Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 02-27-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Tonight, this week’s  Impact Wrestling TV taping from London, England as the TNA’s UK Maximum Impact tour wraps up. Last week, Dixie Carter made Bobby Roode an offer that he couldn’t refuse when she said that if Roode be the Captain of Team Dixie and lead her team to victory at Lethal Lockdown at the Lockdown PPV next Sunday that she will give Roode 10 % of TNA which Roode accepted. Who will Roode pick to be part of Team Dixie for Lethal Lockdown? After costing Gunner his chance of winning the TNA World Heavyweight title his match against TNA Champion; Magnus; what will “The Cowboy” James Storm have say about his action last week? Samoa Joe has been running through the competition in TNA as Joe heads toward his match at Lockdown against Magnus for the TNA title at Lockdown. Will anyone be able to derail Joe’s momentum? Also tonight a Knockouts Tag Team match as Velvet Sky and TNA Knockouts Champion; Madison Rayne reunited the Beautiful People as they take on Lei’D Tapa and the Alpha Female. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


The Bro Mans (Robbie E & Jessie) defeat Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazaian) & The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) in a Triple Threat Tag Team match

EC3 pins Doug Williams

Samoa Joe defeats Bad Bones by submission

Lei’D Tapa & the Alpha Female beat Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne

Bobby Roode pins MVP


OK Impact


It’s Leg Breaking Time!

It was cool to see Doug Williams back on Impact Wrestling even though it’s for one night as Williams faced EC3 which was a nice change to see EC3 wrestle actual competition. Williams was dominating during this match with EC3 getting in very little offense until EC3 low blows Williams which allows EC3 to hit the 1%er to get to the win. It was a short match I’m glad that TNA gave Williams a chance wrestle in front of his home crowd and that Tenay mention Williams being a former TNA X Division, TV and Tag Team Champion. I have to say that the leg submission that EC3 has been using lately is very impressive and Williams did a great job selling the move. EC3 seems to be staying as “Heel” and any plans to turn EC3 “Face” isn’t happening anytime soon.


Who’s Next?

Joe faced European wrestler Bad Bone tonight in what just squash match but one that had purpose as it made Joe look even more dominating which is good as Joe is over with the fans big time. The other thing that came out of this squash match is that it made Magnus look desperate trying to stop Joe’s momentum going into Lockdown as Magnus picked Joe’s opponent tonight. I have to say that it’s very nice to see Joe get this big push as he truly deserves it.


Oh My Lord! Double Pigeons!!!!!

Last night we saw the Beautiful People; Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne reunite as they team up to take on Lei’D Tapa and the Alpha Female who makes her in ring debut on Impact Wrestling. The match was ok but I wasn’t that impress with Alpha Female even though I’ve been told that Alpha Female is damn good in the ring but I didn’t see that tonight. It was good to see the Beautiful People back together and they both worked well together and even worn matching ring gear. I guess my only real problem with this match was that there was too much interference going on in the match as both Chris Sabin and Gail Kim both interfered during this match which the match ended with Gail nails Madison behind allowing Tapa to hit a Fireman’s carry stunner on Madison to get the win for her team. I thought it was interesting that TNA had Tapa and Alpha Female go over Velvet and Madison considering that Tapa isn’t even wrestling Madison at Lockdown. I did like how ODB came down for the save going after Gail and Tapa. I expect to see a Six Knockouts Tag Team match; Velvet Sky, ODB and Madison Rayne vs. Alpha Female, Lei’D Tapa and Gail Kim.


You Are A Creepy Bastard!

The Samuel Shaw angle took a whole new turn as Shaw came out to address the crowd and Christy Hemme telling Christy that he’s enjoyed his time with her and that deep down inside, she’s feels the same way too. Shaw really has taken this “Stalker” angle talking how men lust after Christy while he wants everything from her. Anderson comes out to confront Shaw and starts a “Creepy Bastard” chant which actually does fit Shaw. After distracting Anderson by going after Christy, Shaw locks in Kata gatame on Anderson which looked very vicious. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Anderson vs. Shaw at Lockdown announced next week on Impact Wrestling.


High Impact


Even Joe Isn’t Buying Your Bullshit Magnus!

MVP comes out to the ring to address the crowd starting off by saying that Gunner will later down the road get another TNA title shot after being screwed during his title match against TNA Champion; Magnus but not right as Samoa Joe is the Number #1 Contender for the TNA title against Magnus at Lockdown. MVP calls Joe to the ring who comes out to the roar of the crowd. Magnus comes down to the ring to confront MVP and Joe as MVP holds the contract for the TNA title match at Lockdown. After both men have signed the contract, MVP informs everyone that at Lockdown in the TNA title match; the only way to win is submission or knockout which is in Joe’s favor. Magnus and Joe start to brawl after some choice words by Magnus with Joe getting the better of Magnus until Al Snow and other agents come out and break the two up. I have to say that we could see a new TNA Champion at Lockdown and I think that will be a good thing.


