Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 06-12-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. We’re just days from Slammiversary as Eric Young will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against the Director of Wrestling Operations of TNA; MVP. What MVP and his gang (Kenny King and Bobby Lashley) have in store for Young. Last week after losing the 8 Man Tag Team First Blood match by being busted open by Bully Ray, ECS was viciously attacked backstage by MVP, King and Lashley but were stopped by Dixie Carter. Will Dixie confront MVP for attacking her nephew EC3 and what actions to she take against MVP. Also last week, Madison Rayne was unable to regain the TNA Knockouts title from Angelina Love due interference from Velvet Sky. Tensions flared when Madison confront Brittany who has been obsessed with Madison for not helping her. Will things come to a head between Madison and Brittany they complete against each other and Gail Kim in a Triple Threat match to determine the Number #1 Contender for the TNA Knockouts title? Who will go to face to Angelina Love foe the Knockouts title? Also tonight Robbie E of the Bro Mans goes one on one with Knux of the Menagerie. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Bobby Lashley pins Eric Young in a non-title match

Knux pins Robbie E.

Eric Young pins Kenny King in a non-title match

Gail Kim beats Brittany & Madison Rayne in a Triple Threat match to be the Number #1 Contender for the TNA Knockouts title

Eric Young defeats MVP via disqualification in a non-title match


No Impact


Sorry But Your Muscles Just Aren’t Big Enough For Me & I Don’t Mean Your Arms

You would think after last week’s disaster of a segment with the Bro Mans and the Menagerie that TNA would move on and do something different with the Menagerie but you would be wrong as TNA decided to have Robbie E vs. Knux which was a train wreck. Where do I start with this train wreck of a match? First TNA played the Menagerie’s entrance music during the entire match which I think is stupid because it’s distracting. Plus you had Rebel, Crazy Steve and The Freak (Rob Terry) around ringside along with Jessie DJZ (Xema Ion) which was also distracting and took away from the match. I will say that it was nice to see Robbie get in some offense in on Knux but in the end Knux hits a sitout spinebuster for the win. If you missed this match then don’t worry because it wasn’t a good match. To be honest I’m over this Menagerie gimmick as TNA had taken something that could have been good and turn in it into one big joke.


OK Impact


Damn! I’ve Got To Take A Shit!

Eric Young comes out to the ring calling out MVP and Dixie Carter with all their goons which MVP comes out with Kenny King and Bobby Lashley making it clear that Dixie is no friend of his and that this Sunday at Slammiversary that he will be leaving with the TNA title. Young tells MVP that he wants a fair fight not the bullshit interference from MVP’s goons which MVP says if Young can tonight beat him, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley then he’ll let Young pick the stipulation for their match at Slammiversary. King opens his big mouth that Young can’t even beat two of them which forces MVP to make it best 3 out of 3 matches with his first match being against Bobby Lashley right now. Lashley dominates Young first with the scoop slam following by slamming Young into the ring apron. Young is able to get in a little offense in hitting a surprise dropkick on Lashley. In the end Lashley hits the Dominator on Young to get the win. After the match, Lashley continues his attack on Young until Samoa Joe comes out for the save whom Lashley will face at Slammiversary.


Dude! You Really Need To Get Rid of The Mask, You Look Stupid In It

Magnus and Bram come to the ring where Magnus talks about how he let what people thought of him influence what he did and thinking about the past six months make him sick. Magnus goes on to say now that he’s found himself and along with Bram, they are unstoppable. Bram then grabs the mic talking about how Jeff Hardy has to have an alter ego like Willow because Hardy needs an edge but he and Magnus don’t need one. Willow comes out and challenges Magnus to a match at Slammiversary which Willow says that he will be bringing a friend with him. Magnus accepts Willow’s challenge but questions Willow who is he bring with him which Willow reveals to be Abyss; Magnus’s one time body guard. A fight breaks out between the four with Willow and Abyss getting the upper hand chasing Magnus and Bram to the back. With the past history between Magnus and Abyss, I think Willow vs. Magnus at Slammiversary is going to be interesting.


No Spud! Brooke Is Not Going Out With You. Especially In That Suit!

