It’s Riley’s Main Event: WWE Main Event Review for 12/04/13

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It’s Riley’s Main Event

With Riley Ross

Welcome back to Riley’s Main Event where I break down each segment and match on Main Event. At the close of the review I will pick the standout moment, Superstar or Diva of the show and give a brief explanation of my choices. On tonight’s showing we have Goldust vs. Ryback, 3MB vs. the Usos, and R-Truth takes on Damien Sandow. The often abused Josh Matthews is on commentary with motor mouth Miz. Gee I wonder how many plugs we are going to get for his god awful Christmas movie?

Goldust vs. Ryback—Cody Rhodes escorts his brother while Curtis Axel comes out with the Trogre. The match gets underway when Goldust gets in Ryshrek’s face. Ryback shoves him away from him and they trade slaps like two schoolgirls. Ryback kicks him and starts slugging away at Goldust. Goldust sends him flying into the ropes and takes him down. They dance around a bit before Ryback takes him down. Goldust takes him down and sends him flying out of the ring. Goldust gets on the apron and starts stomping away at him. He gets Ryback into the ring and starts working the left arm of Ryback. Ryback powers to his feet and backs Goldust into the corner. His momentum doesn’t last long as Goldust takes him down with an arm drag. Ryback gets back up and puts Goldust into the corner. He rams his shoulder in the Painted One’s midsection. He scoops up Goldust and slams him down. He takes too long to do his next move and Goldust mounts a comeback. He goes to the top rope and does a cross body on Ryback. He goes for the pin but Ryback kicks out. Ryback sends Goldust flying out of the ring with a flying shoulder tackle. Back from commercial and Ryback is in control of the match. Goldust powers to his feet and rolls Ryback up. Ryback kicks out. The ogre looking wrestler takes him down, he goes for a delayed suplex and holds it for a while before slamming Goldust down to the mat. He goes for the pin but Goldust kicks out. He starts stomping away at Goldust before working his abdominal matches. Goldust finally gets to his feet and starts stomping on Ryback’s feet. Ryback starts slugging away at him before sending him flying into the corner. Goldust seemingly plants Ryshrek with a DDT, however both men are slow to get to their feet. Goldust takes him down with a clothesline and an inverted atomic drop. He slaps him and plants Ryback with a spinebuster. He goes for the pin but Ryback kicks out. Ryback rolls out of the ring and Goldust suicide dives down on him. Cody and Axel fight it out. Ryback is back in the ring and Goldust follows him. Goldust plants him and goes for the pin but Curtis Axel intervenes. Cody delivers a Disaster Kick to Ryshrek. Goldust throws Axel over the top rope. Winner by DQ: Goldust

A recap of RAW is shown. To recap the recap, Kane makes a 3 on 1 handicap match for the Wyatt Family vs. Daniel Bryan.

The Usos vs. 3MB—Dear Usos, dance like you about to get another DUI. Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre are wrestling them tonight. Jinder or Ginger if you ask Eva Marie faces off with Jimmy Uso. They go for a lockup and Uso sends him flying into the ropes. Jinder takes him down and Jimmy comes back with a toss down of his own. He tags in Jey who takes down Jinder. Uso takes Jinder over the top rope and before he can back in the ring, Drew takes him down. Drew tagged himself in the match before Jinder went over. Drew goes for the pin but Jey kicks out. Here comes Jinder fresh off of the tag. He stomps away at Uso. Here comes Drew and they double team Uso for a bit. Drew stomps away at him and wow this match is boring as fuck. Drew kicks him in the face and goes for the pin but Jey kicks out. Uso powers to his feet and starts slugging away at McIntyre. He plants him with a floating DDT. They tag in their respective partners and Jinder kicks him. Uso isn’t having it as he takes Mahal down. Uso goes for the pin but Drew interferes. All hell is breaking loose. Mahal plants Uso on the top turnbuckle and Uso starts fighting back. He knocks Mahal down with a head-butt. He does a flying splash and scores the win. Winners and still lame: the Usos

A recap of the contract signing between Orton and Cena is shown. There were insults and gratuitous violence. They should know this always happens when there is a contract signing. We all grown, we know Cena is going to win and I personally think that is a crock of shit. Before you Cena marks jump on me just know this CENA isn’t the only superstar on the roster. He isn’t a wrestling god nor should his name be mentioned with Ric Flair’s, Bruno Sammartino, or any other wrestling legend. I get the fact that he does a lot for the Make a Wish foundation but he isn’t the only superstar to do so. So suck on that and shut up. Every time a clip is shown of Michael Cole interviewing Triple H, I want to throw up violently. Lies, lies, lies and even more lies. Trips, while I respect you, I don’t like you at the moment. Stop insulting us fans and treating us as if we are the mud on your boots.

R-Truth vs. Damien Sandow—the match starts off with a lockup and Truth dominating Sandow with a side headlock. Sandow backs him up to the ropes but Truth isn’t letting go. He goes for a backslide pin and Sandow kicks out. Truth goes for another side headlock and Sandow breaks free. Truth hip tosses him down and goes for his leg drop. He goes for the pin but Sandow kicks out. Sandow gains his momentum and starts stomping away at Truth. He does a snapmare takedown and goes for the pin but Truth kicks out. Sandow puts him in a side headlock and Truth drops him down like a hot potato. Sandow gets a kick to the face and then sent crashing to the floor. Back from commercial and both men are fighting it out in the ring. Sandow is throwing head-butts to Truth. He goes to the outside of the ring and Truth follows him. Sandow throws him in the ring and goes for a pin but Truth kicks out. Sandow drops his knee on Truth before going for another attempt at a pin. Once that fails, he goes for another side headlock. Truth powers to his feet and quickly gets slammed down to the mat by Sandow. Sandow sends him flying into the corner repeatedly. Sandow kicks Truth and starts punching away at Truth. He goes for another pin but Truth kicks out. Truth takes down Sandow with a flying clothesline. They trade blows before running the ropes. Sandow sends Truth crashing shoulder first into the ring post. Sandow nails him with the Side Russian Leg Sweep, here comes the Elbow of Distain. He goes for the pin and Truth kicks out again. Sandow’s shoulder gets to meet the steel ring post this time. Truth takes him down with a clothesline. He suplexes Sandow and goes for the pin but Sandow kicks out. Sandow goes for the You’re Welcome but Truth counters with a scissors kick. He goes for the pin but Sandow kicks out. Sandow nails him with the You’re Welcome. Winner: Damien Sandow

Moment of the Night: Ryback’s match with Goldust was decent. I think that Ryback is showing improvements in the ring again.

Superstar of the Night: This honor goes to Josh Matthews as he proves to us why he is awesome on commentary. Seriously Josh, you have the patience of a saint because I would have punched the Miz in the throat if I had to work with him.

In closing, I thought the show was decent despite the moronic twit Miz on commentary. The best match was between Goldust and Ryback. Please for the love of us wrestling fans put Alex Riley on commentary with Josh Matthews. Miz, while I love you, not everything is about you or your precious movies. Leave the commentary to Matthews and just sit there and look pretty.   I think the build towards the TLC PPV has been decent and steady. Have a good night and a better tomorrow.

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