Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 03-27-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Tonight, Last week, “The Cowboy” James Storm shocked the fans in the Impact Zone when he hit Gunner’s dad with a beer bottle as Gunner was forced to watch handcuffed to the ring ropes. Tonight Gunner faces Storm in an Unlocked match where there is no disqualification, no countout, falls count anywhere and there must a winner. Will Gunner be able to get revenge on Storm or will Storm walk away the win. After Abyss once again cost Samoa Joe his chance of winning the TNA title despite MVP’s promise to keep Abyss from interfering, what will be Joe reaction and will Joe confront MVP tonight? Will Joe get another title shot against Magnus? Angelina Love makes in ring return tonight as she faces her former Beautiful People’s team mate; Madison Rayne. Will Madison be able to get even with Angelina for her attack last week or will Angelina walk away with the win? Also will Bully Ray get his hands on Bobby Roode after Roode’s vicious last week in the TNA office? So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) defeats Magnus & Abyss

Angelina Love pins Madison Rayne in a non-title match

Samoa Joe beats Eric Young by submission

Gunner ping “The Cowboy” James Storm in an Unlocked match


OK Impact


What The Hell? Am I On The Set of The Blair Witch Project 3 ?!?!

So TNA did these vignettes with EC3 and Rockstar Spud searching for Willow the alter ego of Jeff Hardy in some backwoods area that looked like something out of the Blair Witch Project. I have to say that Spud looked ridiculous with camouflage outfit he was wearing and just that he would go away. EC3 did a good job not being afraid of Willow and showing some good aggression in calling Willow out. So it looks like TNA is going to do a feud between EC3 and Willow which should be interesting. How the most part the vignettes were ok but just wish Spud wasn’t it in them.


High Impact


What The F@ck ! This Is My Title Shot!

MVP came out to address the outcome of last week’s TNA title match which saw Magnus retain the TNA title due to Abyss’s interference despite MVP promise to Joe that he would keep Abyss from being involved in the match and calls out Abyss. On cue, Abyss comes down to the ring but along with the TNA Champion Magnus who tells MVP that Abyss doesn’t work for TNA but for him alone and that Abyss can only be in the ring when he is in the ring. MVP uses this to his advantage by making a triple threat match next week for the TNA with Magnus defending the title against Abyss and the Number #1 contender; Samoa Joe. This announcement brings Joe down to the ring who makes it clear that he wants what MVP promised him; a fair one on one match not a triple threat match. Magnus and Abyss leave to let Joe and MVP to argue about the triple threat match when Eric Young comes to the ring asking MVP to put him the match next and make it a Fatal Four Way. After a convincing argument from Young, MVP agrees and makes it a Fatal Four Way match for the TNA title next week which pisses Joe. This leads to a fight between Joe and Young which leads to MVP making a match between the two for later in the night. Good solid opening segment with Joe acting like he should, being pissed off that others are getting title shot when it should just be him. I really like Young’s aggressive attitude because it suits him better then the characters that he played in the past.


Hungry Like The Wolves

For whatever reason that doesn’t make sense, we got The Wolves vs. Magnus and Abyss which was a damn good match. The Wolves dominated most the match as they worked over Magnus with Edwards hitting a nice hurricanrana on Magnus followed by Richards hitting a double dropkick off the top rope onto both Magnus and Abyss. Abyss mostly spends most of the match breaking up pin falls attempts by the Wolves. Edwards hits a sweet enziguiri on Magnus quickly followed a Germen suplex on Magnus. Despite Abyss’s best efforts, the Wolves get the win when Edwards locks a single leg Boston Crab on Magnus quickly taps outs to the disbelief of Abyss. I thought it was interesting that Abyss left the ring with the TNA title. It makes it looks like that Abyss will try to win the title instead of trying to protect Magnus.


The Bitches Are Back In Town & I Like It!

