Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 11-14-13

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Tonight it’s the Halloween Impact Wrestling taping from Cincinnati, Ohio. Last week, Bully Ray and “Aces & Eights” fooled Mr. Anderson and the TNA fans that they were disbanding leading to a vicious beat down of Anderson. How will Anderson be able to get revenge on Bully Ray and “Aces & Eights” this week? Gail Kim made an open challenge to any female wrestler to a non-title match and if they can beat her then that person would get a title shot for the TNA Knockouts title. Who will answer Gail Kim’s challenge? Tonight the TNA World Heavyweight title tournament continues as Kurt Angle takes on Austin Aries in a submission. Who will make the other to tap out and move on to the Semi Finals of the TNA title tournament? Also Joseph Park faces Christopher Daniels and EC3 Ethan Carter is in action tonight   So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Mr. Anderson pins Knux

Christopher Daniels pins Joseph Park

Ethan Carter III defeats Norv and Dewey Barnes in a Handicap match

Gail Kim pins Hannah Blossom in a non-title match

Kurt Angle defeats Austin Aries by submission in the TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Finals match


No Impact


I’m Beating The Shit Out Of You Because I’m A Carter Damn It!

Ok TNA, it was cute at first having EC3 wrestling these nobodies like Norv and Dewey Barnes but it’s not cute anymore. Seriously does TNA really think that us fans are really buying that Norv and Barner had a snowball chance in hell of beating Carter? I like EC3 as I was of him when he was in the WWE as Derrick Bateman but keeping EC3 wrestling these types of opponents weakens his creditably as a good wrestler in the eyes of the fans. Why not have Carter wrestle guys who are on the roster doing nothing right now like Jay Bradley, Hernandez, Chavo Guerrero, Manik or Rob Terry for example. I said last week that my cat could beat Barnes and he still can because no one is taking these guys seriously as opponents for EC3 which means fans are not taking EC3 seriously as a wrestler. TNA needs to take a crowbar, pop their heads out of their assess and start booking Carter as a creditable wrestler. More they keep having Carter wrestle non-creditable opponent more fans will give up on Carter and his character.


Time Out! I’m Tired Of Wrestling Shitty Matches With You Park!

I’m going to cover this quickly because my feelings about the Joseph Park character is well known as I hate the character. I hate the fact that a damn good character is in Abyss is being pushed to the waste side in order promote the shitty character of Park. Anyway the match was below average with Park having control for most of the match while Christopher Daniels was able to get in little offense and won the match with the low blow on Park. I really hate that Daniels talent is being wasted on this stupid Park character but what’s even more stupid is that Park is face to Abyss which is going to be somewhat interesting as Park and Abyss are the same person. And yes TNA we know they are the same person so get rid Park and bring back Abyss.


OK Impact


Man, I’m About To Drop A Big One And I’m Not Talking About You!

Bully Ray along with Brooke who was looking smoking hot the rest of “Aces & Eights” came down to the ring gloating about they fooled Mr. Anderson and the fans that they were breaking up. I have to say the “Do You Know Who I Am” line is starting to get old but at least we got to look at Brooke twerking what her mama gave her. Anyway Anderson came down to the ring to remind Bully Ray of their no DQ match next week at Turning Point and that next week “Aces & Eights” will be done as Anderson puts his career on the line in order to get Bully Ray to agree that if he looses to Anderson then “Aces & Eights” will disband. I think that this is how TNA is going to end the “Aces & Eights” storyline as the group was Eric Bischoff’s per project and we all know where Bischoff. I look for either Knux and Garrett Bischoff on their own as a tag team of being released. Anderson went on to take on Knux in a one on one match that saw Knux beating the shit out of Anderson for most of the match. However Anderson hits the Mic Check out of nowhere to win the match. I have no problem with the way this was done because puts Anderson over and makes it believable next week that Anderson can beat Bully Ray despite the odds against him.

IMG_8834Remember Boys That You Work For Me! That Goes For You Too You Pervert!!!

Dixie Carter came out again reminding everyone that AJ Styles is not the TNA Champion despite the fact that Styles is defending the TNA title in other Promotions like AAA. Dixie had the other four men in the TNA title tournament and revealed the stipulation for each of the matches. “The Cowboy” James Storm faces Bobby Roode in a Bull Rope match while Samoa Joe takes on Magnus in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Each man cuts a quick promo taking about how they are going to win the tournament and become the new TNA Champion. During this segment, Dixie rip into Storm and Joe with Joe calling Dixie out by saying that that the only reason they are all here is to cover for her mistakes. She says they are only here to make up for her bad business which crowd cheered as Joe sating this. Dixie is slowly adjusting to her “Heel” character but Dixie still has a ways to go.


You Are No Brie Bella Bitch!

This week was the first Gail Kim Open Challenge which saw Hannah Blossom answered the challenge. This match was really nothing but a squash match as Gail dominated the match with  Hannah getting very offense in during this match which saw Gail get the win with the Eat Defeat. The match was good but I was expected more out of Hannah Blossom because I have seen some of her matches in OVW. What little offense that Hannah did get in like a nice snap suplex and a splash from the top rope however I would like to have seen more out of Hannah. I hope that next week that TNA brings out somebody then Holly Blossom as Holly is still green in my opinion.


High Impact


You’re Going To Tap Out! It’s Damn Real!!!

TNA hyped the Kurt Angle vs. Austin Aries match through out the show and the match lived up to the hype. Aries was awesome during this match and working very well with Angle as Aries escaped several times from the Angle Lock. Angle was on fire during this match hitting one sweet tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Aries. Aries had some reversals as Aries blocks the Angle Slam and turns into an arm drag. Several times during the match, Aries locked in the Last Chancery on Angle but Angle refused to tap out. During the match, Bobby Roode came out and watches the match from the entrance way briefly distracting Angle. Angle wins the match when Angle locks in the Crossface on Aries forcing Aries to tap out to the dismay of Roode. I was surprised that Angle got the win because I thought Aries would win as I thought that TNA was going to do an angle where Angle was pulled out of the tournament and someone else would wrestle in his place. Now I wouldn’t be surprise to see Roode vs. Angle as the finals in the TNA title tournament.


Show Rating: 4 ½    


Final Thought

This week’s Impact Wrestling was little disappointing as most of the matches were either ok and were weak with the exception of Angle vs. Aries. I think that tonight we saw the seeds being laid now signaling the end of “Aces & Eights.” I hope that this will be the last we see of Joseph Park but I’m not going to hold my breath. I hope that TNA gets Gail Kim a better opponent because Hannah Blossom was not a good opponent for Gail. I can’t to see the last two quarter finals in the TNA tilt tournament as we have Storm vs. Roode and Joe vs. Magnus. I say the winners next week will Bobby Roode and Magnus but hopefully they will have any interference during the matches. Angle and Aries were on fire working very well against each other putting on one hell of a match that if you missed it  then you need to go and watch it now. Hopefully next week’s show will be better as it is the first of three TV tapings from Orlando, FL. I just want to take the time to thank all of the readers of the Mayer Nation for making last week’s “Making An Impact” a success with 12 hits in one day. I really appreciate your support Mayer Nation

Stars of the Night: Austin Aries & Kurt Angle



Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at


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