From the Mouth of the Shark: The Only Course of Action (The Sequel)‏

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From the Mouth of the Shark

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While I’ve already given my two cents about the subject before in one of my previous articles, I felt the subject itself is one that deserves further discussion as it has been a long time since there has been a topic that has been so strong and so red hot in quite some time.  That topic of course being Daniel Bryan and where he stands in the WWE.

There’s so much that can be taken from Monday’s Raw with Daniel Bryan standing tall and the building itself practically shaking with chants of YES YES YES from the crowd.   The WWE can no longer ignore the popularity of Daniel Bryan and the WWE can no longer ignore the fans that they so aptly name the WWE Universe.  Why? Because the fans have spoken and they have drawn the line in the sand as they’ve made their choice and that choice is Daniel Bryan.  The WWE may have defeated WCW in the Monday Night Wars, but the fact remains that regarding both Triple H and Vince McMahon himself: They cannot defeat Daniel Bryan.  It’s no longer about Daniel Bryan and whether or not he can defeat the machine.  The reason being is because Daniel Bryan has BECOME the machine.  WWE, Triple H, and Vince himself cannot take down Daniel Bryan.  They can only accept him and accepting him is a step to accepting the future.

WWE has banked for so long on John Cena to be the face of the company.  They wanted to put their money on somebody that they’ve chosen and not necessarily somebody that the fans themselves had chosen.  The YES chants have surpassed the WHAT chants in ways that people had never imagined possible.  The YES chants have ascended past the world of the WWE and into mainstream outside of it like professional sports.  The coverage and publicity that it gathers for the WWE all because of one word, nobody can gather or even duplicate that, not even John Cena.  That leads to the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania and what to do with Daniel Bryan.   The fact remains that it’s no longer optional about Wrestlemania.  Daniel Bryan has to win the belt.  There’s no other way around it and it’s something that the WWE can no longer avoid. 

However, there’s of course the concussion that was reported this week.  There is a way around that.  The Royal Rumble match itself; you can hide injuries with guys that are competing in it.  Daniel Bryan can still be in the match, you just don’t have to have him as an early entry into the Rumble match.  When he enters the Rumble is not so important as the objective, namely him winning.  As far as Wrestlemania goes, and I had mentioned the options of Randy Orton, John Cena and even Brock Lesnar in my last article. However, after spending some more time thinking about it, Daniel Bryan not only has to challenge for the belt at Wrestlemania and win it, but he has to beat Randy Orton to do it.

Why is it so important for Daniel Bryan to beat Randy Orton?  Absolution.  Since Summerslam, Randy Orton has robbed Daniel Bryan of the glory that was his.  For months, Bryan as well as the rest of us have been pelted with “Best for Business” and the referring to Randy Orton as “The Face of the WWE” to the point where it was like nails on a chalkboard and let’s not forget the infamous “B+ Player” that Triple H and Stephanie have gone time in and time out to label Bryan as in their way of showing he is not good enough.   Daniel Bryan needs to win the title and defeat Randy Orton to show that Orton beating him for the belt was a fluke and that Bryan truly is and always has been better than Randy Orton.   But most of all, the WWE should want, in fact they should very well CRAVE this final moment at Wrestlemania with Daniel Bryan standing tall with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship hold up above his head and the entire place shaking to the core, loud and proud, shaking the very heavens with the following words: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

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