Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 05-22-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Last week, MVP revealed his new group consisting of Kenny King and Bobby Lashley as they came down to the ring during MVP’s match TNA World Heavyweight Champion; Eric Young and helped MVP in taking out Young. What will MVP and his gang have in store for the Impact roster and will Young get his hands on MVP tonight? Last week, Bully Ray confronted Dixie Carter in her home in Nashville, Tennessee demanding that she admits that she is afraid of him only to be attacked from behind by EC3. Will Bully get his hands on EC3 tonight as they are schedule to face other at Slammiversary? Speaking of Dixie Carter, it announced that Dixie plans to confront the Director of Wrestling Operations; MVP about his recent actions in the past few weeks. What will Dixie have to say to MVP tonight? Also tonight, Willow faces Magus in a rematch but this time a Falls Count Anywhere match. Will Willow be able to defeat Magnus despite Bram being in Magnus’s corner or will Magnus’s aggressive side come out tonight. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Angelina Love pins Brittany to retain the TNA Knockouts title in an Open Challenge match

Austin Aries beats MVP by disqualification

Willow pins Magnus in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Bobby Lashley pins Eric young in a non-title match


(Tonight’s show was a heavy Promo show where everything was just average “OK Impact” So I’ll give my thoughts on the key segments from tonight’s show.)


Come On Lashley, You Can Pick Him Up

MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley all came to the ring with MVP explaining how this group coming together was all part of MVP’s master plan. MVP’s three key points during this segment was three things; money, power and respect. King bragged how he was the key in fooling everyone with brief feud with MVP and Bobby Lashley to keep people from seeing MVP’s master plan. The Wolves come out to confront MVP about his recent actions and lying to them. MVP tells Richards and Edwards that he kept his word to them and they are now the TNA Tag Team Champions. MVP goes on to say that he didn’t let them know of his master plan because they didn’t have the ruthlessness in them to do what needed to be done. A brawl breaks between the Wolves and MVP’s group which ends with Bobby Lashley hitting a running spear on Richards off the Entrance stage though what appeared to be a table. I think that TNA might be setting up a match at Slammiversary between the Wolves and Lashley and King which would most likely be for the TNA Tag Team titles which would be fine as TNA really needs to rebuild the Tag Team division.


It’s About Damn Time That We Were The Main Focus of The Show!

Eric Young comes out in the next segment saying that if MVP wants to go the “Bullying” route with his goons then so be it. MVP comes out with King and Lashley. Young tears into all three as he calls MVP a backstabber, King a scumbag and asks Lashley what he’s going to tell his son when his son ask why is everyone calling him a sellout. MVP is quick with the comeback saying that when Lashley’s son asks that question he’ll be behind a Lamborghini because he will have learned how to take shortcuts because it’s about money and power. MVP questions what motivates Young which Young says it’s the fans. A brawl quickly breaks out with Young getting the short end of the stick until Austin Aries comes to Young’s aid chasing MVP, King and Lashley out of the ring. Aries tells MVP that he knew from day one that MVP couldn’t be trusted and that he was proven right then challenges MVP to a match for tonight. MVP accepts Aries challenge and then tells Young that he has a match tonight but won’t say who his opponent is. I glad to see Aries being used in a major feud as I’m a big fan of Aries because I’m an “Austin Aries Guy.” I expect to see Aries, Young and Bobby Roode to form their own faction to take on MVP, King and Lashley.


Here’s Your Knockouts “Makeover” Bitches!

Angelina Love issued an open challenge with her Kockouts title on the line which Gail Kim quickly accepts that challenge attacking Angelina in the back. However when Angelina comes to the ring Velvet Sky, Angelina makes it clear that the challenge is to any woman that had never held the Knockouts title which only leaves Taryn Terrell or Brittany which it turn out to be Brittany to answer Angelina’s challenge. The match was ok with Brittany getting in some good moves like several clothslines, snapmare followed by a boot into a side nice Russian leg sweep for a close pin attempt. Angelina dominated most of the match keep Brittany from getting in some major offense as Angelina hits couple of monkey flips and a quick drop kick. Angelina wins the match after Velvet distracts the referee preventing him from counting the pin fall that Brittany had on Angelina. However when Brittany knocks Velvet off the ring apron, she walks into the Botox Injection by Angelina who then pins Brittany to retain the Knockouts title. After the match, Angelina and Velvet give Brittany a “Makeover” but Gail comes down to the ring and takes down both members of the Beautiful People with Angelina and Velvet bailing out of the ring and heading for the back. I think by next week we’ll see Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim for the TNA Knockouts title set of Slammiversary which I think will be a great match as both women are at the top of their game.


Don’t Turn Your Back on Me You Son of Bitch!

I wished that the Aries vs. MVP match would have been better and not ending in a disqualification because Aries is one of the best wrestlers in TNA and was in control for most of the match. Aries was on fire hitting multiple jabs followed by a nice left-arm lariat. MVP barely got in any offense but was to block Aries’s attempt at the Brain Buster but Aries was able to come back with a hard discus forearm. Aries continues with a running drop kick and then hit a second drop kick in the ring corner. However when Aries goes for the 450 Splash off the top rope, Lashley runs down to the ring and pushes Aries off causing Aries to win by disqualification. Kenny King comes down to the ring to join Lashley in beating down Aries and continues the beat down even when Eric Young tries to help Aries. Again I wished that this match had been better but it help further the storyline for the main event at Slammiversary.


