Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 04-24-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Last week, Kurt Angle made his return to Impact Wrestling confronting EC3 after EC3’s match with Willow. This week, Angle makes his in ring return as Angle takes on Rockstar Spud. Will Angle be able to get revenge by defeating Spud or will Spud and EC3 have something in store for Angle? Austin Aries surprised everyone when he confronted MVP about not being used since Lockdown. Tonight Aries goes one on one with MVP to proving why he is “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.” Will Aries defeat MVP or will MVP prove why he is the boss? After loosing to Bobby Roode in a Tables match due to the interference of “The Cowboy” James Storm, Gunner teams with Bully Ray face Roode and Storm as we get to see Beer Money reunite. Will Bully and Gunner able to defeat the former 4 time TNA Tag Team Champions?  So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”



Kurt Angle defeats Rockstar Spud by submission

Bobby Lashley beats Kenny King by countout

MVP pins Austin Aries

Beer Money (Bobby Roode & “The Cowboy” James Storm) defeat Bully Ray & Gunner

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) beat Madison Rayne & Gail Kim

Abyss defeats Magnus via disqualification


No Impact


Watch Out For Fallen Monkey Shot

Kurt Angle vs. Rockstar Spud started off the show and despite the fact that I’m a fan of Angle, this match sucked and it sucked for one reason; Spud. Seriously this was a squash match that didn’t benefit Angle in anyway. It was pathetic watching Spud trying to get offense on Angle. I will say that I did like the overhead suplex that Angle hit on Spud from the top rope because Angle hit that move hard on Spud. The match didn’t last long as in three minutes; Angle had Spud tapping out to the Angle Lock for the win. Of course after the match, EC3 attacks Angle with Spud joining in until Willow comes down and chases EC3 and Spud out of the ring. If you didn’t watch Impact Wrestle Thursday night, you can skip this match because you won’t be missing anything


OK Impact


Dude! Tell Me That You didn’t Just Farted!

Kenny King was promised a huge feature match with a big time opponent by MVP which turn out to be Bobby Lashley. At first I thought what the hell is going on as this was turning to a squash match as King was getting no offense until King takes Lashley out by dropping Lashley head first into the ropes after raking Lashley in the eyes. King hits a nice top rope clothsline on Lashley and later a sweet enziguiri blocking Lashley’s attempt at a spear. King tried for a top rope move but Lashley catch King in midair into delay snap suplex. King bails out of the ring avoid another spear attempt by Lashely and heads to the back giving Lashley the win by countout. This was not a bad match but the ending made King look weak which is not good as King is the Number #1 Contender for the TNA X Division title.


This is the Kind of Aggressive That I Should Have Shown During My Title Reign

At the beginning of the show, Magnus came out to the ring and called out Abyss blaming Abyss for him losing the TNA title to Eric Young two weeks ago on Impact Wrestling and fires Abyss quoting WWE’s verbiage concerning one’s “future endeavors.” Abyss threatens to lick Magnus’s ass but Magnus reminds Abyss that Abyss can’t touch him because Abyss is not on the TNA roster. MVP ruins Magnus’s plans as MVP makes Abyss an offer that Abyss wins his match tonight then he’s got a spot on the TNA roster and Abyss’s opponent will be Magnus. This was not bad as Magnus actual held his own against Abyss. The two blocking each other’s moves as Magnus blocked Abyss’s attempt at a chokeslam while Abyss avoided Magnus’s attempt at a Figure Four. The match didn’t last long as Magnus low blows Abyss causing a disqualification after Abyss picked Magnus up for a slam. After the DQ, Magnus


High Impact


“Makeover” On Aisle 1 Please!

After the Beautiful People threaten to give Madison Rayne a “makeover”, Madison comes to the ring daring Angelina Love and Velvet Sky to come to the ring and try to give her a “makeover.” After bantering back and forth with each other, Madison gets the first couple of shots in on Angelina and Velvet but soon Madison gets beaten down by Angelina and Velvet. Brittany tries to come down to help Madison but gets taken out by the Beautiful People. Angelina and Velvet focus the attention back to Madison and give Madison the “makeover” putting the paper bag over Madison’s head. Later in the locker room, Gail Kim offers to tag team with Madison to face the Beautiful People which Madison agrees to. Brittany offers to be in their corner but Madison says no thanks. I thought this was a well done segment especially having Brittany coming down to help Madison only to be taken out by the Beautiful People.


