Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 05-15-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Last week, MVP shocked fans as he attacked TNA World Heavyweight Champion; Eric Young after announcing that he will be challenging Young for the TNA title at Slammiversary. Will MVP explain his actions and how will Young respond to MVP being his opponent at Slammiversary? After having his match against Young for the TNA title cancel, Bobby Roode confronted MVP only to be thrown out of the Impact Zone and later suspended indefinitely for his confrontation with MVP. Will we hear from Roode and will MVP explain why he suspended Roode? Bully Ray invaded the TNA offices last week in Nashville looking for Dixie Carter and discovered Dixie’s location after putting Rockstar Spud through a table. Will Bully get his hands on Dixie or will Dixie be able to outsmart Bully again? Tonight Mr. Anderson faces “The Cowboy” James Storm in a 1 on 1 match. Will Anderson be able to get revenge on Storm for costing him a chance for a TNA title shot? Also Sanada defends the TNA X Division title against Tigre Uno and DJZ (Zema Ion) in a triple threat match. Will Sanada be able to retain the X Division title or will we see a new Champion crowned? So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Willow defeats Magnus & Bram in a 2 on 1 Handicap match

Gail Kim pins Velvet Sky

Kazarian defeats Crazy Steve from The Menagerie via disqualification

“The Cowboy” James Storm pins Mr Anderson

Sanada defeats DJZ (Xema Ion) & Tigre Uno in a Triple Threat match to retain the TNA X Division title

Eric Young beats MVP by disqualification to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title


No Impact


Hey I’m Not Sure If I Can Catch You Dude!

Ok, tonight we had a 2 on 1 handicap as Willow took on both Magnus and Bram as Willow wanted to get revenge for Bram’s vicious attack on him last week. Before the match officially started, Willow attack Magnus in the back as the two fought from the back to the entrance way where Bram joined in hitting Willow from behind before the action makes it to the ring where the match officially starts. Once in the ring, Magnus and Bram tag in and out working on Willow until Willow turns things around taking Bram down with a clothsline then an inverted atomic drop followed by a double legdrop and dropkick. However Bram is able block Willow’s attempt at the Twist of Fate which allows Magnus trips Willow coming off the ropes which Bram takes advantage of hitting a hard suplex on Willow. Bram tags in Magnus who refuses use the crowbar that Bram toss into the ring which Magnus refuses to use as it would cause a disqualification. Willow takes advantage of this distraction and rolls Magnus up for the win. This was a boring match and not a good debut for Bram. I think that the “Willow” character has run its course and it’s time for Jeff Hardy to go back to being Jeff Hardy.


Man, I Know That I Won But This Complete Bullshit!!!

Last week, Knux made his return to Impact Wrestling bring The Menagerie with him which seems like it was going to be interesting but this week proved me wrong. Crazy Steve was scheduled to face Kazarian but it turned into one Circus Cluster F@ck with Crazy Steve running around in the ring carrying balloons around hitting the ropes like he doesn’t know what they’re for. I really feel bad for Kazarian that he has to deal with this bullshit as this was most likely his last match in TNA as his contract is not being renewed. Anyway Kazarain won the match due to disqualification when Crazy Steve pulled the referee’s pants down. Yes you heard me right, disqualified for pulling the referee’s pants down. Here’s only thing to take away from this segment is that Rebel is very and I do mean very flexible and has a smoking hot ass.


OK Impact


Dixie, You Sure That We’re Not on Cops?

Last week, Bully Ray invaded the TNA offices in Nashville to confront Dixie Carter and keep his promise on putting her through a table. After Bully put Dixie’s assistant; Rockstar Spud through a table, Bully was able to discover Dixie’s home address in Spud’s phone. This week, Bully invaded Dixie’s home putting tables through the front yard saying “Dixie fears Bully Ray.” Dixie sends Spud into the home to confront Bully only for Bully to easily take out Spud. Dixie finally reluctantly goes in to confront Bully who says that he’ll go away but if Dixie will admit that she’s afraid of Bully. Just Dixie is about say it, EC3 attacks Bully from behind knocking Bully out with Dixie saying that she fears no one. Finally something that makes sense in this Dixie Carter\Bully Ray feud with EC3 helping Dixie. It makes sense storyline wise because EC3 is Dixie’s nephew and he’s helping his aunt. Also I rather see EC3 feud with Bully then Bully feud with Spud. I think that a Bully Ray\EC3 will be good and do wonders for EC3.


Yeah, We’ll Copying The WWE. So Sue Us!

After being blindsided by MVP last week, Eric Young tried to get revenge on MVP who refuse to face Young and that Young is part of his master plan to be complete control be having the TNA title. Later in the show Young is able to get his hands on MVP only for MVP to turn things around by targeting Young’s arm with a steel chair and telling Young that Young is going to defend his title against him tonight. Young comes out first for the match with MVP coming second as Young dashes attacking MVP who goes for Young’s injured arm before throwing Young into the ring as the referee starts the match. MVP dominates Young working on Young’s arm. Young is coming to make a comeback after Young sidesteps MVP running into the ring corner and then hits a discus clothesline on MVP after MVP misses a clothsline attempt. Young hits a flying forearm on MVP and goes a top rope move only to be knocked off the top tope by Kenny King who came running down to the ring. MVP orders the referee to restart the match and count the pin fall but the referee refuses who then gets taken out King. MVP and King then continue to work on Young until Bobby Lashley comes charging to the ring appearing to be coming to Young’s aid but shocks everyone when he spears Young. Lashley then powerslams Young through two steel chairs as he, King and MVP stand over Young with MVP holding the TNA title. While this storyline is copying the WWE, I kind like the tweaks that TNA has done. I thought that MVP explanation for actions was well thought out and MVP executed the promo very well. Even through TNA is copying Evolution, I’m curious to see where TNA is going with this.


