Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 05-08-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Last week, Bully Ray almost put Dixie Carter through a table due to her actions at Sacrifice only to be stopped by MVP and banned from the Impact Zone. Bully promised that if he can’t get his hands on Dixie in the Impact Zone then he’ll go the TNA offices in Nashville. What will when Bully arrives at the TNA offices? Kurt Angle promised last week that he is going to hurt EC3 in their match tonight. Will Angle keep his promise and injured EC3? The Bro Mans get their rematch for the TNA Tag Team titles as they face the Wolves in a Ladder match for the titles. Will the Wolves be able to retain the TNA Tag Team titles or will the Bro Man once again be the TNA Tag Team Champions. Also the Beautiful People take on Madison Rayne and Brittany in an Evening Gown match. Plus Knux returns to the Impact Zone with his family, the Menagerie. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) defeat Madison Rayne & Brittany in an Evening Gown match

EC3 pins Kurt Angle

The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) beats The Bro Mans (Robbie E & Jessie) in a Ladder match to retain the TNA Tag Team titles

Knux (with The Menagerie) pins Kazarian

Willow defeats Magnus by disqualification


No Impact


Am I Watching An Alternate Version of The WWE ?!?!

I had seen spoilers on Facebook about MVP turning “Heel” and was trying to keep an open mind but after seeing MVP turning “Heel” I have to agree with what people are saying about the segment. This MVP “Heel” is a copy of the Triple H “Authority” angle in the WWE. The other thing that I question about TNA’s decision with turning MVP “Heel” is that it doesn’t made sense considering that they have Dixie as a “Heel” and it’s too early to turn MVP “Heel” as he just got control of TNA operations two months ago. I also have a problem with MVP facing Eric Young for the TNA title at Slammiversary because much as I like MVP, I think that Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young would be a better Main event then MVP vs. Eric Young. If TNA writes Dixie off as a TV character and have MVP as the only on screen authority then the “Heel” turn will work but we all know that’s not going to happen.


What A Disappointment!

I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed with the Angle vs. EC3 match as the match was very short with Angle selling the knee injury with his left knee. Angle did hit three Germen suplexes on EC3 before dropping to the ring apron holding his left knee. EC3 tried to work on Angle’s left knee but Angle is able to come back and hits an Angle Slam on EC3 but again drops to the mat grabbing at his left knee. EC3 takes advantaged by chop blocking Angle and rolling Angle up for the win. I don’t know if Angle is truly injured as Angle supposedly had knee surgery before Lockdown but if it isn’t then it’s a shitty way to Angle put EC3 over. I think Angle can pull a good match out EC3 and EC3 has the talent to do it.


Your “Willow” Character Sucks Jeff Hardy!

The main event match was Willow vs. Magnus which Magnus came down to the ring with Bram who is an old friend of Magnus’s who somehow had the stroke to get Magnus booked in a match against Willow. Before the match, Willow went into this weird promo directed toward Magnus for his role in costing him (Jeff Hardy) the TNA title. You really couldn’t call this a match as Magnus clothsline Willow on the outside of the bell rang. Once the bell rings, Magnus beats on Willow for a few minutes before tossing Willow to the outside of the ring while Bram attacks Willow into the ring steps causing Magnus to be disqualified which Bram continues to beat the shit out of Willow while Magnus just stays in the ring corner is dismay. I have no idea where TNA is going with this Bram\Magnus angle but it looks like TNA is going to make Magnus a “Face” again.


I Should Put You Through A Table For Just Wearing That Suit

Bully Ray went to the TNA offices in Nashville, TN to confront Dixie Carter as he plans to put her through a table. Throughout the night, we saw segments of Bully taking over the TNA office including Dixie’s office to the dismay of Rockstar Spud who refuses to tell Bully where Dixie is and tries to get Bully to leave. In the last segment, Bully puts Spud through a table. Bully then grabs Spud’s phone out of Spud’s jacket which has Dixie’s home address to Bully’s delight. If Spud is going to be the one to fight Bully in this Bully Ray\Dixie Carter feud then this is going to suck. I really think that the whole Bully’s trip to Nashville could have been done in one or two segments instead of going on throughout the whole show.


