Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 01-16-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Tonight its Genesis live from Huntsville, Alabama as tonight it’s Sting vs. Ethan Carter III. Will Sting be able to overcome Team Dixie and beat EC3 or will the odds be too great for Sting to overcome?  After the conversional end of the “Title vs. Title” match between AJ Styles and Magnus to determine the true TNA World Heavyweight Champion which saw Styles taken out be Team Dixie, what will Dixie Carter and Team Dixie have to say this week about Styles no longer in TNA?  After weeks of tension between Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray, finally face each other one on one in a No Disqualification match tonight. Will Anderson be able to get revenge against Bully Ray or will Bully Ray take out Anderson? Also tonight Madison Rayne gets her title shot as Madison faces Gail Kim for the TNA Knockouts title. Will Madison will be able to beat Gail and become the new Knockouts Champion or will Gail leave Genesis with the Knockouts title? So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Samoa Joe, O.D.B, James Storm, Gunner, Joseph Park and Eric Young defeated Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Lei’d Tapa, Zema Ion and The Bro-Mans in a 12 man tag team match

Bully Ray pins Mr. Anderson in a No Disqualification match

Madison Rayne pins Gail Kim to become the new TNA Knockouts Champion

Ethan Carter III pins Sting


 No Impact


Oh My God! Sting Farted!!!

What should have been a decent match turned into a train wreck for several reasons which caused this match to suck. First, having Rockstar Spud as the special guest referee was ridiculous and should have never had him out there in the first place. The guy can’t wrestling, when he talks he sound like a girl and he looks like a total idiot. I could use more colorful language to descript Spud but I don’t want to offend anyone in the Mayer Nation. However I will say that someone needs to tell Spud that the Eleventh Doctor called and wants his bow tie back. I understand what TNA was trying do with the booking of the match having a bias referee calling the match and the odds against Sting but TNA didn’t need to use Spud. I would have rather seen Magnus be the special referee from the beginning of the match and TNA could have then gone to the promos after the match which lead to Sting vs. Magnus next week with the TNA title and Sting’s contract on the line. I hate that EC3 couldn’t show more of his abilities during this match because EC3 is a good wrestler and has lot of charisma. I’m going to get to see EC3 wrestle live tomorrow night in Dothan, Alabama and I think that fans there will be able to see what EC3 can do in the ring as EC3 takes on “Showtime” Eric Young.

Ok Impact


Dude, I Hate To Tell You This Man But You’re An Idiot!!!

The opening segment with Dixie Carter coming out to the ring talking about how she glad that AJ Styles is gone along with Jeff Hardy was not bad. Dixie did a decent job talking about how TNA is her company and anyone who wants to challenge her authority will face the same fate as Styles or Hardy. Dixie goes on talking about how this is a new age for TNA as she thank all the “Heels” for their help last week with Styles and that they’ll a nice bonus in their paychecks. Dixie then brings out Magnus who I thought did a good job talking about how he’s the future of TNA and that no one is going hold him any longer bragging about how he got rid of Styles. EC3 came out next with Dixie saying that EC3 was going to take care of their last big problem tonight in the form of Sting. After EC3 comes out to the ring, Sting shows up in the upper stands telling Dixie that there are people in the back that will stand up to her which setups up a big brawl followed by a 12 man tag team match being made. Again the big thing that ruin this segment was Rockstar Spud who needs to go and he needs go now!


It’s The Superfriends vs. The Legion of Doom; Wait Wrong Show!

The 12 man tag team match, actually a 12 person tag team match since ODB and Lei’D Tapa were both in the match. The match was just a spot feast instead of an actual match as every person were hitting their signature moves throughout the match. One interesting  spots during the match was after Joseph Park’s mouth was busted and Park went into “Abyss” mode, Park clothslined both Storm and Gunner who were on his team after Park had taken out Kazarian. If anybody stood out during this match was Samoa Joe as he was on fire during this match. From hitting a lateral senton and then an enzughiri on Zema Ion to Coquina Clutch on Christopher Daniels to win the match for his team, Joe was impressive. I really hope that TNA is going to give Joe a major push this year like a feud with Magnus. I’m going to get to see Joe wrestle tomorrow in Dothan, Alabama as Joe will take on Bully Ray.


You’re Just Not Doing It For Me Anymore In The Bed Honey!

