Laying The Smackdown: WWE Smackdown Review for 01/24/14

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Laying The Smackdown

With Andrew B.

Welcome to laying the Smack down with Andrew b as tonight we are on the final show before the Royal Rumble. We have a huge ten man tag main event. Also Rey Mysterio &Big Show will battle The Real Americans. Plus Brodus Clay will battle the Miz. So let’s begin now.

Before we start work is crazy so this review will be shorter.

We start with the opening package as JBL will be calling the action with Josh Matthews tonight.

The Real Americans come out & Colter cuts a promo while sitting in his wheelchair about Mysterio & Show. He says show is a bully & Mysterio hides behind a mask & is a border hopper. He says their team does not even have a real name. It ends with We the People.

Match 1: Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs. The Real Americans:

The match starts off with Mysterio & Show in control over both men. Show uses his power while Rey uses his speed. Rey sends Swagger out of the ring with a head scissors as we go to break. After the break it is all Cesaro & Swagger as they double team & work on Rey. Cesaro does hit Rey with a Cesaro Spin taking him around about 5 -6 times. Rey makes the hot tag to Show eventually who cleans house. In the end Rey hits Cesaro with a 619 followed by a punch from Show & then a dive off Show’s shoulders to end the match in 9 minutes.

Winners: Big Show & Rey Mysterio

Match Rating: ** ¼ out of 5

After the match Paul Heyman comes out & tells Show to enjoy every second of this, because there would be no celebrating for him on Sunday. Heyman says that beating Show is not enough and that Brock has to embarrass him on Sunday.

Match 2: Miz vs. Brodus Clay:

Before the match begins, Wade Barrett’s music hits, and his podium rises above the stage. Barrett says later there is a huge 10-man tag team match tonight. But in the meantime, we’re going to have to first watch Brodus Clay vs. The Miz. Barrett wants to start the match with a chant of his own: “Miz is awful.”

The bell rings & the match start as Clay takes it to Miz & Barrett says the match is terrible as Clay punches Miz down. Miz fights back but Clay knees him in the midsection and throws to the corner. Clay hits a T-bone suplex as Barrett orders Clay to do something entertaining. Clay yells at him, and then he turns around into DDT from The Miz to end the match in less than 2 minutes.

Winner: The Miz

Match Rating: ½ * out of 5

After Miz approaches Barrett’s podium but it is too high for Miz to reach. Miz shakes it but it won’t go down. Barrett says the bad news is that he’s up there, and Miz is down there.

We then get a video package for the Royal Rumble.

Match 3: AJ Lee vs. Cameron:

This was another short match as AJ started in control but Cameron came back. Cameron had a few near falls & then hit Tamina with a dropkick which allowed AJ to regain control. AJ hits a shining wizard & wins in about 90 seconds.

Winner: AJ Lee

Match Rating:  ½ * out of 5

We then see the return of Batista from last Monday’s RAW.

The Shield was shown backstage. Ambrose said two days from now 27 other superstars will hope to enter and win the Royal Rumble. He then said dreams can come true, but this year is different, because these dogs are hungry. Rollins said the Royal Rumble has never seen a force like The Shield and Reigns said he would go on to win and headline WrestleMania.

Match 4: Los Matadores vs. Rybaxel:

Another short match that went about 3 minutes but still showed how great the tag division is right now. It was a basic short match where the heels started in control but Los Matadores were able to come back. In the end all 4 men were in the ring but Axel was able to roll up Fernando for the win.

Winner: Rybaxel

Match Rating: ** out of 5

After Axel celebrates in the ring until El Torito takes him out with a springboard head-scissor takeover that sends him out of the ring. Fernando takes Axel out with a plancha, and El Torito hits Ryback with a flying cross-body to the floor.

CM Punk comes out as we see a replay of Kane hitting him with a Choke slam from Smack down last week, and then more footage of Kane’s attempted apology from Monday. Punk says he is the #1 entrant into the Rumble & that it is the Authority’s way of stacking the deck against him because of their hidden agendas. He said it makes him wonder how much Triple H and Stephanie pay attention to their surroundings, because he can’t be intimidated, but what can you expect from Vince’s spoiled daughter and his doofus son in law. Punk says he is motivated and focused on becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and headlining WrestleMania. He said he’s done a great number of special things, but the thing missing is winning the Royal Rumble match. Punk then said when you call yourself the best in the world, you don’t complain you just do your job, and he will do everything in his power to make sure that he’s the last man standing. Kane comes out & says that on behalf of the Authority, they wish him the best of luck. Kane said number 1 is nearly impossible to win from, but he’s done some calculations and Punk has a 0.0000187% chance of winning. He then said that being the Best in The World may tip the odds further in his favor. Punk says he is sad what because of what has become of the Big Red Monster. He was the Devil’s favorite demon, and now he’s the Authority’s favorite statistician. Punk claimed Kane turned in his manhood when he turned in his mask, and the odds don’t matter because he’s been the best since day one.

We then see a video package highlighting the history between Daniel Bryan & The Wyatt family.

Match 5: The Prime Time Players vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper:

Harper took it to Young early and then tagged in Rowan. Work on Young & then Harper knocks Titus off the apron. Harper then hits a clothesline on Young for the win in less than 2 minutes.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Match Rating: ½ *out of 5

After the match, Bray Wyatt entered the ring. He hits Sister Abigail on Young. After Bray said that not only will he defeat Daniel Bryan on Sunday, he will hurt him, and then he’ll change the world. Daniel Bryan comes out & tells Bray to listen to these people as a yes chant starts. Bryan says on Sunday, he will not trap in the prison of his madness but that Bray will be trapped in the prison of his. Bryan says that Bray will find out who the real monster is, as the entire crowd chants yes.

Match 6: Kofi Kingston vs. Fandango:

A solid matches between these two young talents that was good but short. The rise of Kofi continues while Fandango is lost right now. It was back & forth as Fandango was in control until Kofi came back & in the end hit Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Match Rating: * ¾ out of 5

We get a video package hyping up Cena vs. Orton on Sunday.

Main Event: The Shield & the New Age Outlaws vs. Big E Langston, the Usos & the Rhodes Brothers:

There is no way to describe this match except awesome. I was ok with the no contest ending because it was just off the hook. It was back & forth & everyone was on fire in this 15 minute bout. The end was amazing as everyone hit their finisher or signature move. In the end Road Dogg hit Goldust with his finisher & then taunts but Goldust rolls up Dogg but Shield break it up. This leads to all 10 men in the ring fighting. The locker room then comes out & CM Punk comes out last & the show ends with everyone fighting in the ring as a preview of Sunday.

Match Result: No Contest

Match Rating: *** out of 5


This week the show was ok but not great. Some matches like Clay vs. Miz & the Divas were not great but others like the opener were good. The end was great as the match was good & even though it was expected the brawl was nuts. I am excited for Sunday’s Rumble & this show helped also. Punk’s promo was also very good as I expect him to do big things this Sunday.

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