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While browsing Youtube, I came across some old commentary, shoots, whatever the 
hell you want to call it of Jim Cornette.  Some people like the guy and some 
people don't.  I'm one of those in the positive for Cornette.   With the 
holidays upon us and the year ending, I figured it was time for a rant of my 
own, but before I get into that, here are some clips of what I was talking about 
and why I like Cornette.

These clips of Jim Cornette's rants from Raw are almost 20 years old.  The 
reason I bring these up is because of one question that people tend to think 
when they decide to look back on things.  Now the reason I liked the things 
Cornette said and much like whenever he was on the microphone was because there 
was hint of realism in what he said, something that's rare in pro wrestling but 
also the put emotion into it and once again, that's something that's rare. But 
let me to get to the point of this piece.

These clips were almost 20 years old from 1997.  I'd like to say that things 
have gotten better for pro wrestling. I'd like to say that, but it's just not 
true.  The word "identity" comes to mind because TNA has lost their identity and 
WWE is not only losing their identity but I'm not even sure they know what the 
hell it is or was to begin with.  It's funny how a lot of guys were calling ECW 
embarrassing and yet now, TNA has become embarrassing.  I don't have a problem 
with Magnus being the champ. What I have a problem with is how TNA has become 
"The Dixie Carter Show" and that hearing her try to execute a promo or backstage 
segment and do such a poor job at being the corrupt boss is painful beyond 
words.  Like it's not bad enough that Taz's commentary is so godawful that it 
makes me miss Don West sounding like a dry heave.  

One thing regarding Cornette's commentary in one of the clips about who is "the 
icon" of pro wrestling, and that is that as much we hate on John Cena, 
thankfully nobody's called him an icon, not even he has done that yet. Then 
again, with how the WWE is, that can easily change.  Randy Orton has yet to call 
himself that and whether he does or not, he's definitely not an icon.  I've 
gotten into a lot of debates with people over Sting and whether or not he's an 
icon.  Some people have said that they feel Sting needs to go to WWE in order to 
truly become an icon.  I just don't see it that way. I feel Sting has already 
achieved icon status because of his contributions to wrestling and especially 
being the flagship of WCW.  He didn't have to call himself that either, its 
simply what the fans see him as.  I believe WWE needs Sting worse than he needs 
WWE and that they want him primarily for the Sting name which will help them 
make a couple more bucks off of the old WCW footage. Plus, the one thing you can 
stay that sets Hogan apart from Sting was that half of Hulk Hogan was TV and 
Movies while Sting centered on the wrestling.  

Now looking back at the near 20 years, what's changed?  The Monday Night Wars 
have been long since over. WCW is dead and buried or at least buried enough to 
where WWE will milk some money off of the name when they need it.  TNA has gone 
from a glimpse of the future to history repeating itself. Dixie Carter and The 
Authority both prove that the corrupt boss angle hasn't worked since Austin vs 
McMahon and that's not changing anytime soon. Ring Of Honor while not as high as 
it could or should be, is constant because it doesn't try to shoot for the moon.  
TNA tried to do that and look where they're at now. Back at the Impact Zone in 
Orlando taping a month's worth or more of Impact because they can't afford to go 
on the road and yet despite that, they still do the One Night Only PPVs which 
are more worthless than a Dixie Carter paycheck.  

WWE is faltering and I know some people will either disagree or say they don't 
get how, I'll help with that.  The championships don't mean squat anymore to the 
point where you don't even remember whose champion.  The only storyline that WWE 
focuses on is anything involving John Cena and/or Randy Orton.  The worst part 
about that is, is the fact that they don't focus on any other stories and 
wrestlers which makes developing any new stars even more difficult.  Damien 
Sandow hasn't done squat since WWE refused to pull the trigger and let him have 
a successful cash-in.  The Shield as a whole are losing momentum and while Roman 
Reigns is on the rise and Dean Ambrose has the makings to be a top player, Seth 
Rollins is getting lost in the mix.  And then there's Daniel Bryan.  Stephanie 
on Raw said how Bryan is popular even though they can't understand why.  How 
about the fact that no matter what you do to bury the guy, the crowd's gonna 
love him?  The funniest part about all this is that while Randy Orton is the 
champ and Cena has been their poster-boy, the most over guy is Daniel Bryan and 
he not only doesn't have the belt but he also doesn't need it.  If anything, him 
having the belt would be a bonus which is why he needs to win the Royal Rumble 
and face Orton at Mania to finally win the belt because nobody wants to see 
Orton vs Cena for the billionth time.  

We're months away from Wrestlemania and people seem to keep wanting to see 
Daniel Bryan vs Shawn Michaels or now recently CM Punk vs Shawn Michaels as 
proven by the crowd's chants on Monday for "One More Match" for HBK.  Why should 
we be wanting this?  Ric Flair never got one more match in WWE after HBK ended 
his career at Mania.   There's nothing more for HBK to prove.  Having Daniel 
Bryan win the title at Mania is the star making moment the guy needs.  He's 
already a star because of his current stardom, but this would even further his 
growing legacy.   But back to the point earlier, why are most wrestling fans 
clamoring for the old?  Some are so busy craving the part timers that we end up 
forgetting the up and comers aka the new breed.   Guys like Daniel Bryan, CM 
Punk, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, 
Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow and others. Either we're forgetting them or WWE is 
pushing them to the side to give all the attention to John Cena, Randy Orton, 
The Rock, HBK, The Authority, and Brock Lesnar.  Elsewhere you have the guys 
that are either still in NXT and haven't been brought up or guys that WWE for 
whatever reason is reluctant in signing them like in the case of Eddie Edwards 
and Davey Richards when the bottom line is that WWE should be embracing these 

This not only applies to the WWE but also to fans in general. Instead of 
fighting the future for pro wrestling, we should embrace the future.  Guys like 
the names mentioned plus Sami Zayn (aka El Generico), Adam Cole, Chris Hero, 
Roderick Strong, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, the Briscoes, 
Michael Elgin, Tomasso Ciampa, Kevin Steen, etc., these guys are the future and 
a lot of us and most especially the other promotions and especially the WWE need 
to embrace the future before pro wrestling no longer has one.  

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31 year old wrestling fan and writer
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