Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 03-20-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Tonight, It’s the rematch for TNA World Heavyweight Championship as Samoa Joe gets a second at the TNA title as he faces current TNA Champion; Magnus. Will Joe be able to capture the TNA title for the second time in his career or will Magnus be able to retain? After putting being put through a table last week by Bully Ray, what will Bobby Roode have in store for Bully? Last week, the partnership between Lei’D Tapa and Gail Kim exploded into catfight after Gail blamed Tapa for her lost against new TNA Knockout; Brittany. Will Gail and Tapa go at it against tonight? Angelina Love shocked fans in the Impact Zone with her return to TNA and made her intentions known to Velvet Sky that she’s wants to reform the Beautiful People. Will Velvet accept Angelina’s offer? Also tonight EC3 goes one on one with the returning Bobby Lashley and The Bro Mans defend the TNA Tag Team titles in a Triple Threat match against the Wolves and Sanada and Tigre Uno. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”



Ethan Carter III defeats Bobby Lashley by disqualification

Gail Kim pins Lei’D Tapa

The Bro Mans (Robbie E & Jessie) beat The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) and Sanada & Uno Tigre in a Triple Threat match to retain the TNA Tag Team Championships

Magnus pins Samoa Joe to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title


OK Impact


Dude, Let Me Down! I’m About To Shit My Trunks!

Bobby Lashley made his return to in ring action in TNA as Lashley took on EC3 in a one on one match which was good. I was surprised that Lashely hardly had any ring rust and for the most part his moves looked crisp especially the delayed vertical suplex that Lashley hit on EC3. EC3 actually worked pretty good with Lashley selling Lashley’s offense. EC3 got some offense in after Lashley chased EC3 on the outside of the ring and EC3 nailed Lashley coming back into the ring. I liked how EC3 low blowed Lashley while the referee was distracted allowing EC3 some time to recover on the outside of the ring. There’s two things about this match that I didn’t like was Willow AKA Jeff Hardy coming down to the ring attacking EC3 targeting EC3’s left leg with a steel chair causing Lashley to be a disqualified. The second thing was that Lashley was standing in the ring like it was no big deal that Willow cost him the match. It will be interesting to see if TNA will do a rematch between Lashley and EC3 in the next few weeks.


Say Bye Bye To TNA Tapa!

Last week we saw Lei’D Tapa and Gail Kim’s partnership explode after Tapa academically cost Gail her match last week against new TNA Knockout; Brittany. Before the match, Gail make it clear that she brought Tapa into TNA to watch her back and recently Tapa has cost her the TNA Knockouts title and her match last week which says is the final straw. Gail makes it clear that when she beats Tapa tonight then Tapa is done in TNA. Match was not bad with Gail using her speed and submission moves while Tapa counter with power move like a hard sit down power bomb that Tapa hit on Gail to break up the dragon sleeper submission that Gail had locked in. Gail got the win after nailing the Eat Defeat on Tapa pinning Tapa clean. So Tapa is now gone from TNA is for real and not a storyline. Reports are saying that TNA management decided to cut Tapa loose because of Tapa’s lack of interest in learning to improve and recent comments that Tapa made which I have no idea what those comments were. To be honest, Tapa being gone from the Knockouts division is not a big lost.


High Impact


You Aren’t Getting Lucky Tonight Young! 

Impact Wrestling started with one hell of a brawl as Eric Young and Abyss were beating the living shit out of each other in back parking with ODB yelling for Young to keeping the shit out of Abyss. At one point, ODB hit Abyss with a steel pipe which had no effect on Abyss. The two keep fighting out to the ring where things go to a whole new level. Young look like he was getting the best of Abyss when Young hit an amazing suicide dive in Abyss but Abyss came back hitting a face planter on Young into a steel chair. Abyss then hit the Blackhole Slam on Young and chokes Young out with a steel chain. It was a great way to start off Impact Wrestling and I say that we’ll be seeing more of Young\Abyss feud in the weeks to come.


I See A Bad Storm Arising

Gunner came out to talk about his win over “The Cowboy” James Storm in the Last Man Standing match at Lockdown. Gunner walks over his dad who is sitting at ringside thanking his dad and the rest of his family for their support because without their support especially his dad that he wouldn’t be where he is today. Storm comes out to the ring saying that since Gunner brought his dad to the Impact Zone that Gunner should as least introduce him to his dad after he’s done for Gunner to make him a star. Storm then starts to Gunner’s family which lead to a brawl between the two with Storm getting the upper hand hitting the Last Call on Gunner. Storm handcuffs Gunner to the ring rope and then drags Gunner’s dad over the guard rail who tries to get Gunner out of the handcuffs but gets nailed with a beer bottle to the back of the head by Storm to the shock of everyone in the Impact Zone. I have to give TNA credit that if they want to totally boo Storm then this got the job done for sure. So next week it will be Gunner vs. Storm in a rematch from Lockdown.


