Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 07-03-14

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With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling Last week, fans were when MVP was fired as Director of Wrestling Operations and that Kurt Angle is the new Director of Wrestling Operations, Tonight, Kurt Angle kicks off Independence Day early with a special “Red, White and Blue Throwdown” with Angle announcing some major bouts for tonight. TNA World Heavyweight Bobby Lashley defends the TNA title for the first as he defends against former champion, Eric Young getting his one on one rematch for the TNA Title against Lashley. Also last week, Kurt Angle announced that he has reinstated Bobby Roode to the TNA active roster. Now that Roode is back, will Roode get his hands on MVP tonight? Can Young regain the TNA title or will Lashley and his gang use dirty tactics to keep the TNA title on Lashley? After coming close last week of putting Dixie Carter through a table, Bully Ray will battle EC3 in a rematch from Slammiversary but this time in a Tables Match. Will EC3 find a way to win or EC3 end up going through a table? After pinning Angelina Love last week in the Knockouts Tag tem match; tonight Gail Kim faces Angelina for the TNA Knockouts title. Can Gail defeat Angelina to become a 4 time Knockouts Champion or will Angelina leave still the Knockouts Champion? So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) defends Bro Mans (Jessie & DJ Z (Zema Ion) & The Menagerie (Knux & The Freak) to retain the TNA Tag Team titles

Bobby Roode pins Kenny King in a Street Fight match

EC3 (Ethan Carter III) beats Bully Ray in a Tables match

Gail Kim pins Angelina Love to become the new TNA Knockouts Champion

Bobby Lashley pins Eric Young to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Champion


OK Impact

 IMG_0800Jessie, I Think This Isn’t Going To End Well Dude

The Wolves defended the TNA Tag Team titles today against Knux and the Freak of the Menagerie and the Bro Mans (Jessie and DJ Z) in a triple threat which was pretty decent match considering who the Wolves opponents were and the fact that the match was short which looked to be longer but was cut short during post production. The match started off with the Bro Mans knocking the Wolves out of the ring followed Knux and the Freak sending Jessie and Ion out of the ring. The Bro Mans get control of the match with Jessie and Ion working on with Edwards as Jessie slams Edwards onto the mat and Ion hitting Edwards in the head with an elbow. Edwards is able to block a double suplex attempt by the Bro Mans which allows Edwards to hit a double hurricanrana on the Bro Mans. Richards comes in hitting several kicks on both Jessie and Ion and then hits an enziguiri on Jessie. Knux and the Freak try to break things up but the Freak accidentally clothslines Knux and himself out of the ring after Richards ducks the clothsline attempt. Edwards then hits an elevated spinebuster on Io followed by Richards hitting Ion with a roundhouse kick for the win and the Wolves retain the TNA Tag Team titles. I think that if the match had went longer then it could have better. The other problem is a shortage of tag teams for the Wolves to defend the titles against which I don’t see the Menagerie a good tag team. Hopefully TNA will bring some actual tag team into TNA soon.


High Impact

 IMG_0606You’re Full of Shit Luthor! I Mean Angle!

Kurt Angle started the show off telling fans what they what they can expect tonight which includes three title matches tonight with the TNA Champion; Bobby Lashley defends against former TNA Champion; Eric Young. As Angle is naming off the matches for tonight, Angle is interrupted by Samoa Joe who comes to the ring saying that Angle is full of crap and that he’s no better than Dixie Carter and MVP as Angle only cares about himself. Joe then questions Angle if he’s going to book himself in a TNA title match after his knee heals. Angle and Joe talk back and forth about their history with Joe making the point that he fought for everything that he’s gotten and that he is pro wrestling. Angle says this is the Samoa Joe that he wants to see. Joe leaves the ring telling Angle that he should be careful what he wishes as Joe leaves the ring. Interesting segment with Joe making some valid points which made sense. It will be interesting to see what TNA is going to do with Joe in the next few months.

