From The Mind of Andrew B: Looking At WWE’s Problems

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Hey Mayer Nation, Andrew B here and I have a few things I want to get off my chest.  Right now is the most important time all year in WWE but yet things are not as good as they should be. Many fans are unhappy with current feuds, returns & bookings. Between miss booking & a former WWE Champion walking out things are not great backstage. Plus we are going take a look back at the biggest mistakes WWE made with certain wrestler that were over on their current roster.  Also we will discuss are too many stars from the past returning… Let’s start right now.

First I want to talk about how WWE does not care about our voices & here are some examples. Ryback was so hot in the summer of 2012 & had everyone chanting Feed Me more & what does WWE do with him? They had him lose at Hell in a Cell which was not too bad as it was not clean. They had him lose at Survivor Series which was fine because he wasn’t pinned. Ryback would go on to lose from Hell in a Cell all the way to Money in the Bank when he pinned Jericho. Ryback was so hot why WWE would book him to lose 8 straight PPVS in a row. Now he is a midcard joke… Thank you WWE.

Next let’s talk about part timers in WWE. Some are good & some are not so let’s start with Undertaker. He was a full timer until 2010 when after he lost at bragging Rights to Kane he disappeared. He came back to challenge HHH to a match at WM 27 which was the MOTN.  Undertaker would next return for almost a year to have another MOTY with HHH. He would reunite with Kane at RAW 1000 3 months later & then go away until WM 29 time.  Taker would have the MOTN with Punk & then a match on RAW & SD later that week but is gone now. I am ok with Taker being around just for WM as he is old & saves up to put on a show once a year.

Next is Batista. He came back this year after almost 4 years gone. Batista was not missed & is not welcomed back if you could not tell at the Royal Rumble. He was thrown into the main event of WrestleMania 30 already which is a spot a young guy like a Bryan or Ziggler should be it plus his upcoming match with Alberto Del Rio is not going to be a classic.

Next the tag champ, The New Age Outlaws. They can still work a crowd & go in the ring hut after building up the tag division for so long the belts should have gone to The Usos or The Real Americans. Next is Kevin Nash who came back in 2011 & ruined the awesome summer of Punk & put on a decent ladder match with HHH. Next is HHH who comes back to bury people whether it was Punk in 2011 & bury Brock at WM 29. Even though he can still go HHH is at the point where he should put people over instead of burying them.

Next is Brock & there is nothing wrong with him working a few matches a year as he brings a different feel to the ring. Also out of his 5 match, 4 of them are must see. I am not counting the match vs. Big Show. Let’s end with The Rock. Rock came back to host WM 27 which was fine & make a match at WM 28 with Cena. The match was good & so was the one year build up. We also had cool moments like Rock & Cena teaming up. Did Rock vs. Cena need to happen twice after being called once in a lifetime? No it didn’t & we could have had Rock vs. someone else at WM 29 which would have been cool. Rock had a feud with Punk that resulted in 2 good matches even though Rock should not have ended Punk’s over year long reign. Rock might be gone for good now, we don’t know but it won’t be the first time he left us for Hollywood.