EC3 and Rockstar Spud who has a yellow envelope in his hand come down to the ring where EC3 says that no one makes a Carter bleed and that he’s going expose Bully Ray’s past and bring out a special guest; Bully’s ex-girlfriend from “Aces & Eights” Brooke Tessmacher who comes down to the ring looking so ever smoking hot. EC3 starts to questioning Brooke about her past relationship with Bully asking if Bully ever threaten to put her through a table which Brooke says no. Spud then starts to question Brooke asking her stupid questions before going all Maury Povich on Brooke waving a wrinkle document in Brooke’s face saying that Bully is the father of her baby which Brooke yells at Spud saying she doesn’t have a baby. EC3 gets in Brooke’s face saying he’s going to teach her some respect by putting Brooke through a table. Bully Ray comes out and save Brooke where they hug things out. EC3 then challenges Bully to a Tables match saying that the only way Bully will put his Aunt Dixie through a table is through his dead body. Bully finds the comment interesting and counters EC3’s challenge with a challenge to a Texas Death match at Slammiversary which EC3 accepts. It will be interesting to see how EC3 will do in a Texas Death match since this will be his first time in this kind of match.


I’m Going To Crown You! What!?!? This Isn’t The Movie Ready To Rumble?!?

Eric Young comes out for his second match of the night this time with Kenny King. The match starts off with each trading hip tosses before Young gets the upper hand whipping King into the ring but Young grabs at his back after hitting a scoop slam on King. King takes Young down with an enziguiri after a failed attempt at a suplex off the apron on Young. King keeps Young grounded on the mat with several knees to the back but King gets too cocky taunting the crowd. Young takes advantage of this by hitting the pile driver on King and now has to face MVP later tonight. It nice to see Young get a decisive win but I wish that the match had went a little longer.


The New TNA Champion; MVP! Only In Your Dreams MVP

Earlier in the night, MVP tells referee; Brian Hebner that he wants no interference from anyone including King and Lashley during his match with Eric Young tonight once the bell ring. Well even before the match began, Lashley and King came out behind Young attacking Young beating the shit out of Young before throwing Young into the ring into MVP’s waiting hands. MVP viciously works on Young’s back including two devastating power bombs one that was into the turnbuckles. MVP tries to pin Young couple of times but Young kicks out. MVP goes on the outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair to bring back into the ring with the referee warning him not to use it. MVP sits over Young taunting him before MVP uses the chair on Young causing the referee to call for the disqualification which means that Young now picks the stipulation for their match at Slammiversary. MVP stands over Young with King and Lashley holding the TNA title mocking Young. After MVP, King and Lashley leave the ring heading to the back, Young slowly pulling himself using the ropes tells MVP it may not look like it, but I won and tells everyone that the stipulation that he has chosen for their match at Slammiversary will be a Steel Cage match.


High Impact


What The Hell Madison?!?! I Love You In A Sexy Bitch Kind of Way

I have to say that the Knockouts Triple Threat match was the best match of the night as Gail Kim, Madison Rayne and Brittany went at it to decide who was going to face Angelina Love for the TNA Knockouts title at Slammiversary. Each woman had some good spots during the match but the one that sticks out in my mind is the double suplex off the top rope on Gail by Madison and Brittany. Madison and Brittany work for a little while at the beginning of the match as a team working on Gail who in turn would hit a double dropkick on both Brittany and Madison. Another good spot during this match was Gail locking a Koji-clutch style submission on Brittany while Madison locks in an arm bar which was an impressive thing to see. We got see some tension between Brittany and Madison as Madison breaks up Brittany’s pin attempt. Gail is able to hit the Eat Defeat on Brittany after Velvet sprays Brittany in the eyes while Angelina distracts the referee. So we see Gail vs. Angelina at Slammiversary for the Knockouts titles.


Show Rating: 5 ½ stars


Final Thought

Well this week’s Impact Wrestling was better but not where it needed to be in my opinion. This was the leading show going into Slammiversary but all the show focus on was MVP vs. Eric Young and Bully Ray vs. EC3 when it show have focus on some of the other matches at Slammiversary like the 6 Man Ladder match for the TNA X Division title. Also three of the five matches involved Eric Young which I like Young and think that he’s a great wrestler but there are other guys that TNA should be focusing on as TNA only has one show unlike the WWE who has multiple shows. Once again the Knockouts showed why they are one of the best Women’s Wrestling division in main stream wrestling today. All three women were great especially Gail Kim who I think is the best choice to be Angelina Love’s opponent at Slammiversary. As you all know by now is that MVP is injured and will not be facing Eric Young at Slammiversary for the TNA World Heavyweight title. Instead it will be a Triple Threat Steel Cage match where Young will defend against winner of the Austin Aries vs. Kenny King and the winner of the Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley matches at Slammiversary. For more on this Sunday’s Slammiversary, check the TNA Slammiversary Preview Podcast hosted by myself and John Mayer where we will give our thoughts and predictions for the PPV.


Stars of the Night: Madison Rayne, Gail Kim & Brittany



Here’s for the returning Brooke Tessmacher. We missed you!




Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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