Chris Sabin who has been using his girlfriend; Velvet Sky to win his matches including regain the X Division title from Austin Aries, calls Velvet out to the ring accusing  her of being selfish and only caring about herself and wants to know why she was having a private conversation with Aries. Aries comes down to the ring saying telling Velvet that she doesn’t need to put with Sabin’s crap and tells  Sabin that he can’t win his matches without Velvet’s help. Aries challenges Sabin to put the X Division title on the line against him with Velvet hanging up in the air in a cage. Sabin at first refuses until Velvet agrees and forcing Sabin to accept the match telling Sabin that if he doesn’t win the match next week then she done with him. The segment was very good but the problem that I have is that TNA has been playing “Hot Potato” with the X Division title between Aries and Sabin which needs to stop and leave the X Division title on either Sabin or Aries. Speaking of Aries and Sabin, if you haven’t guess it by now, They are going to be facing each other tomorrow night in Dothan, Alabama.


Don’t Worry Dixie, I’ve Got This! I Think!

Kurt Angle confronted Dixie Carter about her ordering Al Snow to get Angle out of the building last week by telling Angle that there was a family emergency. Angle was not happy about Dixie using his family to get rid of him which Dixie claims she did it Angle’s safely. Dixie tries to calm Angle telling him it’s better to be on her team which Angle quickly replies back that he’s not on her team. Dixie then tells Angle that his match with Roode is going to be postponed to next week and orders the security guards to escort Angle out the building. Roode comes running down and hit Angle with the Roode Bomb with Dixie telling guards to escort Angle out of the building after Roode’s attack. It was a very good segment but I thought it was stupid to advertise the match between Angle and Roode for tonight to only to postponed it until next week. Never the less, it should be a very good match next week.

 High Impact


It’ll Hurt Only For A Minute!

The Bully Ray vs. Anderson No Disqualification match was very damn good with lot of emotion and some very intension spots during the match. Action was going back and forth with neither man having full control of the match. At point during the match, Anderson and Bully both tried to hit each other with steel chairs. Anderson introduces a steel guard rail into the ring and tries to hit a top rope senton with Bully on the guard rail only for Bully to move out of the way. Anderson does hit the Mic Check on Bully causing Bully to go face first into the guard rail. After Anderson brings a table into the ring, Bully hits a uranage slam on Anderson and then grabs lighter fluid from under the ring. Anderson gets the lighter fluid from Bully and prepares to set the table in the ring on fire only for Bully to low blow Anderson and hits a wicked pile driver to get the win. This match should have been the main event instead of the top of the hour match but that’s my opinion.


This Is My “I’m About To Loose My Title” Shit Ass Grin!

I said a few weeks ago that I expected Madison Rayne to get a title shot against Gail Kim for the Knockouts title and I was right. I thought having Gail and Tapa attack Madison before the match was well done because it made Gail look like she is worried about being able to beat Madison. The match starts off with Gail in control hitting Madison with couple of clothslines and a scoop slam before Madison manages to get Gail into a victory roll followed by Scissor Stomp on Gail. As the match goes on, Tapa tries to interfere by choking Madison on the outside of the ring only for the referee to send Tapa to the back instead of disqualifying Gail. Gail works on Madison’s legs with the Figure Four leg lock using the ring post. Gail comes back into the ring taunting Madison only for Madison to a facebuster followed by Rayne Drop for get the win and become the TNA Knockouts Champion for the fifth time. I expect Gail will get a rematch down the road but I hope that TNA doesn’t plan on putting the title on Tapa because Tapa is not ready for a title run.

Show Rating: 4 ½ stars

Final Thoughts

First part of Genesis was not that great as the main event was weak and the best match of the night (Bully Ray vs. Anderson) was at the top of the hour. Roode vs. Angle was postponed until next week which I think was a big mistake on TNA’s part. One that I didn’t talk about was the appearances of Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards; the American Wolves who are going to be a part of a major storyline as they were signed by a new major investor of TNA who from what I read is not Jeff Jarrett which I believe but it would be cool if it was Jarrett. Anderson and Bully put on a great match tonight and both men took some serious bumps during the match. Samoa Joe was great during the 12 man tag team match and I really hope that Joe gets a major push this year. I hate that TNA overbooked the main event with having Rockstar Spud as the special guest referee because he is 100 % terrible and needs to be released. I think it will be interesting to see Magnus vs. Sting 2 next week with it being title vs. contract. I also thought TNA did a great job of having Magnus mention the fact Sting can’t get a TNA title shot because lost his match against Bully Ray last year at Slammiversary. Tomorrow night (Saturday Night) I’m going to a TNA house in Dothan, Alabama which should damn as many of my favorites are on the card like Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, “The Cowboy” James Storm, Chris Sabin and Samoa Joe. I’m looking forward to seeing Magnus who I’ve never seen wrestle live before and Ethan Carter III as I haven’t seen him wrestle live either. I’ll be back later in the week with a review of the house show and with plenty of pictures too.

 Stars of the Night: Bully Ray & Mr. Anderson


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at  



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