Next let’s talk about somebody with bad luck & it’s not Wade Barrett as that’s for another day. Its former World Champion… Dolph Ziggler. Who would have ever thought somebody that started as a male cheerleader would be stealing the show every night? Dolph started as a jobber who introduced himself to everybody but I started to take him seriously in the summer of 2009 as he had a great opener with Rey Mysterio at Summer Slam 2009. Ziggler would show he is the real deal when he battled Edge in the opener of the 2011 Royal Rumble PPV which was an awesome match. In early 2011 Ziggler would be awarded the World Title but his reign was a joke as it lasted under 2 hours. AT WrestleMania 27 & 28 Ziggler was given a spot in multiperson tag matches for his hard work. At WM 29 most people he deserved more than a Tag Title Match after being a big time player. Ziggler also had a feud with Ryder that made him a believable star. The summer of 2012 looked like it could be the start of big things for Dolph as he had a World Title Shot against Sheamus & won MITB. Ziggler would also have feuds with Jericho & Orton. Ziggler would be the sole survivor at Survivor Series at the 2012 event. At TLC 2012 he defeated Cena in a ladder match so you think Dolph would be a star now. Well a year later at TLC 2013 he was on the pre-show after main eventing the event the year before. Plus he lost in the pre-show but I forgot something Dolph cashed in on RAW in April 2013 to one of the loudest pops ever. Dolph would get a concussion & lose the title to Del Rio in his first defense at Payback. Dolph would end up going back to the mid card where he is now after returning from another concussion. Dolph puts on amazing matches & the crowd loves him so why is he not get pushed because of people like Orton & Cena that we don’t want to see anymore. He cuts an awesome promo on the WWE App last week & then the next RAW gets the loss in a 6 man tag it’s too much.

Next I want to talk about another misused wrestler from my hometown of Long Island, NY. Remember in 2011 we heard chants throughout RAW that sounded like “We Want Ryder” & WWE did give us Ryder for about 6 months. They had him team with the biggest star in the company John Cena. Also The Rock even mentioned Ryder in a promo. Ryder would end up winning the US Title at TLC 2011 but he would lose the title less than a month later to Jack Swagger. He would then be destroyed by Kane every week before returning to jobber status. Tell me why somebody who was so popular is now a jobber & has not been on RAW or SD since September except for one loss. Ryder got himself over & made social media so popular for WWE & how do they repay him they treat him like crap.

Next let’s talk about the most popular man in WWE right now … Daniel Bryan. How many people remember in his debut match on NXT he had an awesome match with Chris Jericho? After Nexus debut he got fired for choking Justin Roberts with a tie. I can tell you from being in Nassau Coliseum for Fatal Four Way 2010 the crowd was nuts chanting Daniel Bryan even though he was no longer on the roster. Bryan would return 2 months later & Summer Slam & earned the US Title. Bryan was a midcard guy until he won MITB in 2011 & at the start of 2012 The Yes Chants begins. In Miami at WrestleMania 28, the crowd was nuts for Bryan even though he lost in under 20 seconds. He would get over & be super popular as 2012 grew. The Yes chants would end up taking over every show. Bryan would end up becoming so popular in 2014 & was given a match at the 2nd biggest WWE PPV of the year against John Cena. Bryan would pin Cena cleanly only to lose right after as Orton cashed in his MITB.  This should have started a feud with Bryan & Orton where Bryan won the title in the end but instead Bryan was treated unfair & Orton is the champ. Bryan would then be stuck with the Wyatt Family & in a match he should have won he lost to Wyatt at the Rumble. Speaking of the Rumble, Bryan was not in the Royal Rumble match which he should have been in. Last year people were upset Bryan was just in a tag title match at WrestleMania 29 & that’s how people feel now that he was not in the Rumble. He is in the Elimination Chamber but will he win… Most likely not but that is ok because the crowd will love to cheer for him. Should Bryan fight Sheamus or HHH at Mania this year …? NO! He should be the face of WWE right now & Vince & HHH are dumb for not pushing him more after he gets the loudest reaction at every show no matter what state they are in.

Finally let’s talk about CM Punk. The man left WWE last week & was he right? We will never know but WWE invested so much in him. Less than 8 months on ECW he was in a main event for the ECW Title & a Survivor Series Tag Team with The Hardy’s & DX. He is also the only 2 time MITB winner & the longest reigning WWE Champion but he has every right to be angry. After being champion for a year he loses it to a part timer like The Rock.  Punk had great matches with almost everyone he worked with & his promos were amazing. This is a big loss but can they work around it … YES. Punk going to ROH or TNA would be cool but I have no clue what Punk is going to do & the only person who does is him. We will miss him though.

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