Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 11-28-13

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Happy Thanksgiving from Orlando, FL as tonight it’s Team Angle vs. Team Roode in an Elimination Tag Team match.  Who will Angle and Roode lead into battle and who will be victorious? Last week at Turning Point, Mr. Anderson defeated Bully Ray putting an end to “Aces & Eights.” Tonight Mr. Anderson holds the funeral to put “Aces & Eights” to rest. What will Anderson have in store for the fans of TNA? It’s also the return of Turkey Bowl with Eric Young and ODB presiding over the event. Who will be the winner of Turkey Bowl 2013 and more importantly, who will be stuck wearing the Turkey suit?  So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”



Ethan Carter III pins Curry Man

Lei’d Tapa pins Velvet Sky

The Bro-Mans (Robbie E & Jessie) defeat Norv Fernum & Dewey Barnes in the 2013 Turkey Bowl

Team Roode (Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian & Chris Sabin) beat Team Angle (Kurt Angle, .Magnus, “The Cowboy” James Storm & Gunner) in an Elimination Tag Team match


This week’s “Making An Impact” will not be broken down into “No Impact” or “High Impact” as this week’s show is the Thanksgiving edition of Impact Wrestling. Don’t worry because I’m still going to give my uncensored opinions and thoughts of this week’s Impact Wrestling so enjoy.

     IMG_1024  Thanks For The Opportunity Ms. Carter, Always Wanted To Bang A MILF!

So night Dixie Carter introduce Rockstar Spud as her new Chief of Staff which I think is a stupid idea as this guy sucks. I’ve never been impress with Spud with his in ring work or and his mic skills suck too. Dixie at least did make one important announce as Dixie informed the TNA fans that next week in the Semi-Finals of the TNA title tournament Kurt Angle faces Magnus in a Last Man Standing match while Jeff Hardy takes on Bobby Roode in a Tables match. Dixie announces that winners of tonight’s matches with get a turkey dinner with all the fixings at the end of the show. Another cool thing during this segment was the interaction between Dixie and EC3 AKA Ethan Carter III. I think that it’s important for EC3 and Dixie to interact with each other because Dixie is a major piece to EC3’s gimmick.


I told Aunt Dixie That Spicy Opponents Gives Me The Shits!

EC3 had another match with a former TNA star who EC3 claimed that he personally flew in to the Impact Zone. Again if you were expecting Jeff Jarrett then you got your hopes up because he’s hot, he’s spicy, he’s Curry Man! Yes, Curry Man made his return to TNA tonight where he was squashed by EC3. At least this week’s match was better because most smart TNA fans know that Christopher Daniels does the Curry Man character. I wish that we got some offense from Curry Man but I think we all know that Curry Man wasn’t going to win. I still believe that we’ll going to see EC3 feud with Sting very soon which I hope that Sting puts EC3 over because EC3 has a bright future in professional wrestling.


Your Hair Looks Like Shit From Up Here

Tonight instead of having another Gail Kim Open Challenge, we had Velvet Sky take on Lei’d Tapa in a one on one match with Gail Kim at ringside. I thought it was an ok match considering that it was Lei’d Tapa in the match. Velvet did an ok job putting Tapa over but I think that TNA should have used someone else to put over Tapa as Velvet isn’t great at being able to make someone look good in the ring. Unfortunately the person who would be perfect to make Tapa look good in the ring is Gail Kim. I think that the match would have been better if it had been Tapa vs. ODB as ODB is a damn power wrestler. I think that this match is a prime example why TNA needs to sign more women wrestlers to the Knockouts division now.


At Least We Don’t Have To Wear The Turkey Suits Bro!