This Is For Keeping Me Off of TV Asshole!

Last week, Austin Aries confronted MVP about not being used since Lockdown which lead to MVP setting up a match for tonight between himself and Aries. I have to say this was a damn good match as Aries and MVP had good chemistry in the ring. Plus the fans were chanting for both Aries and MVP which in mind shows why TNA should be using Aries more. Aries was impressive countering MVP attempt at “Balling” plus hitting the running dropkick into the ring corner on MVP. MVP was also impressive as MVP blocked Aries attempt at the brain buster hitting a release suplex on Aries. I like the ending of the match as Aries went for the 450 splash off the top rope only for MVP to roll out of the way and hit the Drive-By for the win. This was a very good match but I had wish that it went a little long. Also I hope TNA starts using Aries more and maybe put Aries into a TNA title feud with Young.


I Kicked You Ass Tonight Gunner So That I’m loosing To You At Sacrifice

Tonight we got to see one of the greatest tag teams ever in TNA reunite for one night as Bobby Roode and “The Cowboy” James Storm team up to face Bully Ray and Gunner in a match that was awesome. In the beginning of the match, Bully and Gunner had control of the match as Gunner worked on Storm until Storm rakes Gunner in the eyes which allows Storm and Roode to gain control of the match. Gunner is able to tag Bully into the match but after a few moments of being in control Storm trips Bully pulling Bully balls first into the ring post. Storm and Roode tag in and out working on Bully until Bully is able to chop Roode allowing Bully to tag in Gunner while Roode tags in Storm. Gunner goes to work on Storm as he shows everyone why he deserves to be a Main Eventer as Gunner hits Storm with a slingshot suplex while Bully keeps Roode at bay. Bully and Gunner tries to put Roode through a table but Bully misses with the elbow drop going through the table instead. Gunner hits a DDT on Storm however Roode breaks the pin attempt by Roode. Gunner goes for the Hanger 18 but gets hit with the Last Call by Storm who gets the win for him team. Another good match as all four men were great tonight with Storm and Gunner being the stars of the match.


This Is How Madison Rayne Dones Her Pushups; Knockout Style!

Madison Rayne and Gail Kim reunited to face the Beautiful People which was interesting to see as Madison and Gail are former TNA Tag Team Champions (and the last true TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions.) Madison starts in control of the match hitting a jar breaker on Velvet. Gail and Madison show their teamwork as they hit a double dropkick on Velvet and Angelina sending them out of the ring. Later in the match, Gail is able to get a headscissors lock on Angelina which Velvet breaks up with a dropkick. Angelina locks a sleeper hold Gail but is Gail is able to turn it into a back breaker. Gail tags in Madison who goes to town on both Velvet and Angelina which Madison hits Velvet with the spear. However Angelina takes advantage rolling Madison up and holds her tights to get the win. Another good match which Angelina heads into this Sunday’s Sacrifice with the momentum.


Show Rating: 6 ¾ stars


Final Thought

This week’s show was a little let down considering that this week’s Impact Wrestling was the sendoff show for Sacrifice. While some matches helped to advance some of the storylines going into Sacrifice while some did nothing what so ever to help. I wish that we saw the aggressive Magnus during his title reign because it would have made it mean something. I don’t know what to think what the Mr. Anderson\Samuel Shaw segments except that it was creepy especially with Shaw’s mom being named Christy. Again I like the fact during the Knockouts segment that Brittany tried to come to help Madison as it shows a Babyface actually help another Babyface which is rare now and days in TNA. However with that being said; I expect to see a “Heel” turn for Brittany in the near future. I’m glad to see Austin Aries back on TV because he’s one of the best technical wrestler in TNA today and Aries is over with fans whether he’s a “Face” or a “Heel.” Hopefully, next week’s show will be better as it will be the “Aftermath of Sacrifice” show. Hey don’t forget to check out the 2014 TNA Sacrifice Preview Podcast as John Mayer and myself will give our thoughts and predictions for this Sunday’s PPV.


Stars of the Night: Austin Aries & MVP



Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at




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