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Tonight’s Raw comes to you live from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is on the road to Money In The Bank which will be later on this month. Coming off of a very lackluster Raw (Besides the shocking end) tonight the WWE Universe will receive answers to many questions they have been asking themselves for the past week. Last Monday saw Seth Rollins turn on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns as he aligns himself with Triple H and Randy Orton. The main question once Raw went off the air last week was “Why Seth why”? Along with other questions like will the Shield add another member? Where does the feud between Evolution and the Shield go from here? And what’s next for Ambrose and Reigns? While tonight’s Raw might not answer all of those questions tonight will give more light to the situation, and what exactly Rollins was thinking when he decided to turn on Ambrose and Reigns.

Also tonight the WWE Universe will find out who else will be competing in the MITB match whether it’s for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight title or for the briefcase that allows that superstar to cash in a World Heavyweight title match whenever he sees fit. Last week on Raw Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler to earn a spot in the MITB match. Six spots remain open and tonight at least one more spot will be filled for the “Special event” later this month.

Following his Last Man Standing match loss to John Cena, Bray Wyatt did not appear live on Raw last week, but tonight should be the return of Bray Wyatt. With the supposed end of the Cena & Bray feud the WWE Universe will be 100% interested in what is next for Bray, and his family. Bray has become a major star in the WWE, and no matter who he feuds with it will be a big deal for the universe. Tonight will shed light on what will be next for Bray, and that could possibly be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Speaking of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan will be on tonight’s Raw to address what Stephanie McMahon said last week regarding the WWE World Heavyweight title at this next special event. While Bryan’s status is still up in the air for MITB, Bryan might be able to give more information on his comeback, and if he will be able to compete at MITB. Also tonight we will see what kind of gimmick will Damien Sandow have to play this week. Sandow over the last few weeks has been given a mic, but it has been due to him doing horrible gimmick’s based on where Raw is at that night. Last week Sandow wore a Lance Stephenson jersey, and has been a part of horrible booking for the last handful of months.

Tonight’s Raw will be mainly booked around what ended the show last week which involves Rollins, HHH, Orton, Reigns, and Ambrose. Reigns and Ambrose will look to get payback on Rollins for turning on them while HHH Orton & Rollins look to finish the job that they started last week by ending the Shield. Other important things to pay attention to tonight is who else will qualify for the MITB match, and what does Bryan have to say to the WWE Universe.

Join me tonight on twitter @Chucks93 as I will talk all things WWE tonight.


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