Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 02-20-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Tonight, it’s the second part of the Impact Wrestling TV taping from Manchester, England as the TNA’s UK Maximum Impact tour continues. MVP challenged Dixie Carter to form a team to face a team of his in Lethal Lockdown at Lockdown for control of TNA. Will Dixie accept MVP’s challenge? Tonight, Gunner cashes in his “Feast or Fire” briefcase for his TNA title shot against Magnus tonight. Will Gunner be able to realize his dream and win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship or will Magnus leave tonight still the TNA Champion? After weeks of demanding his TNA title shot, Bobby Roode plans to address the fans about his future. What will Roode have to say and how will affect TNA? Also tonight, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne take their feud to the next level as they face each other in a Knockouts Street Fight match.  So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”



Samoa Joe defeats the Bro Mans (Robbie E & Jessie) & Xema Ion by submission in a 3 on 1 Handicap match

Gail Kim pins Madison in non-title Knockouts Street Fight match

The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) defeat Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian)

Magnus pins Gunner to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title in a Magnus Rules match


OK Impact


I Warned You Not To Use The “B” Word, Bitch!

I thought it was interesting that it was Magnus who did the talking and answered MVP’s challenge for Lockdown as the challenge was made toward Dixie Carter concerning control of TNA.  Magnus was damn good with his promo as he was confident and made you believe that he’s a bad ass. It was interesting that during the opening segment that Dixie didn’t speak or address MVP who came down to the ring to hear Dixie’s answer to his MVP which Magnus tells MVP that she accepts the challenge. Another interesting thing during this segment was the tension between Magnus and EC3 espeically when Magnus threw EC3 at the Wolves when they came down to the ring to help MVP who attacked by EC3 and Magnus. I’m really curious to see if TNA plans on turning EC3 “Face” and if they plan on doing it at Lockdown.


High Impact


Three On One, Well You Going Need More Guys To Beat Me

Samoa Joe came out looking for a fight and he got it in the form of the Bro Mans and Xema Ion who Joe took on in a 3 on 1 Handicap match. Joe for the most part easily handing all three men with hard chops and fast pace moves until the Bro Mans and Ion overtake Joe with their numbers. However this is short lived as Joe eliminates the Bro Mans out of the ring and hits the Muscle Buster on Ion. Joe then makes short work of Ion with the Coquina Clutch forcing Ion to tap out. It’s good to see Joe getting a push like this as Joe is one of the best currently on the roster and I can’t to see Joe once again with the TNA title is his possession soon.


Alright Gail, I Promise To Flush The Next Time!!!!

The Knockouts Street Fight was damn good as Gail Kim and Madison Rayne torn each other a part using anything that they could get their hands on. Madison used a baking pan on Gail several times including a dropkick on Gail using the baking pan. Gail with the help of Lei’D Tapa takes Madison down on the outside of the ring where Gail wraps Madison’s legs around the ring post locking in the Figure Four leg lock on Madison. One brutal spot was Gail getting nailed in the face with a steel chair which Madison kicked into Gail’s face. Madison goes to attack Gail but instead tries to take out Tapa which allows Gail to nail Madison with the Knockouts title to get the win over Madison. A damn good Knockouts match which you won’t see in the WWE with the Divas. I expect to see Madison defend the Knockouts title against Gail at Lockdown.


You’re Damn Right I’ll Take 10 % of TNA & TNA Ice Bars Too!!!

Before Bobby Roode came out to the ring to address the fans about his future in TNA, Roode has a conversation with his former tag team partner; “The Cowboy” James Storm who tells Roode not to walk away from TNA because it’s a cut throat business and he knew that going in. Roode comes out to the ring addressing the fans as he tells them that he’s leaving TNA as he’s tired of the lies and bullshit from Dixie Carter. Dixie comes out reminding Roode that he can’t quit as he’s still under contract to TNA. Dixie then asks Roode to captain her team in Lethal Lockdown as Lockdown which Roode says no. However Dixie makes Roode an offer that he can’t refuse. If Roode captains her team at Lethal Lockdown then she will give Roode 10% ownership of TNA which Roode agrees to. This segment was interesting because it setups some interesting possible outcomes for Lockdown.


It’s Stomping Time!!!!!

Tonight, the Wolves were in action as they took on Bad Influence (Daniels and Kazarian) in a tag team where both teams looked damn good. The chemistry between the two teams was perfect in my mind as four men worked very well with each other. I liked how Daniels and Kazarian double team Richards and kept Richards in their corner. This made it more exciting when Richards got the hot tag to Edwards and kept the crowd interested in the match. I liked the finish with the double stomp that the Wolves used to win the match as it was very impressive. I think that it won’t too long until the Wolves are the TNA Tag Team Champions but I don’t expect that to happen until either TNA Sacrifice or Slammiversary.


Sorrry About Your Damn Luck!!! Not Really

I like the package that TNA did of Gunner highlighting Gunner’s life and getting to where he’s at now. It gave some interesting insight into Gunner and respect Gunner for all that he’s done in wrestling and the military. Before the main event, Gunner and “the Cowboy” James Storm have a conversation where Gunner gives the TNA Tag Team title shot briefcase that he won last week in good faith. I thought that the match was very good with Gunner really showing everyone that he is main event material. Gunner was very impressive during this match being in control for a good part of match where Gunner hit a nice flying head butt off the top rope and a slingshot suplex which was very cool. I thought having the Wolves and Storm come down to keep any of Magnus’s boys from coming down to interfere in the match which they chased off the Bro Mans and EC3 when they tried to come down to help Magnus. I think that most of us knew that Magnus wasn’t going to win the TNA title but I was surprised that it was Storm that cost Gunner his chance of winning when Storm hit Gunner with the Last Call as Gunner was coming off the top rope allowing Magnus to pin Gunner and retain the TNA title. I’m very surprised that TNA is turning Storm “Heel” but I have to say it’s a bold move for such. I wouldn’t be surprise to see Storm and Gunner to face each other at Lockdown.

Show Rating: 8 stars


Final Thoughts

Another good Impact Wrestling that had a very interesting finish with Storm costing Gunner his TNA title match. This “Heel” turn is interesting because Storm now has the TNA Tag Team title shot briefcase which Storm can pick whoever he wants as his tag team partner. Could we be seeing the reformation of one of the greatest tag teams ever in TNA? Samuel Shaw continued tonight with his creepy stalker’s gimmick as Shaw attacked Mr. Anderson who was talking to Christy Hemme who Shaw is obsessed with Christy. So with Anderson looking to be Shaw’s first major feud, I wouldn’t be surprise to a match made between Anderson and Shaw at Lockdown. Now that we know that it’s going to be Team Dixie vs. Team MVP, we saw TNA stars being recruited by either MVP or Dixie. I thought it was cool that MVP was talking to Austin Aries to be on his team at Lockdown which Aries said that he would think about it. Much as I love to see Aries in Lethal Lockdown, I rather see Aries defend the TNA X Division title at Lockdown against someone besides Sabin. I will see who will be on what team in Lethal Lockdown at Lockdown in the next few weeks.


Stars of the Night: Gunner, Gail Kim & Madison Rayne




Pictures Courteously of TNA

Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at  



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