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Welcome to another edition of From the Mind of Andrew B as this time I want to look at TNA. Last time we talked WWE & their problems so let’s talk about all the great stuff TNA is doing. Today we will look at the old talents that left TNA. We will also talk about the new talents & how bright their futures are. Also with Lockdown coming out we will discuss the first PPV of 2014 for TNA. Plus the good & the bad currently taking place in TNA. Also we will look at the X Division as well as the Knockout Division. Finally I will talk about the card that is setup for the TNA Lockdown PPV. So let’s start now by talking about Sting.

First let’s talk about the new & old faces of TNA. Sting is gone from TNA & even though his work is not the best he is still a big name that hurts the company by leaving.  The last great match by Sting was around 2009 I would say against AJ Styles or even 2011 on Impact vs. Jeff Hardy.  Sting did have great matches in TNA with the likes of Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle. His matches with Roode & Ray in 2012 & 2013 were decent but nothing great. His last matches vs. EC3 & Magnus were just hard to watch as he is not what he was before. He was also the first ever TNA hall of famer. TNA invested a lot in Sting as he was huge in 2006 when he signed & he was a top 5 face for TNA & now he is gone. It looks like he might sign with WWE. Don’t get me wrong, Sting is an icon but just not the wrestler he was in 2006 or even 2008. Even though he doesn’t do much for WWE it’s still a hit for TNA.

Next TNA loss Jeff Jarrett who has not been on TV since 2011 but was still a big part backstage & is the founder of TNA. Jeff made TNA & was possibly its biggest star when it first began. If it was not for Jeff, there would be no TNA. He had great matches with Sting, Styles, Angle & more plus gave us some great promos as a face & heel. His last heel work as an MMA fighter was actually very funny even though it was a dumb storyline. His loss is tough because he was a big part of the company & now it seems in real life the Carter Family has all the control. Jeff is going to be fine as he has a new wrestling company starting soon according to online rumors. Plus he is on the Indy scene now including a stop to PWS soon as he will battle current TNA Wrestler Davey Richards.

The biggest loss in my opinion was losing the face of the company AJ styles. Styles did everything in TNA & won every title & defeated everyone. He had great matches recently with Aries as well as classics with Angle, Joe & Daniels. His match from Unbreakable 2005 is in the top 3 best TNA matches ever. His booking was bad at times as he dealt with The Claire Lynch Storyline plus the horrible ending to his lone wolf gimmick but that didn’t stop him from putting on great matches. Most of the time everybody would say AJ had the match of the night whether it was a live event, PPV or Impact show.  His mic work was not the best but it was not bad but his in ring work was phenomenal. Now TNA lost AJ & he is back in ROH & WWE won’t take him. TNA was dumb to let AJ go & hopefully he will be back with them soon otherwise he will make it big in ROH.

Now let’s talk about the product of the show recently & I feel like this happens every year but after Bound For Glory the program always goes bad for a little bit before getting better around Lockdown but one time period a year is the best for TNA. Whenever they are in Europe even though the shows are not live they are great. The crowd is awesome, the promos are good, the shows are amazing & the matches are great. I kind of wish TNA would stay in Europe as I feel that atmosphere makes the show better for fans & the wrestlers as well.

Recently there has been a start to bring in new talent to TNA beginning with The Wolves. I don’t know anything about them & I have never seen them wrestle but from what I heard they are great. I like their characters on TNA already & their recent match against Kaz & Daniels on Impact was great. I just don’t like that they are tag champions already. Plus they won the belts at a house show. In my opinion they should have won the gold at Sacrifice or Slammiversary.

I would now like to talk about MVP as he is the new investor for TNA. I was a huge fan of his during his WWE run as he came out looking like a star when he first debuted. After he left WWE he was gone for a while & I was upset to see him leave WWE but the way he comes out in TNA makes him look like a huge star. He also has a bright future & I believe TNA will be the place where he can become a World Champion. I am excited to see what he can do for the company as he has great mic skills and is a good worker in the ring.

Another great and new young talent in TNA is Ethan Carter III aka EC3, who is the former Derrick Bateman in WWE. In NXT Bateman was awesome, he had promo skills, humor & good wrestling skills but for some reason he never made it big in WWE but now in TNA in his 5 months he is a huge star. He defeated the likes of Sting, Shark Boy, and Dewey Barnes & Curry Man plus has been a part of the main storyline with Magnus & Dixie. His future is bright in TNA & also he will be a star in the years to come & in a few years can be TNA World Heavyweight Champion. I believe he is someone that can be a face or heel & I look forward to Lockdown & his match against Kurt Angle. Also his facial expressions are great.

As many of you say Jeff Hardy has had a recent change to character so let’s discuss that now. I am not a fan of Jeff Hardy but I do like his work. I am not sure why TNA is having him return as Willow as I think there was nothing wrong with Jeff comes back as himself. I am interested by the character but I guess we will just have to see where it goes.

March 9th is the first live TNA PPV & it is Lockdown so I would like to look at the card & discuss that. The main event is Samoa Joe vs. Magnus which will be a great match. They have had good matches in the past & I am excited to see this one. I am glad that Joe is also getting a push as he is one of the most under uses talents in TNA history.

Also at Lockdown is Lethal Lockdown as this year the winning team will be given control of TNA. According to spoilers the teams are going to be Bro Mans, Roode & Aries vs. MVP, Willow & the Wolves. I think both teams look good but MVP has more star power. In the end I can see MVP winning after a face turn by Roode. I think Dixie could have done better than Jesse & Robbie in the Lethal Lockdown. I am shocked by the Aries heel turn but we will see more to come in the next few weeks. I think the match will be good as Aries; Hardy & the Wolves will steal the spotlight in the match.

Former tag partners will battle at Lockdown as James Storm will battle Gunner in a match that could possibly steal the show. As someone who is not really a fan of Gunner he impresses me lately & I am starting to like his character more. I was shocked to see Storm turn heel but he is a good heel as seen in his beer money run as well as his feud with Rhino back in 2007. This match will be good as it could be a *** – even **** match that I think will end with Storm getting the win with heel tactics such as a beer bottle or something leading to a rematch at Sacrifice & possibly a 3rd match at Slammiversary.

Lockdown will also feature the women of TNA as Madison Rayne will battle Gail Kim inside the cage for the Knockouts Title. That should be a good match as both are great workers but with the lack of Knockouts recently it’s hard. TNA should push. They have Brooke, ODB & Velvet which is 5 KO plus Tapa & Alpha Female so that is 7. Plus Taryn Terrell, who I do not know where she has been but that is 8 so TNA should push the division more.

Since the card is not fully announced for Lockdown here are a few other matches I would expect to possible fill out the card. I can see EC3 vs. Kurt Angle as Ethan attacked Angle a few weeks ago on Impact. They could have a good match as Angle is one of the greatest ever & Ethan is not bad himself. Also a TNA vs. Japan match will take place as they made a deal together. I expect solid TNA workers such as Bad Influence to battle two high flyers from Japan in a match that could be a great opener. Also based on their history I could see Abyss vs. Eric Young taking place at Lockdown. That match will also be good as Young is good & his match with Abyss a few weeks back was great. Lockdown will be a good PPV that you will not want to miss as fans will be talking about it for weeks after.

Lastly I want to talk about the X Division as recently it has not been great. The Ultimate X at BFG had potential but was bad & the title switched back and forth for weeks between Aries & Sabin. There are more people that can be used. Manik, Kenny King, Ion, Daniels & Kaz can all be used to be in the X Division. It’s sad that what used to be the main focal point of TNA is now on the back burner.

Well that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this & I will be back soon.

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