From The Mouth of The Shark: Our Time Is Now

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From The Mouth of The Shark

With Sean Williams

Word had gotten out that not only was Daniel Bryan not going to have anything to do with the Royal Rumble or the main event at Wrestlemania, but that the only plans that were there for him at Wrestlemania were Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus.  A rematch nobody wanted between the most over guy in the WWE vs. a guy nobody has missed.  The fans took offense to that like the WWE fired the first shot.  We answered back hijacking the Royal Rumble and then they fired another shot by going through with not only not having Daniel Bryan in the Rumble, but having Batista win the match and going to Wrestlemania.

Let me repeat that last part: Batista is going to Wrestlemania to face Randy Orton in the main event. The same Batista who was winded after 30 seconds in the Rumble itself.  The same Batista who was so rusty in the ring, a blind man could see it with how many moves he botched.  The same Batista who quit years ago and couldn’t make it in MMA.  The same Batista that had only ONE GOOD RIVALRY and that against Triple H and the only reason it was any good was because Triple H helped him. And despite all that, he was given on a silver platter a shot at the belt at Wrestlemania.

But it didn’t end for us the fans, not even close.  We voiced our disapproval so much so they had to turn up Batista’s music to drown out the booing of the fans and that didn’t get it done.  BBC reported about the story and made the WWE look like a laughing stock.  Then two days later, story broke out that CM Punk quit on the WWE.  He walked out before Raw even aired and left them high and dry.  But the next night on Raw, we the fans hijacked the show once again.  They may deny it and say we’re changing nothing, but the WWE is scared.  They’re scared because in 2 nights, we showed them something.

This is more than about Daniel Bryan not getting a fair shot. This is more than just about the Wrestlemania moment we wanted to happen and were deprived of.  What we did and we need to continue to do is make a statement  to all of them. To Triple H, to Stephanie, to Vince and the WWE itself.  It’s time to rage against the machine that is the WWE.  Because for two nights and climbing we’re showing the WWE the one thing they don’t own and the one thing they can’t control; Us, The Fans.  Not the WWE Universe but the fans, wrestling fans and not some stupid label they slapped on us because they think they own us, they don’t.    What they did on the Rumble was unforgivable and started a war they can’t win.

For years, we’ve demanded change and we’ve demanded the evolution of the WWE itself.  Right now, you have Randy Orton as the champ, the New Age Outlaws who are way past their prime as the Tag Champs and Batista, the whiny crybaby who couldn’t make it anywhere else, is now in the main event at Wrestlemania.  For those that doubt and those that think we can change nothing and we shouldn’t do a thing, here’s a question to ask; if not now, then when? If not now, then when should we make a stand?

What do I mean by making a stand? Don’t subscribe to the WWE Network. Tune out of  Raw and Smackdown and Main Event.  Don’t view the WWE site. Don’t download anything about the WWE. Don’t spend one single dime on anything involving the WWE.  They deprived the fans of what we wanted, so let’s deprive them of what they want from us; our money.  They’re banking everything on the WWE Network to succeed.  If it does anything less, it’s going to hurt them.  So let’s REALLY hurt them. Don’t subscribe, don’t watch Wrestlemania and those that are there live, if Daniel Bryan’s not in the Main Event, walk out.  They think it’s an audience of one, then give them an audience of none. Walk out on Randy Orton, walk out on Batista, And all the while you’re doing that, say out loud and say proud as if saying it right in that bald headed bimbo Triple H’s face these four words; NO! NO! NO! NO!

They say that no man is bigger than the WWE, well guess what, we found something that is; wrestling fans.  WE are bigger than the WWE.  They know that if this somehow affects the number for their network launch, it’s going to hurt them.  Because to loosely use the title of John Cena’s music; OUR time is now.  Zeb Coulter, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro are really talking about themselves when they say these three words but now I’m saying it for us, for the wrestling fans:


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