Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 01-02-14

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Tonight it’s the first Impact Wrestling of 2014 as tonight is the formal coronation of Magnus as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Will Gunner confront Magnus and cash in his TNA title shot tonight? Last week, Jeff Hardy shocked the Impact Zone that he’s done with TNA. What will be the fallout from Hardy’s shocking announcement and will Sting confront Dixie Carter about Hardy’s departure? After winning the Monsters Ball last week, what is next for Joseph Park and will we see the return of Abyss as Park goes one on one with Bully Ray. Also in a rematch for the TNA X Division title, new champion; Austin Aries defends against former champion; Chris Sabin. Will Sabin be able to regain the X Division title or will Aries leave tonight still the X Division Champion? So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Madison Rayne pins Gail Kim in a non-title match

Chris Sabin pins Austin Aries to become the new TNA X Division Champion

Samuel Shaw defeats Norv Fernum by submission

Bobby Roode & “The Cowboy” James Storm defeat Kurt Angle & Gunner

Joseph Park defeats Bully Ray via disqualification


No Impact


I Think That I’m Going To Need A Restraining Order ASP!!!!

Ok it’s cool that TNA is trying to push new talent like Samuel Shaw but his gimmick is just creepy. Shaw comes down to the ring dressed like he’s getting ready to go to dinner and just puts on black gloves before the match begins like he’s getting to commit murder or something. TNA has done promos with Shaw the past few months where he’s is obsess with Christy Hemme and is stalking her. Also the other problem was Shaw’s opponent; Norv Fernum who is technically not part of the TNA roster but has been used mostly as a “Jobber” but still was not a believable opponent for Shaw. I will say that the submission hold that Shaw used to win the match was impressive so I’ll be interested to see how Shaw will do against opponents of better quality. Also I’m curious to see where TNA goes with this “Stalker” angle with Christy Hemme and how Hemme and Shaw will be used.

Ok Impact


But My Aunt Dixie Said I Didn’t Have To Wrestle You

EC3 came out to the ring bragging that he’s changed the face of wrestling and being undefeated since his debut beating brutal competition in the land and that he easily beat Sting and Hardy last week. EC3 then challenges Hardy to a match which EC3 knows Hardy wouldn’t show up. Sting comes down to the ring to confront EC3 challenging him to match at Genesis. EC3 refuses the match saying that he will not be manipulated into a match but finally agrees to the match after Sting calls EC3 Dixie Carter’s lapdog. I think that EC3 facing Sting will be good for him as Sting should be able to get EC3 over and put on a decent match. We’ll just have to wait for Genesis to if I’m right.


High Impact


Damn Gail! Do You Ever Wash Your Feet?

Gail Kim had another open challenge tonight which was answered by Madison Rayne who just recently returned to TNA and had already pinned Gail two weeks ago in a tag team match. I thought that Madison was very impressive during this match and Madison is getting a great reaction the crowd which is good as I has my doubts as how Madison would do as a “Face” after being a “Heel” for so long during her first run in TNA. This match was very good as Gail and Madison have good chemistry in the ring working together before. I like how Madison was in control at the start of the match keeping Gail rocking a clothsline and a spear before Gail takes Madison with a boot to the face. I liked that the match went back and forth with Madison regaining control of the match as hitting a snap suplex on Gail. I think that the finish to this match was perfect because it made sense for Madison to block Gail’s attempt at “Eat Defeat” and pinning Gail with a side-craddle. Now with this non-title win, I expect that we’ll see Madison vs. Gail for the Knockouts title most likely at Genesis.


You Might Have A Hot Girlfriend But I’m The Greatest Man That Ever Lived Bitch!

We had the rematch for the TNA X Division title between Aries and Sabin which was a good match despite it being a short match. Aries was on fire trying to end the match quickly going for the Brain Buster and locking in the Last Chancery on Sabin. Aires had some other good spots during the match including a corkscrew helio and a standing moonsault. Several times during the match, Sabin ordered Velvet Sky to distract the referee but Velvet refused telling Sabin that it was his match. However Velvet finally does distract the referee and Aries by getting up on the ring apron which allowed Sabin to hit Aries with a low blow and roll Aries up into a small package to regain the X Division title. My only complaint to this match is why TNA did a quick title change as Aries only won the X Division title only a few weeks ago. TNA needs to keep the X Division title on Sabin for a while or the title will loose its meaning with these quick title changes.