Are You Serious Bro? Wait I’m Glad That’s Not Us

I like the Triple Threat Tag Team match tonight because the Wolves have been very impressive since debuting in TNA and just recently won the TNA Tag Team titles from the Bro Mans last weekend at a house show in West Virgina which surprised a lot people including myself. I really like the chemistry between the Wolves and Bad Influence as these two teams were in the ring for most of the match. I also liked the tension between Bad Influence and the Bro Mans as during the match, Daniels would taunt the Bro Mans stretching his hand out for a tag but pulling it away before they could actually make a tag. The Wolves again keeping showing why they are one of the hottest tag teams today as Edwards and Richards locked submission holds on both members of Bad Influence. Daniels and Kazarian did a great job double teaming Richards until Edwards gets tagged in taking out Bad Influence. However Bro Mans outsmart everyone when Robbie E blinds tags Richards and pins Kazarian after throwing Richards out of the ring. I’m surprised that TNA had the Bro Mans get the win as they now will be on Team Dixie for lethal Lockdown but it does make sense as to continue the feud between the Bro Mans and the Wolves.


Now It’s On Motherf@cker!!!

Tonight we saw the complete “Heel” turn of “The Cowboy” James Storm as Storm told Gunner that he screwed Gunner last week because Gunner screwed Storm in the Feast or Fired match when Gunner step over Storm to get the briefcase that later turn out to the case with the TNA title shot. Storm took things to different level after insulting Gunner about his service in the Marines which got lot of the “Heel” from the crowd. The two would start to brawl with Gunner getting the upper hand before it being broken up by road agents and later in the back. We also found out during the brawl in the back that it will be Storm vs. Gunner at Lockdown. I think that it’s an interesting choice on TNA’s part to turn Storm “Heel” as Storm was one of the top “Faces” of the company. Still I think we’re going to see a damn good match between Storm and Gunner at Lockdown.


You Don’t Turn Your Bakc On Kurt Angle Bitch!

Tonight, Kurt Angle was officially inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame which was supposed to have happen at Bound for Glory last year but which Angle turned down. He addressed the fans telling everyone that he’s now in a good place professionally and personally after overcoming personal demons and other issues. Angle then thanked his family and friends for their support but the mostly importantly the fans who never gave up on him. EC3 came interrupting Angle’s moment claiming that he has ended Angle’s career in TNA and that he’s the new face of American Wrestling. Angle informs EC3 that his knee is just fine and that it will be EC3 vs. Kurt Angle inside a steel cage at Lockdown. I think that this will be a good thing of EC3 because whether he wins or looses, Angle is helping him get over big time as “Heel” and let EC3 show what he can really do in the ring.


The Greatest Blinside To Ever Happen!

I think Roode and MVP were very good in the ring and had great chemistry together. I like how they were blocking each blocking the other finishing move like Roode blocking MVP’s attempt at the Play Maker. Both men did a great job of kicking out of each other’s pin attempts like Roode kicking out after MVP hit the Play Maker or MVP kicking out after Roode a hard Spine Buster on MVP. The big factor of this match was the special guest referee; Austin Aries. Both Roode and MVP each having been trying to get Aries to be on their team with Aries saying he get back to them on it. However, Aries made his decision tonight as he took MVP out with a disc closeline as MVP was going for the Drive By on Roode. This allows Roode to hit the Roode Bomb for the win. So now we know that in Lethal Lockdown at the Lockdown PPV that Aries will be on Team Dixie. I say next week we will find who will be on Team MVP at Lockdown.

Show Rating: 6 ¾ stars

Final Thoughts

This week’s Impact Wrestling was good but not as good as the prior few weeks as the matches this week were short and look like they were cut tight during editing which I think could have been done better. I will say that lot of storyline development was well done tonight as we saw the “Heel” turn of Austin Aries and “The Cowboy” James Storm which I didn’t expect with Aries until toward the end of the Roode\MVP match. I wish that the Knockouts match had been better tonight and hadn’t been too short. Samuel Shaw is slowly starting to get over getting lot of heat with this “Stalker” gimmick which is very creepy. I think having Shaw feud with Anderson will help Shaw in the longer. Next week should be interest as it should be the last TV taping from the UK and also the last Impact Wrestling before Lockdown.


Stars of the Night: Bobby Roode & MVP


Pictures Courteously of TNA

Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at  



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