The Girls Are Back In Town (And Looking Smoking Hot Too!)

After making her return last week to TNA, Angelina Love made it clear that she wanted to reform the Beautiful People with her former partner; Velvet Sky. So Angelina comes down to the ring to get Velvet’s answer who tells Angelina how she felt during times of their first run as the Beautiful People where Angelina treated her like she was beneath Angelina but times have changed and says yes to Angelina’s offer and the Beautiful People are back to together again. Angelina then calls out Madison Rayne to make Madison the same offer of rejoining the Beautiful People. Madison however makes it clear that she has no interest what so ever about rejoining the Beautiful People and that she’s happy being by herself doing not bad being the TNA Knockouts Champion. Later Angelina talks to Madison in private trying to get Madison to reconsider but instead attacks Madison saying that Madison disrespected her. I thought that TNA would setup a feud between Angelina and Madison and I was right. The question now is whether TNA is going to turn Velvet “Heel” or keep her “Face” and have Velvet being used by Angelina for Angelina to win the Knockouts title.


Japanese Translation “Get Your F@cking Hands Off of My X Division Title Little Bitch” 

I have to say that the Triple Threat match for the TNA Tag Team titles was the best match of the night. The action was really great when Sanada\Tigre Uno and the Wolves were in the ring. The move the got me saying “Holy Shit” was Eddie Edwards picking Tigre Uno up for a power bomb with Davey Richards turning it into a back stabber. I did like the springboard hurricanrana off the ropes that Tigre Uno hit Davey Richards which was impressive. The Bro Mans spent most the match preventing either the Wolves or Uno and Sanada from scoring a pin fall. I liked the fact Zema Ion distracted Sanada by grabbing the TNA X Division title which allowed the Bro Mans to take out the Wolves and then hit the Bro Down on Uno for the win and retain the TNA Tag Team titles. One thing that I think was interesting was that TNA hinted a feud between Ion and Sanada for the X Division title as Ion used the X Division title to distract Sanada.


Tell It Like It Is Bully

Tonight in a meeting with Dixie Carter in her office, Bully Ray explained his actions at Lockdown to Dixie Carter saying that he doesn’t like her and nobody in the back respects her and the fans despises her. Bully made it clear that Dixie offer him lot of money to make sure Bobby Roode’s team won at Lockdown. Bully continues by saying that he cost Dixie control of her company because she’s a nobody in this business. Bully turns Dixie’s chair around to reveal that the chair is empty and Bobby Roode comes out of nowhere beating the shit out of Bully saying that he set the meeting up not Dixie and that Bully screwed with the wrong man. All I can say is that this is going to be a damn good feud with Roode and Bully Ray and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.


Oh No Not Again!

Samoa Joe got his rematch tonight with Magnus for the TNA title as MVP was chained to Abyss to keep Abyss from interfering in the match like Abyss did at Lockdown. Jo started in control of the match but follow up on big moves as Joe was still selling the injuries from Lockdown at the hands of Abyss which Joe did a great job of. Magnus was prefect as he focuses on Joe’s mid section injuries as he works Joe over. Joe locks in the Rear Naked Choke hold on Magnus but the referee gets knocked out accidently by Joe which causes MVP and Abyss to start fighting on the outside of the ring. Abyss is able to take out MVP with a steel chair when MVP removes the chain and then uses the steel chair to take out Joe who was trying to take out Abyss with a suicide dive. Magnus takes full advantage of this and hits the elbow from the top rope for the win. I thought it was very good match that leaves another opening for Joe to get another title match but we have to wait and see what happens next.

Show Rating: 8 stars


Final Thoughts

Tonight was a very interesting Impact Wrestling as we got two great title matches which saw the champions retain. I thought that Bully Ray was awesome explaining his actions at Lockdown and saying things about Dixie Carter that we fans have been saying for a long time. The Beautiful People are back as Velvet Sky agreed to reform the group with Angelina Love but without Madison Rayne. I think it will be cool to watch Madison and Angelina feud with each and to see who’s side that Velvet will truly be on. We saw the last match of Lei’D Tapa as Tapa has release from TNA which in my opinion Tapa wasn’t ready to be on the main roster when TNA brought Tapa in last year. I think that the Storm\Gunner feud is getting real good and we’re going to see one hell of an ass kicking match. What I’m interesting in find out is who is going to get the next TNA title against Magnus and whether Joe is going to blame MVP for his lost tonight. I guess that we’ll have to wait and see next week.


Stars of the Night: The Wolves, Sanada & Tigre Uno

 The Wolves Sanada Tigre Uno

Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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