ray comes down to the ring to confront Rhino for nailing him with the Gore last week. Rhino comes down to the ring with EC3 and Rockstar Spud with Bully talking directly at Rhino asking Rhino why he attacked him. Rhino calls Bully a selfish asshole who cares about himself and uses his friends to advance his career. To prove his point, Rhino asks Bully where’s Devon. Bully counters back that Rhino is responsible for his own problems not him. EC3 claims that Bully’s selfish action have kept Rhino from being able to earn a living and that he paid Rhino to Gore Bully last week and that he’s going to keep paying Rhino to take Bully out. Before Bully can do anything, he gets Gore by Rhino which leads to EC3, Spud and Rhino to beat on Bully until Tommy Dreamer suddenly comes to the ring with a Kendo stick and chases the three off. I like how TNA explained Rhino’s return and explaining his motivation for attacking Bully. Also having Tommy Dreamer coming to Bully’s aid makes sense because of Dreamer’s current feud with Dixie Carter and EC3.


Here’s A Dropkick For Both of You Bitches!

After winning the TNA Knockouts title for the fourth time in her career last week, Gail Kim defeated the Knockouts title against Angelina Love, Madison Rayne and Brittany in a 4 way match which had a lot of great action and damn good spots throughout the match. I like how before the match began, Brittany attacked Madison Rayne from behind as Madison was coming down to the ring as Brittany recently turned “Heel” attacking Madison last week. There were several times during the match where Brittany and Angelina would team to together and where Gail Kim and Madison team together but had no problem going after each other. Each woman had their moment to shine as Brittany hit a nice back handspring elbow on Madison in the ring corner and later in the match a modified DDT on Madison. Madison hit a nice bridge suplex on Gail for a two count before Gail kicks out. Gail came back and hit a hard faceplant Madison that looked great. Toward the end of the match things really started to break down as each woman were hitting their finishing moves which saw Brittany hit a handspring moonsault on Gail while Madison hits the Rayne Drop on Brittany. Angelina catches Madison with the Botox Injection on Madison but before Angelina can follow up, Gail hits the Eat Defeat on Angelina to retain the Knockouts title. This was a damn good Knockouts match and this is what WWE Diva matches should be late so WWE management should watch the Knockouts matches and take notes.


Damn Jeff, Use Some Damn Foot Deodorant!

At the beginning of the night, Kurt Angle announced that in the Main Event; there will be a 20 Man Battle Royal to determine who will face Bobby Lashley next week for the TNA World Heavyweight title. Angle then calls Willow down to the ring and tells Willow that he doesn’t want Willow in the Battle Royal but Willow’s alter ego; Jeff Hardy. So when the Battle Royal started, the last in the Battle Royal was Jeff Hardy. The beginning of the match was lot of brawling but the some of the interesting eliminates were Bully Ray eliminating Rockstar Spud followed by EC3 and Bully Ray eliminating each other. It was funny and pathetic before he was eliminated watching Spud trying to beat the shit out of Bully. The field starts thinning out where Hardy, Young, Roode and King. King is able to eliminate Roode with the help of MVP when MVP nailed Roode in the mid-section with his crutch when Roode tried to hit the Roode bomb on King. However King is quickly eliminated by Young who comes up behind King and dumps King over the top rope. Hardy and Young go at each other with some close call eliminations before Hardy hits a top rope dropkick to eliminate Young and now Hardy will now face Bobby Lashley next week for TNA title who comes down to the ring while Hardy is being interviewed and have a stare down as Impact Wrestling ends. I’m glad that Jeff Hardy is back because the “Willow” was getting real old in my opinion.


Show Rating: 8 stars


Final Thought

Wow what a great Impact Wrestling we had tonight as everything just meshed perfectly together.  We got Jeff Hardy back tonight as himself instead of his Willow character which was getting old to me. The Wolves showed tonight why they are one the best tag teams in professional wrestling today as they had an awesome match with Magnus and Bram. Brittany, Madison Rayne, Angelina Love and Gail Kim showed tonight why TNA has the best Women’s Wrestling division today as all four women put on a damn good match tonight. The Bully Ray\Rhino segment was done well and everything that each man said made perfect sense far as the storyline goes. The best part of the night was watching Austin Aries beating Sanada to regain the TNA X Division title for the fifth time as Aries and Sanada put on one hell of a match. Now the big question is now that Aries is the X Division Champion, will Aries exercise Option C and cash in the X Division title for a TNA World Heavyweight and who will be the TNA Champion as next week, Bobby Lashely defends the TNA title against Jeff Hardy. Next week’s “Making An Impact” review will be a special Youtube version so don’t forget to check it out.


Stars of the Night: Austin Aries & Sanada



Pictures Courteously of TNA 


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at



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