Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 03-13-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Tonight, we’re live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida as it’s the fallout from Lockdown where Team MVP won Lethal Lockdown, giving MVP complete control of wrestling operation for TNA. What will MVP have in store for fans in the Impact Zone and how will Dixie Carter react to being no longer being in complete control of TNA. Bully Ray shocked everyone at Lockdown being the special referee for Lethal Lockdown where Bully powered bomb Bobby Roode through a table to allow Team MVP to get the win. Will Bully Ray tonight explain his actions at Lockdown and will Roode confront Roode about costing his team the win in Lethal Lockdown? Samoa Joe was close to winning the TNA title at Lockdown against Magnus until Abyss appeared from under the ring and attacked Joe costing Joe the match and his chance at winning the TNA title. Will Abyss tell fans why he cost Joe his chance of winning the TNA title and will Joe confront Abyss tonight? At Lockdown, fans were shocked to see the return of Bobby Lashley who came out to answer EC3’s open challenge. Will Lashley explain why he’s returned to TNA? Tonight we have several debuts as Tigre Uno, new TNA X Division Champion; Sanada and new Knockout; Brittany all make their Impact Wrestling debuts tonight. Also a former TNA Knockouts Champion makes her return to TNA. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Abyss defeats Samoa Joe by disqualification

Brittany pins Gail Kim

Sanada & Tigre Uno beat The Bro Mans (Robbie E & Jessie) in a non-title match

Mr. Anderson pins Samuel Shaw in a Street Fight match

Rockstar Spud defeats Willow by disqualification


No Impact

IMG_5504 Dude I Told You Not Piss Him Off!

I have to say the Dixie Carter tribute segment sucked because of one person and that being Rockstar Spud. Spud was there crying over a Dixie Carter portrait during this tribute which made Spud look more stupid then he already is. Even when MVP came out to the ring to put an end to the tribute didn’t help make the segment any better. I will say that I did like the fact TNA ended the stupid “Chief of Staff” gimmick with Spud making Spud just a wrestler now. So we found out that next week that EC3 will face the returning Bobby Lashley who had came down to the ring and smashed the Dixie portrait on Spud’s head which was also a good thing. I think that they could just had EC3 come out to talk about his Aunt Dixie and then had MVP come out to interrupt EC3 with Bobby Lashley then come out to confront EC3.


OK Impact


Now This Is The Abyss We’ve Been Wanting To See!!!!

The match between Abyss and Samoa Joe was good but it wasn’t great. I will say that Joe did a great job selling the injury from Lockdown where Abyss hit Joe with “Janice.” The match was really about highlighting Abyss now being Magnus’s new man for hire.  Joe got in some offense but not lot like Joe usually does which again was a good thing as Joe was selling the injury from Lockdown. I thought that it was interesting that TNA decided to have Eric Young come down and attack Abyss after Abyss went for “Janice” which caused Joe to be disqualified. I think that we’re going to see a Abyss\Eric Young feud which could be interesting depending on TNA books it.


The Honeymoon Is Over Tapa!

Tonight was the debut of the newest TNA Knockout; Brittany (Santana Garrett) as she faced Gail Kim in a match which Gail mostly dominated Brittany. Brittany got in some good offense like a nice Russian Leg Sweep but I would have rather seen some more offense from Brittany as this was her debut match. Brittany did pin Gail with a rollup after Lei’D Tapa accidentally takes Gail out with a big splash in the corner. After Brittany had left the ring, Gail and Tapa start arguing which leads to a cat fight between the two which I would say ends their partnership. I’m cool with that and think that a feud with Gail would be a great thing for Tapa. I hope that we get to see more out of Brittany  as I’ve heard great things about Brittany from the Indie circuit as Santana Garrett which my good buddy John Mayer has told me good things about. One thing that I notice about Brittany is that she looks very similar look like Brooke Tessmacher. I hope that Brittany changes her look a little because I don’t want see Brooke leave TNA.


Man This Is Just F@cking Creepy!

So we got rematch tonight between Mr. Anderson and Samuel Shaw but this time in a Street Fight match. When Samuel Shaw came out for the match, he came out with the upper portion of a mannequin that looked like Christy Hemme which was really creepy. The match was pretty much even for the most part but it was hard to get into the match however most of the crowd in the Impact Zone were chanting “Creepy Bastard” through out the match. Shaw had some good offense during the match hitting a hard suplex on Anderson on the outside of the ring which looked like it really hurt. Anderson was able to get the win after distracting Shaw by going after the mannequin to make Shaw to go nuts and hits the Mic Check on Shaw. I say that this feud is not over and we will see the rubber match real soon.


Great, Now I’m Going To Have Nightmares About Umbrellas & Creepy Dudes!

Willow make his Impact Wrestling debut as Willow took on Rockstar Spud after the match was setup by MVP earlier in the night by MVP. This was just a squash match where Willow just beat the shit out of Spud. The match was very short because Willow was disqualified when Willow started beating Spud with his umbrella, Willow then really turn things up by hitting the Twist of Fate on the referee and then got a ladder and a steel chair into the ring. Willow then used the steel chair to take out Spud’s left knee foll owed by splash off the ladder onto Spud. Everyone should know by now that Willow is Jeff Hardy which I’m fine with because TNA is acknowledging that Jeff Hardy is Willow as Willow is a alter ego of Hardy which is better then trying to pretend that Willow and Hardy are two different people. It will be interesting to see how long TNA will use the Willow character before having Hardy go back to being himself.