IMG_0961Oh You’re Damn Right This Is Going To Hurt Bitch!

Bobby Roode tried to confront MVP tonight but was blindsided by Kenny King who beat the shit out of Roode in the back. Angle wastes no time check on the condition of Roode who says that he’s fine and they both go confront MVP and King. Angle tries to book a match with MVP and Roode but MVP says that Angle can’t make him because of his knee injury. King then starts to run his mouth which leads Angle to instead to make a Street Fight match between King and Roode. Before the match begins, Angle comes out force MVP to the back allowing Roode to attack King from behind. The two fight around the entrance way and the sound equipment area until Roode backdrops King over the guard rail next the ring. Roode then grabs a steel chair only for King to hit a spin kick causing the chair to hit Roode in the face. King rolls Roode into the ring where the match officially begins as King punches Roode in the head. King looks to be in control until he tries to drop Roode onto the steel chair only for Roode to block it and hit the Roode Bomb sending King into the steel chair giving Roode the win. We’ll most likely see another match between these as it will be a while until TNA can do Roode vs. MVP.

IMG_1163I’m Going To Go “Mickie James” On Your Ass!

Brittany comes marching to the ring with a new look as she was wearing an American flag type ring gear and had her hair lighten. Brittany grabs a mic calling Madison Rayne to come down to the ring as she has something say to Madison. Madison cautiously comes down and gets a mic telling Madison that she wants the crazy bullshit to stop and that she will fight Brittany in order to make it happen. Brittany says that that she called Madison down to tell Madison that she sorry as she realizes that Madison was trying to help her as she was new girl in the Knockouts division and that she learned a very valuable lesson. Madison accepts Brittany’s apology and that she will be there for Brittany. As the two shake hand and the hug, Brittany pull Madison in saying that the lesson that she learned was to never meet your heroes as Brittany hits a hard clothsline. Brittany then finishes by say they will always disappoint as Brittany slams Madison into the ring post sending Madison to the outside of the ring. Brittany lays on the mat staring at Madison on the ring floor which was very creepy. I guess Brittany is going to be a “Heel” which will be interesting to see what she can do with it. I won’t be surprise if we see Brittany vs. Madison next week.

IMG_1394What The Hell?!?! I Think You Gore The Wrong Person Rhino

At Slammiversary, EC3 was able to defeat Bully Ray in a Texas Death match thanks to the help of Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud but tonight we found out from Kurt Angle that EC3 is going to face Bully Ray tonight in Bully’s match; a Tables match. As expected Bully has control of the match as he trades chops with EC3 before slamming EC3 into the turnbuckles. Bully then throws EC3 over the top rope and then slams EC3 head first into the steel steps. EC3 makes a comeback nailing Bully with a clothsline after Bully brings a table into the ring and then pounds on Bully in the ring corner. Bully tries to regain control of the match hitting a powerbomb on EC3 but Rockstar Spud comes running into the ring and attacks Bully. EC3 and Spud then starts stomping the shit out of Bully when to the shock of the fans, Rhino comes charging to the ring as it looks like he going to nail Spud with the Gore. However Rhino shocks everyone as he gores Bully instead allowing EC3 to put Bully through a table with a spinebuster to win the match. I have to say that I was surprise to see Rhino back in TNA and that Rhino attacked Bully. I’m curious to find out if Rhino is back full time in TNA or if this just a short run. I guess we’ll find out in the weeks to come.