High Impact


You Might Have Pin Velvet But We Still Kick Your Ass!

Gail Kim came down to the ring to the cheer of the fans saying that she out here to prove that she is the best Knockout on the roster and that she started the Knockouts division. Gail then calls out the Beautiful People to the ring to challenge them to a match. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky comes to the ring saying that Gail is a good wrestler but she will be Knockouts Champions again and that they accept Gail’s challenge as she will face Velvet tonight as Velvet attacks Gail from behind. Velvet dominates the beginning of the match hitting dropkick on Gail that sends Gail across the ring. Gail comes back with Irish whip on Velvet followed by a running cross body on the ring corner. Velvet distracts the referee which allows Angelina to interfere giving Velvet the chance to throw Gail into the ring corner and then gives Gail the “Beautiful People Makeover.” Velvet continues to dominates Gail until out of nowhere Gail hits the Eat Defeat on Velvet to win the match. After the match, Angelina knocks out Gail with the Knockouts title with Angelina and Velvet standing over her. This was a very good match which isn’t a surprise considering Gail was in the match with both Gail and Velvet doing a great job. I expect to see Angelina defending the Knockouts title against Gail at Slammiversary.


Here’s Beers To You Bitch!

I really liked the Anderson vs. Storm match as it was an even match between they kept countering each other’s moves. Another thing that I liked is that there was motivation for this match as Anderson wanted to get even with Storm for costing him a chance for a TNA title shot. I really liked the chemistry between Anderson and Storm as Anderson during the match blocked a clothsline attempt by Storm and turned it into a spinning neck breaker. Storm was able to get out of the Mic Check by grabbing the referee which allows Storm to low blow Anderson without the referee seeing it. Storm tries for the Eye of the Storm but Anderson blocks it by reversing for the Green Bay Plunge again but Storm is able to counter it into a running DDT. Storm goes his beer bottle taking a drink before trying to hit Anderson with only to be stop by the referee. As referee gets rid of the beer bottle, Storm spits beer into Anderson’s face which allows Storm to hit the Last Call for the win. This was a damn good match between these two and I expect to see a rematch between Storm and Anderson at Slammiversary.


Making Wreslting In Glitter Look Cool

Triple Threat match for the TNA X Division title was good as Sanada defended against DJZ (Zema Ion) and Tigre Uno. One important thing that I thought that was that Mike Tenay after announcing that Destination X will be return this Summer made a big deal about being the X Division Champion as at Destination X, the X Division can vacate the title for a title shot at the TNA title. I thought that all three men did a great job especially DJZ who was banged up due to the spill from last week’s Ladder match between the Bro Mans and the Wolves. There were several great spots during the match including Uno and Sanada hitting a double Spinebuster on DJZ followed by a double Chickenwing. Uno hit a nice leaping Enziguri while DJZ later in the match hit a running double knee to the back of Sanada in the ropes. Another sweet spot was Uno hitting a Springboard Tornillo (Twisting Plancha) onto Sanada and DJZ from the top rope to the outside of the ring. Sanada is able to survive to retain the X Division title when Sanada hit the Tiger Suplex on DJZ after hitting a Springboard Muta Chop from the top rope. Great X Division match that what the X Division is all but wish TNA would do more of this.


Show Rating: 5 ½ stars


Final Thought

Well this improvement from last week’s show but not by much. The Menagerie match and segment was a total waste of time and shows that TNA really didn’t plan out the direction for this gimmick. While TNA is copying WWE with MVP turning “Heel” long with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King being a part of his crew but I willing to give it a chance to see where it’s going. I think a Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love match is going to very good and it’s great to see the fans really getting behind Gail which Gail deserves as Gail is one of the greatest Knockouts ever in TNA. Best match of the night for sure was the X Division match which saw Sanada retain the X Division title. I thought it was interesting to see Austin Aries confront MVP calling him out for backstabbing Young and for being two face. With the suspense of Bobby Roode and now MVP taking out Aries, I expect to see a group form out of Young, Roode and Aries to face MVP, King and Lashley. Also the segments with Samuel Shaw in the mental hospital were creepy and Gunner paying Shaw a visit is also weird and interesting at the same time. Hopefully next week’s Impact Wrestling will be much better as we are starting to get closer to the Slammiversary PPV.


Stars of the Night: Sanada, DJZ & Tigre Uno





Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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  1. born_naughty says:

    How are they copying WWE? They aren’t! They’re copying TNA, again! They keep doing the same sh*t all over again. I’ve seen this a dozen times already from tna and it’s just not working anymore! And this when they were just on a role 😦

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