Beer Money!!! Need I Say More

Impact Wrestling began with Kurt Angle coming out talking about the bad year he had in 2013 professionally and personally when Bobby Roode came out to rub salt in the wound as Roode has defeated Angle in the past few months and asks Angle if his announce is that Angle is leaving TNA like Hardy. Angle says no and then challenges Roode to a match at Genesis. Roode finally agrees to the match only if Angle agrees that if Angle looses then Angle will never be in the TNA Hall of Fame. Angle agrees but says that the match will be a steel cage match which Roode reluctantly agrees to and then Roode and Angle start to brawl with several referees come out trying to break them up. Dixie then comes out making a tag team match for later in the night with Angle and Roode picking their tag team partner. Angle decided on Gunner when Gunner offered to be his tag team partner. However Roode shocked everyone by picking “The Cowboy” James Storm as his tag team partner. This match was good because Roode and Storm worked together like Beer money never split up. Gunner was impressive during the beginning of the match hitting a sling shot suplex on Roode shade of the great Tully Blanchard. After Roode catches Gunner in a Spine Buster, Roode and Storm work together perfectly keeping Gunner cut off from tagging Angle in. Gunner finally gets the hot tag to Angle but referee doesn’t allow the tag due to being distracted by Roode. The match ended when Storm hit the Last Call on Gunner while Gunner had Roode up in the Torture Rack. This allows Roode to hit the firemans carry finisher on Gunner to get the win for his team. I think that the Angle vs. Roode steel cage match at Genesis is going to steal the show and could be a top contender for Match of the Year in 2014. I also expect that we’ll see Storm vs. Gunner at Genesis which will be interesting to see.


Going To Set Park On Fire

When Joseph Park vs. Bully Ray was announced for tonight’s show, I was not happy because I thought that after last week’s Monsters Ball that we were going to get Abyss back. However Bully Ray shocked everyone when Bully who just stands in the ring corner after the bell rings, low blows Park when Park approaches Bully to lock up. The real shocker was when Bully started spraying Park with lighter fluid and pulled a lighter out lighting it. I was shocked that TNA would go to that extreme with this angle and the fact that Spike TV agreed to allow this angle to air as this show was taped several weeks ago. Before Bully could set Park on fire, Mr. Anderson ran down to the ring to stop Bully only for Bully to spray Anderson with lighter fluid also before leaving the ring. If TNA is going for shock value well they did a great job as I’m very interested to see where the Anderson\Bully Ray feud is going next.


In Case You Didn’t Know, I’m AJ Styles, The Real TNA World Heavyweight Champion

The formal coronation of Magnus as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion started off boring with Rockstar Spud coming out kissing Dixie Carter’s ass talking about how the Carters are bigger then the Royal family and how the coronation of Magnus as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion is bigger then the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate. Magnus comes out after EC3 and Dixie and talks about how Dixie saw something in him from day one and the fans turn their back son him because they thought either Roode or Hardy would win the title instead of him. Gunner comes out interrupting Magnus saying that he’s cashing in his title shot which Dixie says that it’s not happening. Gunner tosses EC3 and Spud out of the ring and tries to get Magnus into the Torture Rack but is taken out by EC3 and Spud who quickly renter the ring. Out of nowhere, AJ Styles shows up in the ring with his TNA title as Magnus and Styles stares each other down. Styles with a mic in hand tells Magnus that he’s not a World Champion until he beats AJ Styles. Magnus responds saying that he’s tired of people doubt him and that he’s better the Styles. Styles then challenges Magnus to a title match with the winner walking out as the true TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Dixie quickly interrupting saying no way that this match would happen. Styles goats Magnus into the match by saying that if Magnus doesn’t face him then Magnus would doubt himself being a World Champion. Magnus agrees to the match as Magnus and Styles stares each down as Impact wrestling ends. I can’t wait next week to see Styles vs. Magnus because it should be a damn good match.

Show Rating: 6 ½ stars

Final Thoughts

Tonight’s Impact Wrestling was better then last week’s show as we got three good matches and some very interesting advancements in several storylines. I thought Aries was awesome tonight as he had Sabin rocking and getting Sabin very little chance of getting in offense during that match. Madison Rayne was also awesome tonight in her match against Gail Kim and I can’t wait to see Madison vs. Gail for the Knockouts title. I’m very interested to see where TNA is going with Bully Ray as TNA took thing to the extreme by having Bully spraying Joseph Park and Mr. Anderson with lighter fluid and trying to set them on fire. Seeing Roode and Storm teaming again was awesome and it was like they hadn’t even broken up as a tag team. The Samuel Shaw gimmick is somewhat interesting and creepy as the same time. It’s going to be interesting to see where TNA goes with this “Stalker” gimmick for Shaw. On a side note, I have read lot of people saying that TNA is dead with departures of Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles which I think is no secret by now. I think that these departures are definitely a major blow to TNA but I don’t think that they are completely dead. TNA still has some great talent in Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, “The Cowboy” James Storm and of course Austin Aries. I think that we need to wait to see what happens in the next few months before declaring TNA completely dead. I’m going to a TNA house show in two weeks in Dothan, Alabama which I have front row seats. I’m really looking forward to it as Magnus is on the card and I have never gotten to Magnus wrestle live before.

Star of the Night: Austin Aries


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

Here’s a bonus pic of Christy Hemme, just because she looked smoking hot this week.




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