Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 05-01-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. At Sacrifice, Eric Young successfully retain the TNA World Heavyweight title defeating Magnus. Young has issued an open challenge as he promises to defend the TNA title tonight. Who will answer Young’s challenge and face Young for the TNA title? Dixie Carter shocked fans at Sacrifice when she cost Bully Ray the Tables match against Bobby Roode. Will Bully get his hands on Dixie and get some payback? Angelina Love made history this past Sunday as she became a six time TNA Knockouts Champion defeating Madison Rayne for the title. What will Angelina and Velvet Sky have in store for everyone as they throw a party to celebrate Angelina’s historic win? Angle had made it clear that he wants to wrestle EC3 tonight. Will Angle get his match against EC3? Also tonight, “The Cowboy” James Storm takes on Willow tonight. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Gunner pins Mr Anderson to advance for a TNA title shot

Bobby Roode pins Gunner to go on to face Eric Young for the TNA title

Willow defeats “the Cowboy” James Storm via disqualification

The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) & Sanada beat The Bro Mans (Robbie E & Jessie) & Zema Ion

Eric Young pins Bobby Roode to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title


No Impact


Spud, I Think You Forgot To Turn Off The Lights

EC3 came out to talk about the most important match of his career as EC3 announces that he will face Kurt Angle on next week’s Impact Wrestling. I was happy to hear this news as I think facing Angle one on one will do EC3’s career good. However the segment went downhill real quick as EC3 talked about having an exhibition match with a sparring partner in the form of Rockstar Spud who is wearing a ridiculous amateur ring gear with that stupid bow tie. Then EC3 starts locking basic amateur wrestling moves on Spud before telling Spud to assume the position which was awkward to say the least. Not even Kurt Angle coming out saying that in seven days he going to break EC3’s ankle could save this angle. I think that this segment could be done without Spud and it would have came across lot better. I couldn’t believe that on one site, the guy was comparing EC3 and Spud to Edge and Christian which is the biggest joke that I’ve heard. Please TNA get rid of Rockstar Spud.


OK Impact


Shit! I Swallowed My Gum!

I thought that the Magnus\Abyss angle could have been longer as it was too short in my opinion, I mean that they had Magnus come out to complain about MVP not considering him for another TNA title shot with Abyss coming to ringside to fight with Magnus and they brawl for two minutes before Magnus runs to the back. If TNA is going with a feud between Magnus and Abyss then TNA should have let the segment go a little longer. I will say that I’m curious to see where TNA is going with this Bram character who knows Magnus from England and whether he’s going to be Magnus’s ally or enemy. Either way, I’m all for a Magnus vs. Abyss feud and hopefully we’ll see that match at Slammiversary.


Hey You Two! Get A Room, This Is A Family Show Sort Of!

I really don’t know what TNA has planned for this Dixie Carter\Bully Ray feud as they obviously are going forward with this feud as Bully Ray came to the ring threating to even with Dixie for costing him the Tables match against Bobby Roode at Sacrifice which Dixie claims was payback for Bully double crossing her at Lockdown. Bully comes to the ring at the beginning of the show carrying a table with Dixie’s name sprayed on it saying that if Dixie shows up in the Impact Zone tonight then he’s going to put Dixie the table he brought with him. Dixie comes out later saying that she not afraid of Bully until Bully comes out chasing Dixie’s security guards off and tries to put her through a table until MVP stops Bully and kicks Bully out of the Impact Zone. I don’t who TNA is going to have wrestle Bully in this feud but depending on who it is then it could be very interesting.


What The Hell! Why Can’t I Have  A Beer  During A Match !?!?!

Willow vs. Storm should have been great on paper but just didn’t live up to that as this match was too short. Storm starts off in stomping on Willow until Willow comes back with a double leg smash followed up by several handspring punches in the corner that sends Storm to the outside of the ring. Willow on the outside of the ring hits a leg whip that sends Storm into the guardrail. For what reason, Storm decides to grab a beer and gets disqualified for shoving the referee. Storm tries to go after Willow with the beer bottle that Storm broke but Willow counters with his umbrella chasing Storm away. Storm bails for the back but runs into Anderson who hits the Mic Check on Storm. So I guess that TNA is going to do a Storm vs. Anderson feud which is ok with me.


I Built This Division You Bitches!

