Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 06-26-14

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With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Last week, Bobby Lashley defeated Eric Young to win his first TNA World Heavyweight Championship after MVP stacked the odds against Young. How will Lashley, MVP and Kenny King celebrate Lashely winning the TNA title and what will Young have to say about loosing the title to Lashley? Tonight, the TNA Board of Directors will make a big announcement that will have huge impact for TNA. Will the Board address MVP’s recent abuse of power? Also last week, Taryn Terrell made her return to Impact Wrestling only to her big return interrupted by the Beautiful People as Angelina Love and Velvet Sky attacked Taryn and Gail Kim. Will Taryn and Gail be able to get revenge as they take on the Beautiful People in a Knockouts Tag Team match? Tonight Sanada puts the TNA X Division title on the line as Sanada takes, Crazy Steve, Manik and DJ Z (Zema Ion) in a Fatal Four Way. In a rematch from Slammiversary, “The Cowboy” James Storm faces Mr. Anderson. Also Willow and Abyss team together to take on Magnus and Bram in a Monster’s Ball match. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Gail Kim & Taryn Terrell beat The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) in a Knockouts Team Tag match

Sanada defeats Crazy Steve, Manik & DJ Z (Zema Ion) in a Fatal Four Way to retain the TNA X Division title

“The Cowboy” James Storm pins Mr Anderson

Magnus & Bram beats Willow & Abyss in a Monster’s Ball match

Kurt Angle is named the new TNA Director of Operations by the TNA Board of Directors


OK Impact


 Whatever You Do Dixie, Don’t FART!

Earlier in the night, a representative for the TNA Board of Directors informed MVP that he is no longer the Director of Wrestling Operations which delighted Dixie Carter who was questioned in the back as she and Rockstar Spud head to the ring to celebrate because she thinks that she is going to be named the new Director of Wrestling Operations of TNA. Dixie comes to the ring where Spud has champagne waiting in the ring for them. Dixie talks about how Roode failed her at Lockdown and that Bully Ray screwed her by taking her money and costing her control of TNA. Dixie says that it doesn’t matter now that MVP is no longer in operational control of TNA. The representative for the TNA Board of Directors comes down to the ring to inform Dixie that she is not the replacement for MVP and that his replacement will make his presence known later in the show. Bully Ray comes down to the ring saying that he’s going to kick Spud in the face, drink their champagne and then put Dixie through a table. Dixie tries to bribe Bully with $200,000 not to put her through a table but Bully decides to still go for the table opinion. EC3 runs into the ring to help his Aunt Dixie but gets thrown out of the ring by Bully and then grabs Dixie getting ready to put her through the table but Spud gets rid of the table which allows Dixie to escape with EC3. Not a bad segment considering it was mainly about Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud but not great because Dixie’s acting is not that great and Spud sucks.


That’s For Wasting All Of That Good Beer

Tonight, we saw a rematch between “The Cowboy” James Storm and Mr. Anderson in a rematch from Slammiversary which saw Anderson defeat Storm. This match was very short but saw some good spots as Storm and Anderson each hit a swinging neck breaker on the other. Storm was able to hit the back stabber on Anderson who in turn hits a rolling senton on Storm. Anderson tires for the Mic Check but Storm blocks it and hits the Last Call on Anderson for the win. I think that this match was good but should have been longer. Is this the end of the Storm\Anderson feud I have no idea but I think that TNA needs to wrap this feud up.


High Impact


The Hot Mess Is Back & Looking Good!

Tonight we saw the return of Taryn Terrell in the ring as Taryn team up with Gail Kim to take on the Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) who last week, had attacked Taryn and Gail. Taryn was good with some damn good spots like the nice neck breaker Taryn hit on Velvet. I will say that Taryn did show a little ring rust as a couple of her clothsline didn’t crisp but it wasn’t that bad. Gail was on fire specially toward the end of the match hitting the body avalanche on Angelina in the ring corner. Taryn takes out Angelina and Velvet Sky with a cross body press off the top rope rolling out of the ring with Velvet which allows Gail to hit Eat Defeat on Angelina for win and giving Gail a non-title win over Angelina. I thought Taryn did good considering that she hasn’t wrestled for a year and that she just had a baby a few months ago. I’ll be surprise if we don’t see Angelina defend the Knockouts title again against Gail.


I’m Back You Son Of A B@tch!!!

MVP and Kenny King come down to the ring to introduce the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion; Bobby Lashley who comes down to the ring with a blond hanging on his arm. MVP talks about how it took a little long then they planned and not quite the way they expected but now they have all of the power in TNA. Eric Young comes out saying that he’s going to bring them down and runs down to the ring only be beaten down by Lashley and King. Out of the crowd comes Bobby Roode who chases off Lashley and King then grabs a mic saying that he cares about professional wrestling as it’s his passion and then MVP took that away from him when MVP suspended him. Just then a representative for the TNA Board of Directors comes out on the entrance way to tell MVP that he has been removed from his position as Director of Wrestling Operations which pisses off MVP but puts a smile on Roode’s who asked that if he’s heard him right that MVP is no longer in charge which the representative says yes. Roode then wastes no time in punching MVP sending him out of the ring. This was one of Roode’s best promos and the fans loved it. I thought that it was interesting that TNA decided with this direction but I have no objection to it as I like to see Roode possibly feuding with Lashley for the TNA title.