Well tonight was the Turkey Bowl 2013 where the looser has to wear the dread turkey suit. Last year Jessie Godderz was the unlucky soul that had to wear to the turkey but this year’s Turkey Bowl was a tag team match seeing the Bro Mans facing Norv Fernum & Dewey Barnes. I’m not going into the match as it was super short seeing the Bro Mans get the quick win. I don’t have a problem with this match as it’s TNA Thanksgiving tradition and the kids in the crowd love it. I think the bigger thing to come out of this segment is Xema Ion now as a part of the Bro Mans as their DJ. I don’t know what to think because I’ve missed Ion as he’s a damn good X Division wrestler and is a really nice guy. I just want to see Ion wrestle not be the sidekick of the Bro Mans. I guess we’ll to wait and see what’s going to happen.


“Aces & Eights” Might Be Dead But I Still Have A Smoking Ass!

If you needed a good laugh on Thanksgiving then you missed a good one with the funeral of “Aces & Eights.”  It started off with Anderson coming out of a coffin and starts the eulogy by thanking Bully Ray’s ex-wife and father in-law for the food. Angle comes up to the podium talking about Brisco and D-Low Brown wishing well in the afterlife while tossing a D-Lo bobblehead into the coffin.  Samoa Joe is up next saying how ugly the members of “Aces & Eights” were when they were unmasked and that only a six pack of beer could easer the image which he gives one to everyone but Angle. The funniest was Mike Tenay who while tosses Taz’s cut into the coffin along with a pair of Brooke’s booty shorts quickly decides to keep the short and puts them in his jacket. Toward the end of the eulogy, Bully Ray shows up threatening Anderson saying that Anderson took everything from him so he’s going to destroy Anderson and take everything away from him. So it looks like TNA is going to keep the Anderson\Bully Ray feud going which is good because I think that longer feud work better then short feuds. I can’t wait to see what direction next TNA is going to go with this feud.


Happy Thnaksgiving! German Suplexes For Everyone!

The main event was interesting as it was elimination match which saw Angle’s team being eliminated one by one. Storm was eliminated with a rollup by Sabin; Gunner was eliminated by Kazarian after Daniels took Gunner out with a hard clothsline. Magnus was taken out when Magnus lands on his right knee wrong while coming off the apron with a clothsline onto Daniels. I’m not sure if this was a real injury but I’m assuming that it wasn’t as I haven’t read anything on the web about it. Angle for the rest of the match was fire hitting Germen suplexes on everyone left and right including hitting one on both Daniels and Kazarian. As the match goes on with Angle on fire hitting the Angle Slam on Sabin followed by the Angle Lock on both Daniels and Kazarian. Roode tries to take Angle with a chair but Angle ducks taking the chair and hits Roode with it causing the disqualification giving the win to Team Roode with all members intact. I’m don’t know what TNA booked this match this way but it was the best match of the night and if you miss it then you watch it on Youtube.


Let The Turkeys Hit The Floor!

The Thanksgiving turkey dinner was held for the winners which were all “Heels” who came down talking about what they were thankful for which was which was mostly about themselves. Velvet Sky came out with Sabin but was sent packing by Sabin after Daniels pointed out that the dinner was winners only. Angle comes out with others who lost their matches to confront Roode and his crew which leads to a food fight brawl which saw Eric Young taking out Daniels and Kazarian with the turkey to the head. I was alright with the show ending the brawl as the crowd was happy and also that it was Thanksgiving.

Show Rating: No Show Rating as it was Thanksgiving


Final Thought

This week’s Impact Wrestling was not considering that this week’s show was the Thanksgiving edition. I thought that the “Aces & Eights” funeral was funny especially the Mike Tenay part. The Elimination Tag Team match was very good with some interesting developments coming out of the match as Storm and Gunner once again were arguing after the Elimination Tag team match which I expect them to be feuding with each other very soon. I’m very interested in seeing what TNA is going to do with Xema Ion now that they have him as a part of the Bro Mans. I hope that TNA still uses Ion in the X Division as Ion is a damn good wrestler. Next week should be good as the Semi-Finals of the TNA title tournament continues with Bobby Roode facing Jeff Hardy in a Tables match while Kurt Angle takes on Magnus in a Last Man Standing match.

Stars of the Night: Kurt Angle


Note: There will not be a “Making An Impact” review due to personal commitments next week. “Making An Impact” will be back in two weeks.


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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