The Beautiful People celebrated Angelina winning the TNA Knockouts for the record breaking sixth time with a in ring party where Angelina and Velvet came down in black gowns claiming that the TNA board of directors sent them a memo them to start dressing more conversely. Angelina and Velvet then tease the crowd that they do what they want to do and then process to start removing their gowns only to stop after taking their gloves saying they wrote the memo to fool us fans. Gail Kim comes to the ring and attacks Angelina and Velvet chasing them out the ring holding the Knockouts title above her head. Angelina and Velvet did get stripped of their gowns by Madison Rayne and Brittany who come up from behind them as they try to head to the back. I think that with this segment that Gail is going to be the next challenger for the TNA Knockouts title which will be a very damn good match to see which I see happening at Slammiversary.


This Monnsault Is For You Zema Ion

At Sacrifice, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards; the Wolves were able to capture the TNA Tag Team titles from the Bro Mans took on the Bro Mans and Zema Ion with the TNA X Division Champion; Sanada as their tag team partner in a six man tag team match which the Wolves and Sanada dominated. I kind of felt bad for Robbie E who was trying to hit chops on the Wolves and Sanada with no affect what so ever. The Bro Mans were poorly booked in this match as Jessie got in no offense and Robbie E looked ridiculous during this match. Anyway the Wolves and Sanada won the match when Edwards hits the foot stomp from the top rope on Ion’s back followed by moonsault by Sanada and finally a foot stomp from the top rope into Ion’s gut by Richards for the win.


High Impact

 Gunner Roode

Gunner Ablazing Or Don’t Roode On My Parade

At the beginning of the show, Eric Young met with MVP saying that he wanted to defend the TNA title tonight which MVP set up a mini tournament between Mr. Anderson, Gunner and Bobby Roode with the winner of the second match getting the title shot against Young later tonight. After drawing cards, we got Anderson vs. Gunner as the first match with the winner going on to the second match to face Bobby Roode. Anderson vs. Gunner was a quick match that honestly I think went about four minutes. There was no big moves during the match until “The Cowboy” James Storm came to the ring to try to interfere in the match. Anderson throws Gunner into the ring corner where Gunner moves out of the way as Anderson charges into the corner where Anderson gets nailed with an enzuigiri to the back of the head which allowed Gunner to hit the Hanger 18 to get the win and move on to face Bobby Roode which was the next match of the night. Gunner vs. Roode shown why Gunner is going to be a TNA World Heavyweight within the next year as Gunner was aggressive during the match, hitting a hard clothsline followed by a DDT on Roode as Roode came off the ropes. Roode was able to hold his own against Gunner keeping Gunner grounded on the mat before hitting a sweet dropkick on Gunner. The match ends when Gunner goes for a flying head butt from the top and misses which allows Roode to hit the Roode Bomb to win the match and goes on to face Eric Young for the TNA title later tonight.


Crazy Elbow Coming Your Way!

The Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young was great as Young and Roode know each other very as they were two time NWA Tag Team Champions as part of Team Canada. I liked how each man had close pin attempts only for the other to kick out. Young hit a nice belly to belly suplex only for Roode to hit out. Young goes on later in the match hitting the pile driver on Roode but to Young’s amazement, Roode kicks out of the pin attempt. Roode comes back hitting the Roode Bomb on Young but Young kicks out of Roode’s pin attempt. The two exchange right hands with Roode starting to get the upper hand until Young knocks Roode down and goes to the top rope hitting a flying elbow to get the win retaining the TNA title. After the match to the shock of everyone, Roode and Young shook hands. Damn good match between Roode and Young which if you missed it then you need to go to Youtube and watch it.


Show Rating: 5 stars


Final Thought

I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed with this week’s show as the first three matches didn’t even go more the four minutes. I can see why the matches were short as Gunner and Storm had a hell of a match at Sacrifice along with Roode and Bully Ray. While it’s great that the Wolves have the TNA Tag Team titles back, they have no one else to defend the titles against. TNA needs to break in more tag teams into TNA and they need to do it now. I don’t know what to think of Knux and his new stable that will make their debut next week but I have say that Rebel looks hot. I have to also to admit that it was hard for me to get into this week’s show as I had other matters on my mind. So hopefully next week’s show will be much better and I be able to enjoy it.


Stars of the Night: Gunner & Eric Young

 Gunner Young


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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