Angelina Love came out to the ring calling Velvet Sky to the ring to find out what Velvet’s problem is. Velvet comes down to the ring questioning Angelina why she attacked Madison Rayne when she promised just to talk to Madison. Angelina makes it clear that Madison insulted her and that Velvet better decide who’s side she’s on when Angelina faces Madison. I have to say that Angelina vs. Madison was terrific as these two put on a great match. I liked how Madison came running to the ring and went to town on Angelina. Madison showed how good she is as she hit a good running face slam on Angelina followed by a Northern lights suplex. What was interesting was Velvet coming down to ringside to cheer Madison on. I had a feeling that Velvet would turn “Heel” and I was right when Velvet hit a DDT on Madison on the outside of the ring while Angelina had the referee distracted. Velvet tosses Madison back into the ring allowing Angelina to get the get win. So the Beautiful People are back together and things are going to be interesting in the Knockouts division now. Don’t surprise if we see Angelina vs. Madison for the Knockouts title at Sacrifice in April.


For The Love God! That Man Has A Family! Wait Wrong Company

Bully Ray came down to the ring with several people following him with tables that were then setup all around the ring. Bully gets the crowd going by saying he the one that rid of Dixie Carter and then ask if they like to see him put Bobby Roode through all the table setup around and in the ring. Roode comes out mocking Bully by asking the fan is they know who he is. Roode makes it clear that he doesn’t care about Dixie because he was spitting in Dixie’s face before spitting in Dixie’s face was cool. Bully challenges Roode to ring with him to which Roode says no. Bully nails Roode from behind as Roode was leaving as the two start brawling viciously beating the hell out of each other which ended with Roode putting Bully through a table. I thought that this was a well thought out segment with Roode and Bully doing one hell of a job and I can’t wait to see more of this feud.


Are You Kidding Me!?!! This Match Should Been Over Minutes Ago!

Eric Young showed tonight how tough he really is as he took one hell of a beating from Samoa Joe who was vicious during this match. Young tries his best with several clothslines followed by a scoop slam which surprises Joe. However Joe stays on his dominating streak after Young misses a top rope moonsault. Joe wastes to time locking in the Coquina Clutch which Young struggles to break but passes out instead of tapping out to the dismay of Joe. What was interesting was after the match, Earl Hebner came down to the ring to point out to Brian Hebner that Joe’s shoulders were down when Joe had Young in the Coquina Clutch. I think that they the referees conferring to make Young look like a real threat to win the TNA title.


This Is What TNA Is All About!!!

Gunner vs. Storm was beyond awesome as Gunner and Storm literally beat the shit out of each other as one point during the match they were hitting each other viciously in the head with garbage lids. I liked how Storm and Gunner were kicking out of each other’s moves including Gunner kicking out after getting nailed by Storm with the Last Call while Storm kicked out after Gunner hit a superplex off the top rope through two steel chairs. The fans were really into this match which they should as because Gunner and Storm gave everything they had into this match. I thought having Gunner hit Storm with Storm’s own beer bottle followed by hitting the Hanger for the win was a good way to end the match. Gunner proved tonight that he belongs on the main event roster and will one be TNA Champion.


Show Rating: 9 stars


Final Thoughts

What can I say but that this week’s show was great as we got four damn good matches and three hell of in ring segments. I’m still don’t know why TNA had Edwards of the Wolves force Magnus the TNA Champion to tap unless TNA is planning on splitting up the Wolves up and put Edwards into the TNA title picture. Now that Velvet Sky has turn “Heel” I’m wondering who is going to work with Madison Rayne to take the Beautiful People. The most logical chooses would be either be ODB or new TNA Knockout Brittany but I wouldn’t mind seeing Brooke Tessmacher team up with Madison. The Bully Ray\Bobby Roode feud is really getting interesting and I can’t to see what’s going to happen next. I like the heat between MVP and Samoa Joe which makes me wonder if TNA is planning on turning Joe “Heel” and having Joe feud with MVP. Samuel Shaw is really making his “Stalker” gimmick work as TNA showed video of him confronting Christy Hemme and cutting off a piece of her hair. Christy did one hell of a job showing fear and being terrified of Shaw. Again one hell of a show tonight and I can’t wait for next week’s show


Stars of the Night: Gunner & “The Cowboy” James Storm



Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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