Ring of Riley: Ring of Honor for 11/17/13

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Ring of Riley

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Welcome back to Ring of Riley where I break down each segment and match on Ring of Honor. At the end of the review, I will give out honors for Riley’s Rewind which is the best match, Riley’s Regret which is worst match or segment, and to cap it the review, I will award a wrestler with Star of the Night. Each honor will have a brief justification as to why they were awarded the honor or dishonor. On tonight’s showing of Ring of Honor, its champions versus RoH All-Stars in an elimination match. On commentary we have Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly. Here’s your disclaimer for the review, I am extremely irritable so comments and insults may have more bite to them.

Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander, Jay Lethal, Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, and Matt Taven—finally the match is underway as Cole and Elgin face off with one another. Elgin makes a move towards Cole, the champion rolls out of the ring. Elgin follows him out of the ring and the referee tries to keep them separated. Cole gets in the ring reluctantly and tags in Matt Taven. Elgin tags in Jay Lethal. They go for a lockup and struggle for positioning. Lethal chops the hell out of Taven who goes to the outside of the ring to the Hoopla Hotties. He gets in the ring and tags in Fish. Fish puts Lethal in a waistlock and Lethal backs him into the corner. Here comes a chop and Lethal tags in Cedric Alexander. Alexander is working the left arm of Fish but Fish counters with a side headlock. Alexander slams him down and goes for the pin but Fish kicks out. Coleman gets tagged in and takes Fish down with a dropkick. Fish gets an atomic drop in and tags in O’Reilly. Some chain wrestling from the two men before Caprice takes him down with a dropkick. He tags in Michael Elgin. Elgin tosses him in the corner and before slamming him down. He goes for the pin but Fish interferes. O’Reilly tags in Taven who delivers a delayed suplex to Elgin.  Elgin does his delayed standing suplex to Taven but Fish and O’Reilly keep interfering. All eight men get in the ring to fight it out before commercial break. Back from commercial break and Taven rolls up Elgin but Elgin kicks out. Outlaw Inc. is in the building to taunt the Red Dragons. Taven kicks Elgin in the face before tagging in Adam Cole. Cole tries to suplex Elgin but he counters. Cole goes to the outside of the ring and Elgin does a baseball slide into him. Elgin takes down Cole’s partners before getting back into the ring. Elgin goes to suplex Cole but Taven interferes and all hell breaks loose. Cole and Lethal are now the two legal men before Fish gets tagged in. He tries to eliminate Lethal but Coleman breaks it up. O’Reilly is in the ring and goes for the tag but there is interference. He drags Lethal to their corner and tags in Taven. Taven suplexes Lethal and then taunts Elgin. He goes for the pin but Lethal kicks out. Lethal tags in Alexander and he causes Red Dragon to take out one another. He takes down Taven with a beautiful kick. He goes for the elimination on Cole.  Cole goes flying thru the ropes and before Alexander can go thru the ropes, Cole kicks him. Here comes Outlaw Inc. to attack and all hell has broken loose once again. Cedric and Cole are the legal men and Cole eliminates Cedric. Scarlett is on the apron and is distracting Jay Lethal. She kisses him so he will not eliminate Taven. Lethal delivers the Lethal Combination and goes to the top rope but the other Hottie distracts him. She slaps him and Taven kicks them both off of the top rope. They go crashing thru the announcer’s table. Coleman rolls up Taven but he kicks out. He knocks Fish and O’Reilly off of the apron. He goes for the pin again but Taven kicks out. Cole blindly tags in and he and Taven have a war of words. Cole goes for the pin but Coleman kicks out. Caprice Coleman has been eliminated. Elgin and Cole face off once more. It’s now a four on one as Team Champions attack Michael Elgin. Taven has him in a submission hold but Elgin gets out. O’Reilly gets tagged in and has Elgin in a submission hold. Elgin slams him down and Taven gets taken down along with Cole. Elgin fights out of O’Reilly’s submission hold. He plants O’Reilly into the mat and goes for the pin but Fish breaks it up. He goes for a piledriver but Fish hops on his back and Taven runs into the ring to attack Elgin. While Fish is on his back, he picks up Taven and drops them both. Elgin eliminates Kyle O’Reilly. Back from commercial and Elgin is going after Cole. He suplexes him from the second rope. Lethal comes back to the match after his fall from the top rope. Elgin tags him and he is wreaking havoc on Team Champion. Lethal kicks Fish off of the apron. He does a suicide dive thru the ropes on Cole, Fish, and Taven. Truth Martini gets in the ring and gets superkicked. Taven gets puts in the Cloverleaf and Taven tags in Cole. Cole delivers a neckbreaker and eliminates Jay Lethal. Cole and Taven double team Elgin. Taven misses a frogsplash and Elgin locks in the Crossface. All three men triple team Elgin. Elgin locks in the Crossface and Taven taps. Taven is now eliminated. Here comes Fish who gets eliminated by Elgin. After a lengthy battle with Cole, the RoH champion gets eliminated by Michael Elgin. Winner: Ring of Honor All Stars: Elgin, Coleman, Alexander, and Lethal

Riley’s Rewind—this honor goes to all the men in the match tonight. Fish and Lethal got brutalized but at the end of the night they proved they have what it takes for the wrestling business.

Riley’s Regret—too much interference. I love wrestling but I hate one hour shows dedicated to one match. There was too much chaos and confusion.

Star(s) of the Night—after much deliberation this goes to Michael Elgin. He kicked ass and took names tonight. He has won the right to face Adam Cole for the title.

In closing this was one of the best and worst episodes of Ring of Honor. There was way too much confusion with all the interruptions and fighting outside the ring in this episode. Seriously if you aren’t watching Ring of Honor then I feel sorry for you because you are missing out. Seriously everyone should watch it. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!

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