Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 04-17-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Last week, TNA fans were shocked as Eric Young after winning the 10 Man Gauntlet match to become the new Number #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight title went on later in the night to defeat Magnus and become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. How will Magnus react to the lost of the TNA title and what will the new TNA Champion; Eric Young have to say to the TNA fans? After winning their match by disqualification against the TNA Tag Team Champions; the Bro Mans, the Wolves gets another title shot against the Bro Mans tonight. Will the Wolves be able to defeat the Bro Mans and become the TNA Tag Team Champions for the second time? Tonight Willow takes on EC3 and Rockstar Spud in a 2 on 1 Handicap match. Will Willow be able to get his revenge on both Spud and EC3 or will EC3 and Spud leave with the win? Also TNA Knockouts Champion; Madison Rayne takes on one half of the Beautiful People; Velvet Sky. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Madison Rayne pins Velvet Sky in non-title Knockouts Street Fight match

The Wolves defeat The Bro Mans by disqualification however The Bro Mans retain the TNA Tag Team titles

Willow pins Rockstar Spud in a Handicap match with EC3 as Rockstar Spud’s partner

Tigre Uno pins Sanada in Match 2 of the 2 out of 3 series for the TNA X Division title

Bobby Roode beats Gunner in a Tables match

Eric Young pins Abyss in a Monsters Balls match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title


OK Impact


Dixie, You Do Know I Have A Wife Don’t You?

Eric Young came out to address the crowd about his amazing win last week defeating Magnus to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion saying that he’s worked for the chance to win the TNA title and now that he’s the Champion that he’s going to be a fighting Champion for the fans. This gets a great reaction from the fans who start chanting that “You deserve it” to Young. Dixie Carter comes out to the ring interrupting Young’s celebration with the fans saying that she’s responsible for Young winning the TNA title even going far as claiming that she came up with “Bread” and that she should be paid by others for using her intellectual property which had me laughing as it was a clear cheap shot at Daniel Bryan. Young makes it clear to Dixie that he’s is his own man and nobody especially her is going to tell him what to do. Bully Ray then comes to the ring telling Dixie to shut up which Dixie accuses Bully not following through on their business deal at Lockdown and keep her money. Bully tells everyone that Dixie is right that he spent all at the strip club which got a good pop out of the crowd. Bully gives Young props for busting his ass to get where he’s at being the TNA Champion by himself. Not a bad segment that Young over with the fans as a believable Champion and with Bully Ray giving Young props helps to get Young over even more. The only downside of the segment was Dixie but Young and Bully own her through out the entire segment.


Davey, Move To Your Right Or You’re Going Miss Him

So tonight the Wolves got another title shot against the TNA Tag Team Champions; the Bro Mans which was another good match between the two teams. Richards and Edwards were on fire working very well together as during the match hitting the double suicide dive on the Bro Mans. The Bro Mans had some good spots during the match when Jessie was able to knock both Richards and Edwards off the top rope which allowing Robbie E to take advantage. The Bro Mans work on Richards hitting Richards with a double dropkick. Richards finally get the tag to Edwards who comes in and hit a double hurricanrana on both Robbie E and Jessie which was an awesome move. Edwards continues hitting fast pace chops on both Robbie and Jessie. The Wolves then go on to hit the double stomp off the top rope on Robbie E with Edwards covering Robbie for the pin fall only for Zema Ion to break up the pin attempt hitting Edwards with his laptop causing the disqualification. The Wolves get the win but the Bro Mans leave the match still the TNA Tag Team Champions. This was a very good match but the finish is getting old and makes the Bro Mans look weak when they are actually a very good tag team.


Oh Shit! I’m screwed!

The Willow vs. EC3 and Rockstar Spud in a Handicap match was an ok match but it would have been better if had been a singles match between Willow and EC3. Sorry but I just can’t this match really seriously watch Rockstar Spud beating the crap out of Willow AKA Jeff Hardy which is really bad because EC3 is really a damn good talent. Willow and EC3 were going toe to toe until Spud knocks Willow of the top rope. However Spud gets his in the end when Spud tries to slap Willow who’s held back by EC3 only for Willow to low blow EC3 and hits the Twist of Fate on Spud to get the win. EC3 tries to go after Willow but Kurt Angle comes out and hit a German suplex on EC3 before EC3 bails out of the ring and heads for the back. Angle grabs a mic and tells EC3 that EC3 isn’t going to end his career and when he gets EC3 in the ring one on one that EC3 will be leaving the ring in a body bag. It’s good to see Angle back and a match between Angle and EC# would be good for EC3 getting him over a talent win or loose.


High Impact


Taking Out The Trash; Knockouts Styles!

The Knockouts kicked off the first match of the show as Madison Rayne faced Velvet Sky in a Knockouts Street Fight match which Madison and Velvet beating the shit out of each other with everything that they could get their hands on. I like it when Madison jump both Velvet and Angelina Love from behind while they were expecting to come down the entrance way. Velvet is able to stay in control for good portion of the match thanks to Angelina helping out as there were no DQs in this match. Velvet uses everything that she could get her hands on including a baking and a metal trash can to beat the shit out of Madison. Madison makes a comeback when she kicks the trash can into Velvet and starts using it on Velvet. Angelina takes Madison down with a kendo stick and gives the stick to Velvet. Velvet takes a swing at Madison but Madison ducks and nails Velvet with a spear for the win to the dismay of Angelina. Damn good Knockouts match where Madison and Velvet showed that the women can get just as hardcore as the guys.