Dixie, Next Time Wear Panties!

So right after the Aries\MVP match, Dixie Carter and her nephew; EC3 come down to the ring while MVP, King and Lashley are still in the ring. MVP is pissed that Dixie is there because he said that he had her banned from the Impact Zone. Dixie makes it clear that she is still the President of TNA and MVP’s recent actions demanded that she be here tonight. However before we can see a confrontation between Dixie and MVP, Bully Ray comes down to the ring to confront both Dixie and MVP with Bully calling MVP a piece of crap. Lashley comes behind Bully and knocks Bully out which Dixie and EC3 stand over Bully as MVP, King and Lashley leave the ring. Dixie tells EC3 to get a table and while EC3 tries to power bomb Bully into the table but Bully reserves it into a back drop which Bully then turns his attention to Dixie. EC3 quickly comes to Dixie’s aid chop blocking Bully and then power slamming Bully through the table. While then segment advance the storyline between EC3 and Bully Ray for their match at Slammiversary but I just feel that it could have been done without MVP, King and Lashley being involved.


Use It! You Pussy!

I thought that the Magnus vs. Willow was ok with it being a Falls Counts Anywhere but it was just an average match in my opinion. Willow and Magnus trade blows until Willow pulls the ropes down sending Magnus to the outside of the ring where Willow leaps over the ropes but Magnus brings his needs up taking Willow down. Magnus starts to dominate Willow using the steel steps and the guard rails to his advantage. Bram hands Magnus a crowbar but Magnus refuses to use it which allows Willow to reverse Magnus’s attempt at a suplex and then tosses Magnus into the ring. The two continue to fight to the outside of the ring where Willow tries to go for the Twist of fate but Magnus is able to push Willow away and then slams Willow on the entrance way. Bram hands Magnus the crowbar again but Magnus uses it then time hitting Willow in the mid-section. Bram eggs Magnus into hitting Willow in the head with the crowbar but Magnus refuses dropping the crowbar. Willow takes advantage by hitting the Twist of Fate for the win. I have no clue what TNA is doing with this Magnus\Bram angle but I expect we’ll see another Willow vs. Magnus most likely at Slammiversary where I say we’ll see Magnus turn “Face” and then feud with Bram.


I’m So Damn Good, I Can Wreatle In My Jeans

Eddie Edwards comes down to the ring calling out MVP, King and Lashley saying the he wants to fight and he’s coming to make them pay for taking out his tag team partner; Davey Richards. Kenny King comes out where he and Edwards go at each other trading blows. Edwards starts to get the upper hand when he hits a suicide dive on King to the outside of the ring. However Edwards’s advantage doesn’t last long as King drops Edwards on the guard rails and then hits a suplex on Edwards and then looks into the camera telling Richards that Edwards with be joining him soon. I’m going ahead and call it right now that Kenny King and Bobby Lashley will face the Wolves for the TNA Tag Team titles at Slammiversary.


Please No! This Will Ruins My Changes Getting A Job With The WWE

Earlier in the show, MVP told Young that he was going to have a match tonight and his opponent who MVP later revealed to be Bobby Lashley. Lashley dominated Young at the beginning of the match targeting Young’s mid-section and lower body. Young tries make comeback but Lashley blocks his attempts hitting Young with a boot to the gut. Lashley tries for the Dominator but Young is able to get out of the move and reverses it into pile drive to the cheers of the fans in the Impact Zone. Young tries for the elbow from the top rope but King comes running to the ring and knocks Young off the top rope. MVP then joins King in the ring as MVP tells the referee to do the right thing which the referee allows the match to continue. Lashley takes full advantage of this by spearing Young and then hitting the Dominator for the win. After the match, Aries comes to the ring attacking MVP, King and Lashley with a kendo stick but the numbers are too great as Lashley takes Aries down with a hard clothsline.


Show Rating: 4 stars


Final Thought

I don’t know what the hell TNA was thinking but this was a weak show this week where the matches were short and the promo segments were too long. The first match didn’t even happen until 30 minutes into the show. I’m not sure about having a three way feud between MVP and his gang, Dixie and Bully Ray for several reasons with the first one being that Dixie Carter is not the best actress and too many multiple feuds can become distracting to fans. I do think that TNA did a get right with the Knockouts segment as it setup for Gail Kim being Angelina Love’s next opponent for the Knockouts title. I’m still not sure where TNA is going with this whole Gunner\Samuel Shaw angle but I won’t be surprise if TNA puts them together as a tag team. I thought the Storm\Anderson bar segments were good as Anderson set Storm by challenging Storm to a drinking contest only to knock Storm out after getting Storm drunk which should setup a match between the two at Slammiversary. Again this week’s show was weak and TNA needs to turn things around and they need to do real quick. The problem is not with the talent as TNA has some of the greatest talent in Professional Wrestling but with the booking which is not working. I really hope that TNA wakes up and turns things around but time will only tell.


Stars of the Night: Eric Young



Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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