OK Impact


Crazy Idea But That Rebel Chick Is Hot!

Tonight we saw the return of Knux with his new stable; The Menagerie as Knux went one on one with Kazarian who came to the ring by himself as Christopher Daniels is no longer with TNA when is a big mistake in my mind. Anyway this was really just a squash match to put over Knux with Knux winning the match hitting a sit down slam for the win. I’m not totally sold on this Menagerie stable which includes Rob Terry as the masked “Freak” as I’m sure someone is going to accuse TNA of copying the WWE’s The Oddities but at least that angle was 15 years ago and only the older wrestling fans are even going to remember. I’ll admit that I’m not completely sold on this group but hey at least Rebel is smoking hot.


High Impact


Knockouts Evening Gown Match; Works For Me!

After stripping the Beautiful People of the gowns that they were wearing last week by Madison Rayne and Brittany after they were chased out of the ring by Gail Kim. So this week, we got Madison and Brittany taking on the Beautiful People in an Evening Gown match. In case you’ve been living in a cave, in order to win you have to strip your opponents down to their bra and panties. Angelina and Velvet came down to the ring in black gowns while Madison and Brittany came to the ring wearing white gowns. Believe it or not all four women were able to wrestle in their gowns as there were several drop toe holds by Velvet and Brittany. Brittany during the match hit a nice Russian leg sweep on Velvet in her gown. Brittany is stripped of her gown after the referee is distracted by Angelina allowing Velvet rips the gown off of Brittany who is wearing lime green bra and panties. As the match goes on Madison hits a spear on Velvet and then strips Velvet of her gown now making the match between just Madison and Angelina. Angelina is able to strip Madison of her gown after Velvet return to ringside wearing a towel which she opens up to distract the referee which allows Angelina to spray Madison with hair spray and then strips Madison of her gown to win the match for the Beautiful People. This might not have been the best technical Knockouts match but give their credit for wrestling in gown plus they were smoking hot too.



The Bro Mans got their rematch tonight for the TNA Tag Team titles as they face the current Champions, the Wolves in a Ladder match which was the best match of the night. Before the bell rings, the Bro Mans attack the Wolves with ladders before heading to the ring setting up ladders to retrieve the TNA Tag Team titles. During the match, Jessie hit an impressive drop kick on Edwards while Jessie gets suplex out of the ring by Edwards who goes over the ropes with Jessie which had me saying “Holy Shit!” There were several close calls where it looked like one team was going to grabs the belts until the other team would stop them. Later in the match, Richards is able to knock Robbie onto a ladder on the outside of the ring and hits the double stomp on Robbie. Zema Ion tries to stop the Wolves from getting the belts only to be knocked to the outside of the ring where the Bro mans are allowing the Wolves to retrieve the belts and win the match. Again a damn good match but it’s time for a new tag team to challenge the Wolves for the titles but it’s going to be difficult considering that the Bro mans are the only other tag team in TNA.


Show Rating: 4 ¾ stars


Final Thought

Ok, I had hoped that this week’s would have been better than last week’sbut unfortunately that was not the case. Only two of five matches were even good in my mind as EC3 vs. Kurt Angle was a total disappointment as I expected to see a great match out of them. The Bully Ray “Nashville” segment was boring and a waste of time expect seeing Rockstar Spud go through a table which was the only saving grace of this segment. I’m not sure if this “Menagerie” with Knux is going to work but at least they are giving him a chance to make a character for himself. Also nice to see Rob Terry being used again even if it’s under a mask. I’m not sure the “Crazy Stevie” character but I’ll wait and see how he is in the ring. Rebel sure can give Brooke Tessmacher a run in the “Ass’ department but can she wrestle is the question if I think that Rebel is just going to be a valet which is fine with me. Also it looks like TNA is going to turn Bobby Roode “Face” which is going to be interesting considering that Roode has been a “Heel” for quite a while. Again this week’s show was weak with only the Evening Gown match and the Ladder match saved the show.


Stars of the Night: The Wolves & The Bro Mans


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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