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Welcome everyone to from the mind of Andrew B: An Extreme History. Today we will look back at the greatest matches to ever take place at WWE Extreme Rules. We will take a stroll down memory lane looking at some classic cage matches, ladder matches and street fights. Also we will take a small look at this Sunday’s Extreme Rules and where is can possibly rank among other Extreme Rules events. The PPV started in 2009 replacing One Night Stand & usually takes place in May every year. Today we look back at all five years starting with 2009 that saw an unexpected World Title Change. So let’s begin right now.

The inaugural Extreme Rules took place in June 2009 and had its ups& downs. The show started off great with an exciting fatal four way for the US Title then Jericho & Rey had an amazing No Holds Barred Match in quite possibly one of the best IC Title Matches in a while. The strap match was good between Punk & Umaga. The following match was the last match that kept the show good until the end. After the triple threat Hardcore Match that saw Tommy Dreamer win the ECW Title in a heartfelt moment the show went down. The submission match between John Cena & Big Show was slow & terrible as was the hog pen match with Santina Marella, Vickie Guerrero &Chavo Guerrero. The Cage Match for the WWE Title was okay but it was like 7 minutes which is too short for a Cage Match & WWE Title Match. The main event between Jeff Hardy & Edge in a ladder match was amazing & the match of the night. They did amazing things & put on possibly the best singles ladder match since Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy. The end was amazing & Edge was stuck in the ladder. After the match the crowd & the world was shocked as Punk cashed in his MITB & became the World Champion again. Overall the first half of the show is good & every match is worth watching except for the submission & hog pen match.

With such a great Extreme Rules PPV in 2009 many people were wondering if Extreme Rules would be a great PPV every year but 2010 proved everyone wrong as we saw in 2010 the event was not that good at all. The show opened with a tag team Gauntlet Match that saw 4 teams go for a future tag title shot, not even a tag title shot even though the champs were in the match. The following match though was so much better as CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio in a great match. After that the show went down until the last two matches. JTG & Shad battled in a very forgettable strap match. Then Orton battled Swagger in a lackluster Extreme Rules Match for the World Title. The street fight between Sheamus & HHH was not bad but not great. It was more to tell a story that Sheamus pre match on HHH was too much & that HHH kept trying to fight back but to no avail. The match was good for what it was. The Divas Title Match was good for what is was as Beth Phoenix got her revenge & won the Divas Title in a nice feel good moment. The Cage Match was the match of the night as Edge & Jericho put on a 20 minute that everyone knew both men could do. The main event between John Cena & Batista was great also, as they put on a good match with a great never before seen ending. Overall the event was bad & the only matches worth checking out are Punk vs. Rey & the last two matches.

The month before Extreme Rules 2011, WWE put on WrestleMania 27 which was a horrible Mania which means WWE had to make Extreme Rules amazing & they did just that. The show opened with a great 20 minute last man Standing bout that Saw Randy Orton defeated CM Punk. After that Sheamus & Kofi Kingston battled in a good table Match for the US Title. After we saw a Country Whipping tag match which was not good at all but for entertainment purposes it was not bad either. The Divas Match was good also even though it was short. It was the final match for Michelle McCool & after we saw the debut of Kong in WWE. The Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes Match was a great falls counts anywhere match that went all over the arena. The ladder Match was amazing & was an unforgettable moment as Christian finally won his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The tag Title match was a decent four minute bout that is most remembered for Jackson slamming Big Show. The main event Cage Match was great & had good spots such as Morrison jumping off the cage & the double suplex when Miz landed on his head. Overall the whole event was great & I think this is the best Extreme Rules PPV out of them all.

Extreme Rules 2012 had a tough challenge to live up to after a great WrestleMania 28 but Extreme Rules proved to be another solid show. The event opened with a great falls Count Anywhere Match that saw Kane & Orton brawl throughout the whole Allstate Arena. After the great opener the show went down as the next match saw Dolph Ziggler battle Brodus Clay followed by a table match that saw Cody Rhodes win the title after a horrible ending that saw Big Show fall off the apron & go through a table feet first. The following match saved the show though as Daniel Bryan & Sheamus finally got to show off how great of a match they can have as they put on a classic 2 out of 3 falls match. After that classic match we saw a squash as Ryback squashed 2 jobbers in a handicap match. After that squash we saw a classic street fight that saw Punk & Jericho put on a **** classic. After that classic we saw the return of Layla as she came back to win the Divas Title from Nikki Bella. In the main event we saw the first WWE Match of Brock Lesnar in 8 years as he had a match with John Cena that felt so real & like nothing ever before seen in WWE. It was a great match that saw Cena wins in the end. Overall the event was good but not as good as the year before. If watching the 2012 event the 4 matches worth watching are the Street Fight, Orton vs. Kane, and Cena vs. Lesnar & Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan.

The last event we will look back at is the 2013 Extreme Rules Match from last year. The show opened with Jericho vs. Fandango which in my opinion was better than their match from Mania 29. Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose was a good US Title match & it was a cool moment to see Ambrose win his first WWE Title. The strap match between Sheamus & Henry was a decent short match but it was good for what it was. The next match was an I quit Match between Swagger & Del Rio that was ok but not great. The end was bad because Swagger quit in the cross arm breaker which is was not a great or climaxed ending. The Tag Title Match was great as it was an all-out war that saw Shield & Hell No gives it their all. The Extreme Rules Match between Show & Orton was a good match also that saw some nice spots. The Last Man Standing Match between Ryback & Cena was great & the ending was creative as both went through the stage. The main event Cage Match between Lesnar & HHH was like their other matches it was good but not great. Overall the show was good but there was no stand out match. If watching the 2013 Extreme Rules event the matches worth watching are the Orton vs. Show, US Title, Tornado Tag, The Last Man Standing Match & the opener.

This Sunday is Extreme Rules from NJ & I will be there live. The handicap match between Rusev against Woods & Truth will be a short squash match that Rusev will win. Tamina vs. Paige will be solid Diva matches that should get 5-10 minutes that will see Paige retain the title. As of right now I can see the IC Title match being Big E defending against Barrett. I think they can have a good match that will get 10 minutes. In the end I can see that NJ will be hit with Bad News as Barrett will become IC Champion again. After a good Mania match between Wyatt & Cena, there Cage Match should be good as I believe Wyatt will win this match. The Extreme Rules Match between the returning Kane & Daniel Bryan should be an awesome match that will have lots of weapons & great spots. I hope they get 20 minutes to show what they can do as they have great chemistry. In the end I see Bryan retaining the title & him leading the whole crowd in NJ with a YES CHANT. In my opinion the 6 man tag will be the match of the night as I hope they get over 20 minutes as all 6 men are great talents. In the end I can see The Shield picking up a win against Evolution in a great match. The show looks solid as I believe The 6 Man Tag; Cage Match & Extreme Rules Match will be great. The IC Title match will be solid also. I expect it to be a good PPPV for those watching and a great live experience for the people who will be in the arena with me.

Wow that was an extreme article but I hope you enjoyed it & that you enjoy the PPV this Sunday. Every year at Extreme Rules there was a title change so let’s see if there is one this Sunday. Check out the matches above that I recommended and stay classy. I will be back next week with a live review of the Extreme Rules PPV. Enjoy the week guys & take care & spike your hair.

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