Just Another Day In The X Division

Tonight, Sanada defended the X Division title against Crazy Steve of the Menagerie, DJ Z (Zema Ion) and Manik in a Fatal Four Way which was Sanada’s idea. Wow, was the action fast paced with lot of great spots during this match with the one that stuck out in mind was Sanada, Crazy Steve and Manik hitting a triple dropkick on Ion as Ion was trying to hit a missile dropkick off the top rope. Manik had a great submission spot where he had Sanada in an Indian Death Lock and then lock an abdominal stretch on Crazy Steve. Ion had had a very nice spot where he hit a springboard tornado DDT on Crazy Steve as Steve was coming back into the ring. Sanada was able to get the win after he hits a double hook suplex on Ion in a bridge to retain the TNA X Division title. This was a very good X Division match and showed how good of a wrestler Sanada is. I will say that I don’t think that Sanada will the X Division Champion going into Destination X.


Not The Face Dude! I’ve Got A Dinner Date With My Aunt Dixie

After saving Dixie Carter from Bully Ray’s attempt to put her through a table, EC3 is on the phone wanting Spud to come back and get him when he’s attack by Tommy Dreamer who is trying to revenge on EC3 for EC3’s attack on him last week. The two fight using every object that they can get their hands on as they fight out to the ring. The two keep fighting beating the shit out of each other until security finally comes out to separate the two. I thought that the brawl works because advances the storyline feud between Dixie and Dreamer with EC3 as Dixie’s muscle. Also having EC3 work with Dreamer is only going to raise EC3’s stock in TNA. I expect to see a hardcore match between Dreamer and EC3 real soon.


Damn That Hurt! At Least You Didn’t Hit Me in The Balls!

The Monster’s Ball match between Willow and Abyss vs. Magnus and Bram was by far the best match of the night as they used everything that they could get their hands on. Match starts off with Magnus and Bram in control as they use hockey sticks on Willow and Abyss who brought them to the ring along with other weapons. Bram and Magnus took some hard shots as Willow nailed both of them with steel trash cans that were brutal. During the match, Bram actually hand cuffed Abyss to the guard rail but Abyss was able to break the hand cuffs. Another brutal spot in the match was Abyss choke slamming Magnus into the thumbtacks which Magnus sold being in great pain. Willow had a great spot during the match hitting the Twist of Fate on both Magnus and Bram then climbs to the top going for the Swanton but Magnus throws a trash can at Willow and knocks him off and through the barbed-wire table. Bram gets the win for his team as he hits Abyss with Abyss’s own weapon “Janice” in the mid-section and pins Abyss. Again this was the best match of the night and all four men should be praised for their performance in this match.


I’m In Charge Now! So Go Ahead & Beat The Shit Out of Each Other

I think that everyone was surprised when it was revealed that the new Director of Wrestling Operations was Kurt Angle who got a big pop from the fans. Angle makes it clear that unlike MVP, Angle has no agenda as he has already done everything there is to do in professional wrestling and he is going to make TNA better for the boys in the back and for the fans. MVP comes out with Lashley and King to confront Angle. MVP mocks Angle about Angle’s past personal problems and that Angle has a bigger problem with himself, Lashley and King. Angle warns MVP, Lashley and King that if they touch him that he will fire them before they could blink, Angle then reveals that next week, Lashley will defend the TNA title in a rematch against the former TNA Champion; Eric Young. Angle then announces to the dismay of MVP that he has reinstated Bobby Roode to the active roster. Roode and Young then come down to the ring where a brawl breaks out between Lashley, King, Roode and Young while Angle watches as Impact Wrestling goes off the air. This is going to be interesting to see what’s going to happen with Angle now in charge as we’re not too far away from Destination X where the X Division Champion can cash in his title for a TNA title shot.


Show Rating: 7 ¾ stars


Final Thought

Not a bad Impact Wrestling tonight considering that this week’s show was taped. I thought that all four matches were good with the Monster’s Ball Tag Team match being the best match of the night. I do wish that the Storm vs. Anderson has went longer but it’s possible that it longer but just got cut down in postproduction. It was great to see Taryn Terrell back in action after being gone for a year. While Taryn had a little ring rust, I thought that she did a great job consider that she just has a baby three months ago. By the way, Taryn looks smoking hot too and I believe that Taryn will be the Knockouts Champion by the end of the year. When is Bully Ray going to get his hands on Dixie Carter and put her through a table? Your guess is just as good as mine but TNA needs to pull the trigger on it soon. I’m thinking that Bully join forces with Tommy Dreamer to feud with Dixie and her nephew; EC3. It’s great to see Bobby Roode back in TNA and his promo tonight was perfect and the fans loved. It will be interesting to see if Roode will be the TNA title picture in the next few months.


Stars of the Night: Willow, Abyss, Magnus 7 Bram



Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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