Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 12-12-13

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Last week, Dixie Carter gave demanded that AJ Styles return the TNA title back to her or she would sue him in court. How Dixie respond after receiving a toy TNA belt instead of the real thing? Last week, Jeff Hardy and Magnus advance to the finals of the TNA title tournament and will face each other at Final Resolution to determine the new TNA Champion. What Hardy and Magnus have to say about their match? Tonight the Feast or Fired match return as TNA stars have the chance to win a title shot for the TNA title, TNA Tag Team titles or the X Division title with one case having a pink slip. Who will leave the Feast or Fired with no job in TNA? Also tonight Chris Sabin defends the TNA X Division title against the Great Man That Ever Lived; Austin Aries. Will Sabin be able to retain the X Division title or will Aries walk out as the new TNA X Division Champion?  So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”



Joseph Park & Eric Young defeat Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian)

Austin Aries pins Chris Sabin to become the new TNA X Division Champion

Ethan Carter, Zema Ion, Chavo Guerrero, and Gunner each retrieve a briefcase to win the Feast or Fired match


No Impact

1469821_10151895837546026_1474225875_nYes, I Am A Little Shitty Prick!

So TNA did these stupid segments with Rockstar Spud on the road in Gainesville, GA looking for AJ Styles to get the TNA title back from Styles. Really TNA, you’re going to push Rockstar Spud down our throats?  First this guy’s acting skills sucks worst then Tom Cruise in Valliant Sky and believe me that movie was a piece of shit that even Cameron Diaz couldn’t save that movie. It was painful watching Spud acting he was lost and couldn’t find Styles as he was totally unbelievable in even segment he was in. I think what gets on my nerves is that damn voice because Spud’s accent is annoying as hell. I think that if TNA is heel bend on doing this Chief of Staff character that they could have gotten a better person then Spud. I think that the one thing that was funny out of all of these segments was Styles Pulp Fiction reference which I had to laugh at. TNA please for the mental health of your fans, get rid of Rockstar Spud.


Ok Impact

IMG_2975Your Brother You Are!

Tonight we had Joseph Park and Eric Young taking on Bad Influence which was an average match that saw Park taking a beating during a quarter of the match until Young came into the ring chasing off Bad Influence and then puts Park into a headlock while punching Park in the head busting Park open which caused Park to go into “Abyss” mode. Park first chokeslams Kazarian and hits a big splash on Daniels. Park got the win for his team after hitting shock treatment on Daniels and then the Blackhole Slam on Kaz. I have to admit that this match was just so average that I fell asleep during the match. The important that out of this match was Young telling Park after the match that the reason that he can’t find his “Brother; Abyss” is because Park is Abyss. No shit Eric Young, we figured that out six months ago so what’s your problem? Seriously I hope that we’ll get Abyss back and the Joseph Park character will be gone for good.


Wow, A Legend Who Wrestles In A T-Shirt; I’m Not Impress

EC3 came out tonight and challenged Jeremy Borash to a match which fortunately didn’t happen because Ethan Cater was interrupted by Sting who came down to call Carter out on not deserving to be on the main roster and using his aunt’s Dixie’s name to get ahead in the business when he hasn’t earn it. Carter tells Sting that he will prove him wrong and announces that he will be in the Feast or Fired later tonight. I was expecting TNA to have Carter feud with Sting which will be good for Carter because Sting can help get over big time as a “Heel.”  I’m sure that Sting will put Carter over but the question that I think that should be asked is if Sting can carry Carter in a match. I guess we’ll out here in a few weeks.


High Impact


These Guys Don’t Like Each Other!

I loved that Kurt Angle\Bobby Roode segment because Angle came out pissed that Roode cost him his chance in the TNA title tournament to become the new TNA Champion. Wow can you believe a “Face” actually came out pissed off and destroy stuff in the ring. That’s what a wrestler should be doing instead on just standing around smiling like they enjoy loosing. I think what really made the segment good was the emotions that Angle and Roode were displaying as they showed raw hate toward other. I thought it was perfect to have Angle to challenge Roode to a 2 Out of 3 Falls match next week at Final Resolution. Roode at first refuses until Angle attacks Roode and they fight in the ring as referees and producers are trying to pull them apart. I think having Roode low blow Angle was perfect as Roode then tells Angle he accepts Angle’s challenge. I think that this match next week will be damn good.


The Queen Bee Is Back!

