From The Mind of Andrew: How TNA Is Getting Better

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Welcome everyone to this week’s from the mind of Andrew B as this time I want to discuss TNA. I finally watched Lockdown and want to talk about that as there was some solid wrestling on the show. Also I would like to talk about the new faces we have seen on Impact such as Brittany & MVP.  Also I would like to talk about The Wolves & Samuel Shaw. Plus I would like to discuss the future direction of TNA as things seem to be going up right now. So let’s not waste any time & start right now by talking about Magnus.

Magnus is the current TNA World Champion and in my mind is a good wrestler. I do not like this “Paper Champ” gimmick he has as it make his first reign as Champ look weak. Magnus has a bright future in TNA & can cut a good promo besides put on a good match. His match from AJ Styles from No Surrender was great. His matches with Jeff Hardy & Samoa Joe were also great matches worth checking out. For those that say Magnus is bland they don’t know real wrestlers.

Recently on Impact we saw promos for Kenny King’s return & I am glad he is back. He is a great talent who many believed would be a star when he debuted.  He can be a great heel with his cocky attitude & he is different than most X Division wrestlers as he in 6 feet tall. King had great matches in his first run in TNA including a solid bout against DJ Ion from Hard Justice 2012. He was pushed as a star teaming with the World Champ (at the time) Aries to battle Ion & Roode. King also had great matches with RVD & Sabin plus a nice showing at Slammiversary last year in Ultimate X, king has not been seen since his match against Aries 6 months ago where he was bleeding bad. King back adds depth to the X Division which is lacking stars but also to the roster.

MVP is doing awesome in TNA right now. Sorry to start off so blunt but it is true. His promos are amazing & he looks happy to be there. I am excited for him being in charge of TNA now. He does not have to wrestle in TNA as the role he is in now is good for him. I am not sure if they are a stable but I do like the 3 man group of MVP, Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards, which brings me to my next topic.

I want to talk about the Wolves now. They are a new tag team in TNA & they are great. I hope they can get a nice title reign in the future. Davey Richards is the better of the 2 in my opinion but they are both great. WWE does not know what they are missing but skipping out on these two great young talents.

Sunday at Lockdown, Dixie Carter said Jeff Hardy was not allowed in the building but we saw the debut of his alter ego, Willow. He is a weird character that I am not sure how I feel yet about. His promos were cool but I just don’t know. I wish we kind of just had Jeff Hardy but I will let it play out. I do not like he destroyed Spud on Impact as I am a huge fan of Spud, which brings me to my next topic.

How AWESOME ARE SPUD & ETHAN!!! First, Ethan, he is a great wrestler & his promos are awesome. His work in NXT was great as is his work in TNA. His facial expressions are amazing & I would love for him to be World Champ next year. Next is Spud who is great. His accent & Mannerisms are awesome. His promos are funny and I love how she says Madam Dixie. His suits are cool & that bow tie is awesome. I am a huge Spud mark & I hope he comes back soon.

Last week on Impact Angelina Love returned to the surprise of many. She is a great wrestler & will help make the Knockout Division better. Love is better as a heel then a face in my mind. I would like to see Sky vs. Love at Sacrifice & then Rayne vs. Love at Slammiversary for the title.  Speaking of Knockouts, Brittany is the newest TNA KO. Her match against Gail was good & she could also have a bright future in TNA. I look forward to seeing more of her in the ring. Plus she is extremely hot. While on the topic of Knockouts, rumors started online recently that Brooke is gone from TNA. I hope not as she is so hot plus a great wrestler. After Aces & 8s we have not seen much of her but I would love to see her return & battle Rayne or even a mini feud with Gail Kim.

As we talk about departures there are many online rumors that Daniels & Kaz are done with TNA and I hope not. They are extremely entertaining & great wrestlers. They cut great promos and put on awesome matches such as the one against the Wolves recently or against Angle & Styles at Slammiversary 2012. I consider Daniels the greatest TNA Wrestler to never win the World Title. If they do go WWE would be smart to sign them as they could have great matches with The Usos or Rhodes Brothers.

TNA has been on a role recently & it has me having high hopes for their future. The return of Love & Lashley will be good as well as all the new faces. Plus the removal of Dixie Carter will make the future bright. Also fresh feuds such as Roode vs. Ray & Abyss vs. Young will make the company more interesting. I look forward to Sacrifice on PPV next month.

Lastly I want to talk about Lockdown last Sunday, I know the attendance was low but the show was good. The X Division matches were great; The Rayne vs. Gail was awesome. Lethal Lockdown was awesome & Joe vs. Magnus was the MOTN as Abyss coming out was a huge shock. Shaw vs. Anderson was good & the last man standing match was good even though I didn’t like how it ended. Lashley returning was a huge shock to everyone. I high recommend checking out this event. It is worth the $40-$50 & I like how TNA does not do PPVs every month so when they do, the shows are amazing.

Well that’s all for this week as I hope you enjoyed reading this. I am excited for TNA in the future & I hope you are also. Be on the lookout as Andrew B’s DVD Talk is returning this month. Also I have a special project coming up looking at the best matches from both WWE & TNA. So be on the lookout for that as it most likely will be next week. Have a great week & stay classy Mayer Nation.

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