From The Mouth of The Shark: How Ultimate Is It Really?

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From The Mouth of The Shark

With Sean Williams

I’ve had some time to let it soak in about The Ultimate Warrior in the Hall of Fame and is going to be the headliner of the Hall of Fame this year.   I have mixed feelings about it.  Now, was he red hot during his time from 1989 to 1991? Absolutely he was and there’s no way that I could deny that nor can anyone else.  I also can’t deny that Wrestlemania 6 which featured Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior in the Main Event at the Skydome in Toronto, was one of the biggest Wrestlemania main events and one of the few times we saw Hogan put somebody over.  The crowd loved the guy and his promos were intense.  However, this isn’t like a “water under the bridge” or an “all is forgiven” thing with Bret Hart or Bruno Sammartino.  There is a lot of the negative to try and bury involving the Ultimate Warrior.

First of course, you have the story about how he threatened to walk out on Summerslam in 1991 when he was facing the late Ravishing Rick Rude in a steel cage for the WWF Championship because the reports were that the WWF wanted him to put over Rick Rude once again which would’ve led to a WWF Championship reign for Rude.  That didn’t happen and the next thing you know, Rude is in WCW feuding with Sting and he eventually got the world title there. The other of course is the different times where he got fired by the WWF and let’s not forget a long time ago when WWE was marketing a DVD Documentary called “The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior” that included Triple H talking about his Wrestlemania match with the Ultimate Warrior and saying how it sucked and basically called Warrior one of the worst people he ever worked with.

The other problem however is who will you have induct the guy.  Randy Savage could’ve been the guy if he wasn’t dead.  The only other name that springs to mind that could do it is Hulk Hogan.  It’s not a bad idea if it weren’t for the fact that last I checked, Hogan and Warrior hated each other.  Need an example? Warrior was blaming Hogan and his ex-wife for what happened with the marriage of Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, not to mention trash talking Hogan’s own family and more specifically Hogan’s kids.  Well, hard to really argue regarding how Nick Hogan turned out.

Hogan is the only real viable option for inducting Warrior into the Hall of Fame, but that all comes down to whether or not those two can actually bury the hatchet even if it’s just for that one night.  In other words, it comes down to those two pulling off the mother of all bull-crap.   Other than that, you’d have to try and find somebody that could actually say something positive about the Ultimate Warrior.  Between all that, backtracking on everything they had said about the guy in the DVD that buried him.   He may be called The Ultimate Warrior, but here’s something that many would call a travesty:  He’s getting in the Hall of Fame and yet Randy Savage and Jake Roberts have yet to be inducted.  Now, that injustice, that’s really ultimate.

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