While we didn’t have a true Knockouts match tonight, we got the return of a former Knockout. Gail Kim came to the ring with LeiD Tapa for another open challenge which is answered by ODB who said she wants to fight Tapa. The match never begins because Kim and Tapa quickly double team ODB until ODB gets help in the form of Madison Rayne who made her return to TNA tonight. I like how Mike Tenay brought up Madison’s past history with Gail as they were former TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions together. I’m glad that TNA brought back Madison as I have been saying for the past few weeks that TNA needed to add more women to the Knockouts division. I expect to Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim for the TNA Knockouts title in the very next future.


We Don’t Want To Go To Dixie Land! Where The Hell Is Dixie Land Anyway

The face to face between Jeff Hardy and Magnus was well done as both men made their points as to why they are to win next week and become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion next week at Final Resolution. Hardy talk about how he won Bound for Glory Series in 2012 and went on to Bound for Glory to win the TNA title but 2013 hasn’t been his year however Hardy plans on winning the title last week. Magnus points out the he made be young but he’s going to through Hardy at Final Resolution. Dixie Carter throws her two sense in by informing everyone that the title tournament final match will be a Dixie Land match which Dixie explains that the match starts inside the steel cage which the object is to escape from the steel cage surrounded the ring and then pull the TNA title down from the entrance ramp using a ladder. While the name of the match is stupid, I find the concept is interesting and I can’t way to see the match.


I Just Won The X Division Title, I’m Going To Disneyland Baby!

Sabin vs. Aries was a damn good match as these two put on one hell of a performance. Aries started off the match in control with Aries taking Sabin down and hitting Sabin with a baseball slide dropkick when Sabin goes to the outside of the ring. However Sabin uses Velvet Sky as a distraction and sweeps Aries off the apron causing Aries to take a tasty spill to the ring floor. Sabin now in control of the match hits an awesome revolution gut-buster for a two count and then locking in an abdominal stretch on Aries. Aries regains control when he reverses Sabin attempt at a front suplex. Sabin tries use Velvet as a distraction but it backfires allows Aries to hit the Brain Buster for the win and becomes the new TNA X Division Champion. This was a damn good match with solid action despite it being a short match. I’m sure we’ll see a rematch between Aries and Sabin in the near future so sure.


I’m Bully Ray Bitch!!!

Mr. Anderson was supposed to be in the Feast of Fired match but Anderson was attacked by Bully Ray hit a vicious plié drive on Anderson onto the entrance way. It’s good to see that TNA is going to continue this feud because a lot of times lately in wrestling is that feuds only last a month and then they’re over. I thought Bully Ray was very creepy with the promo using the word rape and making bible type references. I think that TNA needs to be careful with the direction that they are going with Bully Ray but I think that this feud is going to be damn good.


Sorry About Your Damn Luck Storm!!!

Feast or Fired match was very interesting as we had Austin Aries and Chris Sabin in the match just after they wrestle each other in the previous match. The match was hard to keep up with as there were many good spots during this match including everyone hitting dives to the outside of ring onto the other opponents. Austin Aries was on fire during this match  One interesting thing was just as the match started Curry Man quickly leaves wanting no part of this as he got the “Pink Slip” briefcase in 2008. Carter was the first man to grab a briefcase followed by Xema Ion and Chavo Guerrero grabbed the third briefcase with the help of Hernandez which was a surprise considering that this match should be every man for himself. It was a battle for the last case which it looked like “The Cowboy” James Storm was going to grab the last case until Gunner low blows Storm and climbs over Storm to grab the last case. I think that it’s going to be interesting to see who is going to turn “Heel” as it appears that we going to have a Storm vs. Gunner feud.

Show Rating: 5 stars

Final Thoughts

Well this Impact Wrestling was interesting but lacking in action as we only got three matches. We did get several storyline developments which is good especially for the Angle\Roode and Anderson\Bully Ray feuds and the start of a possible Storm\Gunner feud. We also saw the start of the Ethan Carter III vs. Sting feud which will be good for Carter to get over in TNA. One of the nice surprises of the night had to be the return of Madison Rayne as she came to the aid of ODB against Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa. I have been saying that TNA should bring more women to the Knockouts division and Madison a five time TNA Knockouts Champion is a damn good start. It will be interesting to see how Madison is going to do as a “Face.” I think that the Dixie Land stipulation is going to be interesting  for the TNA title tournament finals next week at Final Resolution as Jeff Hardy faces Magnus with the winner becoming the new TNA Champion. I just the we get action with next week’s Final Resolution then we got this week.

Stars of the Night: Austin Aries


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

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