High Impact


Yeah, Abyss Is Scary But You’re Still Defending The TNA Title Against Joe!

Impact Wrestling started off with MVP coming out talking about how tonight is the start of a new day in TNA as Dixieland is officially closed. MVP promises everyone in the back that everyone on the roster will be treated the same and that as Director of Wrestling Operations that he has a simple 3 rules that he plans to run TNA on; motivate, validate and participate. TNA Champion; Magnus comes out interrupting MVP calling MVP’s new policies the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard which draws a huge “YOU SUCK!” chant from the fans with MVP countering by saying that is more ridiculous than Magnus’s title run?” Magnus then brings out Abyss who Magnus says that Abyss is now his “Monster” that is motivated by destruction and money. MVP brings Magnus down a peg by reminding Magnus that he only beat Samoa Joe at Lockdown because Magnus literally pulled a monster out of his ass. MVP then brings down Samoa Joe taped up from the injuries he received at Lockdown who MVP says is still the Number #1 Contender for the TNA title and that Magnus will defend the TNA title against Joe next week on Impact Wrestling.  Great segment where all the right points were hit and Abyss looks like a total bad ass with the new mask. I’m so glad that TNA finally got rid of the stupid Joseph Park character.


 This Is How You Make A Debut!

I have to say that I was impressed with the debuts of Sanada and Tigre Uno as they face the TNA Tag Team Champions; the Bro Mans in a non-title match. In case you didn’t know, Sanada is the new TNA X Division Champion as Sanada defeated Austin Aries for the title at the Wrestling-1 PPV taping that took place a few weeks ago. While this match was short, the action was good especially when  Sanada back body dropped Uno onto the Bro Mans on the outside of the ring plus Sanada and Uno both hitting missile drop kicks on Robbie E and Jessie. Sanada gets the win for his team hitting the top rope moonsault on Robbie E. It’s going to be interesting to see if TNA is going to put the TNA Tag Team titles on Sanada and Uno as they get a title shot against the Bro Mans as the Bro Mans defend the titles in a Triple Threat match which the Wolves will be the third team in the match.


I’m Back Bitches!!! Did You Miss Me?

Before tonight’s Impact Wrestling started, it had been announced earlier in the day that former TNA Knockouts Champion would be making her return to TNA who turn out to be 5 times Knockouts Champion; Angelina Love. Angelina came out to the ring with the fans cheering talking about she’s missed the TNA fans but she’s missed one person even more; Velvet Sky. Angelina calls Velvet to the ring who Angelina tells that when they were the Beautiful People; they were good but they broke up before they were great. Angelina then tells Velvet that she wants to reform the Beautiful People with Velvet. Velvet says that she’s flatter with this offer and talks how she’s grown as person and accomplish her goal by becoming Knockouts Champion but she needs time to think about Angelina’s offer as the two hug. I think that it’s great that Angelina Love is back in TNA as she’s one of the best Knockouts ever in TNA. I’m going to call it right now that we’re going Angelina Love feud with Velvet sky and Madison Rayne real soon.


There’s Your 10% & Does It Pay To Be Roode Now Bitch!

Everyone on Team Dixie were blaming Bobby Roode for their lost in Lethal Lockdown costing Dixie Carter operational control of TNA. Roode quickly point the finger at Dixie Carter herself and the person she named the special guest referee; Bully Ray. So went when Bully Ray shows up, Roode and his gang beat the shit of Bully and then leaving Bully flat on the ground. However later throughout the show, Bully takes out each member of Team Dixie until Roode is just left. Bully comes out to the ring to the cheer of the crowd which he says is weird to hear. Bully said that he did Bobby Roode a favor at Lockdown by costing his team the win in Lethal Lockdown because had Roode’s team won then Roode would have been just as bad Dixie which TNA didn’t need. Roode comes now to the ring to confront Bully as they start brawling in the ring. Bully gets the best of Roode by putting Roode through a table that Bully had setup with a Bully Bomb. I think it’s interesting that TNA decided to turn Bully Ray “Face” and it looks like they are going to have Bully feud with Roode which should be fun to watch.

Show Rating: 7 ¾ stars


Final Thoughts

Wow, what a damn good Impact Wrestling tonight was. We got the debuts of Sanada, Tigre Uno, Willow and Brittany and the return of Angelina Love who I believe will be feuding with Velvet Sky real soon. I like the spilt up of Lei’D Tapa and Gail Kim as Tapa is going to need someone good to put her over and Gail can do that. I still don’t know what to think about Willow but I will say that I’m glad that TNA is already admitting the Willow is the alter ego of Jeff Hardy and not a separate person. I liked the debut of Brittany but hope to more of what she can do in ring as her ring work tonight was limited as she was being dominated by Gail for most of the match. Bully Ray was the star of the night as the fans were cheering for Bully as Bully put Roode through the table. But the best thing about tonight’s Impact Wrestling that nobody can bitch about; no Dixie Carter.


Stars of the Night: Bully Ray




Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at  

 Here’s A Bonus Picture of the new TNA Knockout Brittany



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