From the Mouth of the Shark: True Success in Wrestling‏

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From the Mouth of the Shark

With Sean Williams

For months ever since the Royal Rumble and his departure, people have chanted CM Punk’s name and predicting when he’d come back or if he’d come back or why he left.  I think that there is a bigger picture that is being missed here and while people backstage may have it out for him for the way he left and some fans may feel that way also, the fact remains is that CM Punk was able to do something that very few in the business that is pro wrestling are able to do: CM Punk walked away from a WWE Paycheck.

Let’s make no mistake about it that the guy was getting a pretty good paycheck from the WWE.   The fact remains is that he was never in it for life and he wanted to be able to walk out on his own terms.  I think that’s the other thing that we’re missing here is that whether a face or a heel, Punk was always Punk.  The guy wanted to be true to who he was and in a way, the person that we saw on WWE TV was more than a character to him.  It represented in his own way a definition of the person that he is.

We’re probably never going to truly know why he left or what it was that finally set him off to leave the way he did. CM Punk is going to be the only one to know that answer. The end result however is still the fact that Punk did exactly what he wanted to do, which is walk away on his own terms.  CM Punk may have worked for the WWE, but in his own point of view, the WWE never truly OWNED CM Punk.

And if you think about it, that is the true success in pro wrestling.  We’ve seen wrestlers fall hard.  Whether its drugs or alcohol or some other addiction, we’ve seen wrestlers go into dark places like that and have gotten themselves killed in the process.  When it comes to the wrestling business, fact remains that it’s a job that will consume you if you let it.  If you’re able to walk away from the business with yourself still sane and your health in tact to where you can actually live and if you can walk away knowing that this is a job and not let it become more than that, that right there is the true success of pro wrestling.  Maybe CM Punk understood what that meant and if that’s the case, it’s a shame not everybody thinks like that.

Walking away from something with your life still ahead of you, no championship belt tops that.

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