IMG_1957Damn Gail, You’re Smoking Hot & Just Won The Knockouts Title For A 4th Time. Too Bad That You’re Married

Before her match with Gail Kim, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky were in the back flirting with referee Brian Stiffler who they have been using their feminine charms on to get Stiffler in their back pocket. However Angle pulls Stiffler as the referee and replaces him Brian Hebner in order to insure a fair match. The match starts off with Gail getting in several forearm shots on Angelina until Angelina rolls out of the ring. Gail rolls out of the ring to go off Angelina only for Velvet to shove Gail into the ring post. Angelina tries to take advantage by for a quick rollup but Gail is able to kick out. Angelina is able to keep control of the match working Gail and distracting the referee allowing Velvet to get in some cheap shots on Gail. However, Velvet gets caught snapping Gail’s head down on the rope by the referee and is sent to the back to the dismay of Angelina. Gail almost gets the win with a quick rollup but Angelina kicks out. Gail then hits several clothslines and forearm shots followed up with a diving crossbody on Angelina in the ring corner. Gail hits a missile dropkick from the top rope and goes for the pin attempt but Angleina kicks out on 2. Angelina regains control of the match when she nails Gail who is for a top rope move with the Botox Injection which sends Gail to the outside of the ring. Angelina stops Gail from being counted out as she wants to pin Gail and rolls Gail back into the ring getting a near fall on Gail. Angelina tries for a second Botox Injection, but Gail blocks it and hits Eat Defeat for the win and to become a 4 time TNA Knockouts Champion. I thought this was a great Knockouts match and the both Gail and Angelina did a great job in the ring. I’ll be curious to see if we’re going to see Gail vs. Taryn Terrell 3 but this time for the Knockouts title. Also I’m curious to see what TNA is going to do next with the Beautiful People now that Angelina is no longer the Knockouts Champion.

IMG_2185Damn, I Think I Just Shit In My Trunks!

I was surprised that the Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley for the TNA title was Ashley being as short as it was. While Young has some offense during this match, it was more about Lashley being a dominating monster. Just after the match starts, the referee sends both MVP and Roode who came down to the ring with Young as Lashley and Young trade blows in the ring. Lashley misses a charge into the ring corner on Young but is able to block Young’s attempt at a piledriver and rams Young into the ring corner with several shoulder blocks. Lashley keeps dominating Young hooking Young into a heel hook trying to turn into a single leg Boston Crab. Young is able to fight him way out of the hold by hitting Lashley in the face followed by a dropkick and then the elbow from the top rope. Young tries for a piledrive but can’t get Lashley up who turns it into the Dominator and follows with a vicious spear for the win and retains the TNA title. I have to say that it was interesting that Lashley won the match clean but I think that it was the right way to book Lashley as a “Heel” champion.


Show Rating: 7 ¾ stars


Final Thought

Well, this week’s 4th of July Impact Wrestling special (yes, I know that this week’s show aired on the 3rd) was not bad but it was as good as last week’s how. The Wolves put on a very good tag team match but it would nice to see them face actual tag teams that are established and just not thrown together. I liked the Madison Rayne\Brittany angle as TNA officially turn Brittany “Heel” Also I like that Brittany changed her hair color because she was looking similar to Brooke Tessmacher. I was shocked that Rhino attacked Bully Ray instead of EC3 considering that EC3 has also just started feuding with Tommy Dreamer. It’s great to see Bobby Roode back in the ring and after beating Kenny King in a Street Fight match, it looks like Roode will facing Lashley soon for the TNA title. With Lashley being booked as a dominating “Heel” champion as he defeated Eric Young clean tonight, a match between Lashley and Roode could be very interesting. Speaking of titles, I was surprised that TNA decided to put the Knockouts title back on Gail Kim after Angelina just holding the title for just little over 2 months and a half. I’m that TNA wants to do Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell 3 but for the Knockouts title which I think Taryn then become the Knockouts Champion. I still not sure what to think of the teaming of Gunner and Samuel Shaw as Gunner brought Shaw back to Impact Wrestling to the dismay of Mr. Anderson and Christy Hemme. I believe that we’re going to see Gunner turn “Heel” real soon. Next week should be good as Austin Aries gets his rematch against Sanada for the TNA X Division title.


Stars of the Night: Gail Kim & Angelina Love



Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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