IMG_2155Austin Aries, I’m Sorry! You Should Have Been In The 10 Man Gauntlet Macth 

MVP came out to the ring to address Eric Young becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion and the situation with Samoa Joe who MVP says is disgruntled and hasn’t return any of his calls. Just then, Austin Aries music plays as Aries comes out saying that MVP is looking at the most disgruntled man alive and that he’s pissed that he’s been sitting at home since Lockdown being ignored. MVP says that he gave Aries a chance and that Aries screwed him by costing him his match against Bobby Roode before Lockdown. MVP rolls his sleeves up ready to fight Aries who says not tonight but next week he’s going to wrestle MVP in a match where he’s going to show MVP why he’s the Greatest Man That Ever Lived. About time that Aries was back on Impact Wrestling and I like that Aries pointed out that he should have been in the 10 Gauntlet match which he should have been. Hopefully Aries will get in the TNA title picture and get a shot foe the TNA title.


Wow! I Didn’t know That Tigers Could Fly

Tonight we had match two in the best 2 out of 3 match series for the TNA X Division title as Sanada and Tigre Uno had another good match showing why they belong in the X Division. The match was fast pace with control of the match going back and forth as one part during the match Sanada hit a hard dropkick on Uno and a TKO later in the match. During this match, Kenny King was at the announcers table with Mike Tenay and Taz saying that it didn’t matter who won this series because he’s going to be ruling the X Division as the X Division Champion. Uno makes a great comeback in the match hitting a nice T-Bone suplex on Sanada followed by an awesome Sabertooth 450 Splash which is like a corkscrew 450 splash to get the win and tie up the series. It was later announce that at Sacrifice, the third match between Sanada and Uno will take place with the winner leaving at the TNA X Division Champion.


Table For One!

Earlier in the night, Bobby Roode challenges anybody in the back with the exception of Bully Ray to a Tables match which was accepted by Gunner. Roode jumps Gunner before the match begins trying to get the advantage. Roode starts off in control with a neckbreaker on Gunner coming off the ropes. Gunner comes back as he and Roode fight on the outside of the ring throwing Roode into the steel steps. I like the intensity of Gunner blocking Roode’s attempts of ramming his head into the tables and the turn buckles. Also I like the slingshot suplex that Gunner hit on Roode in the shades of the great Tully Blanchard. Roode had some great spots like a nice spine buster on Gunner. However as it looks like Gunner is going to win the match, “The Cowboy” James Storm comes down to the ring knocking Gunner off the top rope which allows Roode to the Roode Bomb putting Gunner through a table to get the win. After the match Storm beats on Gunner until Bully Ray comes down to the ring chasing Storm and Roode off.


Wow! Thunbtacks Really Do Stick!

After going through a 10 Man Gauntlet match and a hard fought match with Magnus to win the TNA title, Eric Young decided to answer Abyss’s challenge by defending the TNA title against Abyss in Abyss’s match; a Monsters Balls match. I have to say that this match was great as both men pulled out everything that they could get their hands on. Match started off with Young throwing a trash can at Abyss followed by shots with a pan and trash can lid. Abyss would regain control of the match working on Young using the trash can on Young. Young had some great spots like avoiding being thrown into a steel chair and hitting a dropkick on Abyss. I think the one spot that had me saying “Holy Shit” was Abyss choke slammed Young into the thumbtacks where several tacks were still stuck on Young’s back. Young was amazing continuing through after being slammed into the thumbtacks after avoiding the chokeslam by biting Abyss’s hand, Young dropkicks Abyss into the barbed wired board followed by the elbow from the top rope for the win and retain the TNA title. This match was a great way for Young to start off his TNA title reign.


Show Rating: 7 ½ stars


Final Thoughts

Well this week’s show was good but quite as good as last week’s show because of some of the finishes and the Handicap match. I personally feel that the finish to the Tag Team title match because this was the third time that TNA has done the interference finish and it just makes the Bro Mans look weak which is not a good thing as the Bro Mans are a very good tag team. I loved that Knockout Street fight match because it gave the Knockouts the chance to show that women can do hardcore matches just as well as the guys. I like the setup for matches at Sacrifice as we learn that the third and final match in the best 2 out of 3 series for the TNA X Division title between Sanada and Tigre Uno will take place at Sacrifice. We saw the return of Austin Aries which I think that Aries should have been used lot more. What can you say about Eric Young then Young truly deserves this title despite people saying that TNA only did it to copy Daniel Bryan’s title win at Wrestlemania 30. While I agree that timing was right, Young still deserves the title and Young proved why tonight in the Monsters Balls match against Abyss. Next should be good as Kurt Angle will take on Rockstar Spud, Bobby Roode and “The Cowboy” James Storm reunited as Beer Money taking on Bully Ray and Gunner. Also we have MVP vs. Austin Aries which I’m really looking forward to.


Stars of the Night: Eric Young



Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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