Ring of Riley: Ring of Honor Review for 11-10-13

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Ring of Riley

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Welcome back to Ring of Riley where I break down each segment and match on Ring of Honor. At the end of the review, I will give out honors for Riley’s Rewind which is the best match, Riley’s Regret which is worst match or segment, and to cap it the review, I will award a wrestler with Star of the Night. Each honor will have a brief justification as to why they were awarded the honor or dishonor. Tonight’s show is a recap of the PPV Glory by Honor XII. On tonight’s show we will see Tommaso Ciampa take on Jesse Sorenson, Paul London vs. Roderick Strong, and many more awesome matches to come. On commentary we have the talented Kevin Kelly and the sarcastically funny Steve Corino.

Jesse Sorenson vs. Tommaso Ciampa—this is Sorenson’s debut in Ring of Honor. Kudos to him for making his return to the wrestling business after recovering from a severe injury. Both men shake hands as per the code of honor. The match starts off with a lockup and Ciampa backing him up to the ropes. Sorenson goes for a waistlock on Ciampa until Ciampa counters with a side headlock. Ciampa slams him down and Sorenson springs back up quickly. They go for another lockup and Ciampa puts him in a side headlock. He takes down Sorenson again and Sorenson goes for a dropkick but Ciampa slaps him down. Ciampa backs him in the corner and starts chopping away at Sorenson. Sorenson gets one good chop in before Ciampa dominates him. He does nail Ciampa with a dropkick and he does it again. He has Ciampa off of his feet before slugging away at him. He flings Ciampa in the corner and Ciampa strikes him with his knee. Both men are outside the ring and Ciampa removes the padding to the floor before going for a move. Sorenson counters and takes down Ciampa with a kick. Back from commercial and Ciampa has taken down Sorenson with a brutal clothesline. He goes for a pin but Sorenson kicks out. Sorenson gets to his feet and nails Ciampa with an elbow. Ciampa kicks at him and Sorenson nails him with a neckbreaker. He goes for the pin but Ciampa kicks out. Sorenson has him up on his shoulders but Ciampa counters. Sorenson goes for the pin but Ciampa kicks out. Ciampa has him up on the shoulder and plants Sorenson into the mat. He goes for the pin but Sorenson kicks out. Ciampa flings him into the corner and exposes his knee. He rams his knee into the head of Sorenson. Ciampa does it again before putting him on the top rope. Sorenson counters and causes Ciampa to ram his spine into Sorenson’s feet. Sorenson goes for the pin but Ciampa kicks out. Sorenson goes for a move but Ciampa counters and sends him shoulder first into the steel post. Ciampa has him in the Sicilian Stretch and Sorenson taps out. Winner by Submission: Tommaso Ciampa

A video package of the havoc Outlaw Inc. is wreaking in Ring of Honor is shown.

Adrenaline Rush vs. Outlaw Inc.—Homicide decides to hug his opponents which is a great strategy if you think about it. Kingston and ACH start off the match. He goes for a waistlock and takes down ACH. ACH puts him in a side headlock but Kingston reverses it and slams him down. ACH comes back with a dropkick and a kick to the back of the head. He knocks down Homicide who is trying to interfere. The crowd is taunting Homicide and Kingston. Back from commercial and ACH is battling it out with Homicide before Kingston tags himself in. Kingston puts him in a move, I have never seen before and ACH grabs the ropes. Kingston knocks him down with a forearm. He tags in Homicide and they double team ACH for a few seconds before Kingston leaves the ring. Homicide has him in a Crossface and breaks the hold. ACH takes him down and goes to tag in Tadarius. Tadarius tags down Kingston who is on the apron and viciously goes after Homicide. He goes for the pin but Homicide kicks out. Here comes Kingston and he gets knocked out of the ring. Homicide sends Tadarius flying out of the ring but he ends up crashing into Kingston. TD does a superplex off of the top rope and goes for the pin but Homicide kicks out. Homicide nails him with a neckbreaker and Kingston goes for the pin. (I missed the tag) ACH breaks up the pin. TD puts Homicide on the top rope and goes after him but Kingston attacks him. Homicide drives TD to the mat and Kingston scores the win. Winner: Outlaw Inc.

A video package of the rise and fall of Jay Briscoe is shown. He has been cleared by his doctors to return to the wrestling ring.

Paul London vs. Roderick Strong—it looked like London wanted to attack when Strong’s back was turned but the referee blocked him. The match starts off with Strong taking down London. London reverses it and the two separate. Strong takes him down again and they start chain wrestling. They were locked up but London viciously kicks Strong in the head. London follows up with a dropkick that sends Strong out of the ring. London does another high flying move but Strong hits him. Back from commercial and London is dominating Strong so far. Strong suplexes him over the top rope and then goes for a DDT from the second rope but turns it into a beautiful but brutal backbreaker. He goes for the pin but London kicks out.  He has Paul London in the corner and is kicking away at him. Strong tries to suplex him but London makes a comeback. Or at least he did until Strong sent him careening into the ring post. Strong stretches him around the ring post until the ref forces him to break the hold. Strong has him in a waistlock until London starts throwing elbows.  Both men have an in air collision and knock each other down. Strong gets to his feet first and the two men trade punches and forearms. He sends London flying into the ropes and London kicks him. London takes him down repeatedly. London goes for the pin but Strong kicks out. Strong starts ramming his shoulder into London’s midsection. While London is on the apron, Strong dropkicks him. They start fighting it out on the apron but London knocks him off of the apron. He does a suicide dive on Strong but ends up landing on the floor that is unprotected. Both men are in the ring and London goes for the pin but Strong kicks out. London is striking Strong in the back and Strong comes back with a vicious backbreaker. He goes for the pin but London kicks out. He puts a squirming London on the top rope and starts chopping and kicking him. He superplexes London to the mat and goes for a pin but London kicks out. Strong goes for his Stronghold and London counters with a rollup. Strong goes for a backbreaker but London knees him in the face. London goes for a pin but Strong kicks out. They trade blows and chops until London starts slapping away at him. He face plants Strong and goes for the pin but Strong kicks out. London goes to the top rope and Strong rolls out onto the apron, London does a stomp that misses Strong. Strong slams London rather viciously against the apron.  Both men are in the ring and Strong kicks him. Strong goes for the pin but London kicks out. London rolls him up and Strong kicks out. Strong goes for the pin but London kicks out. Strong locks in the Stronghold and London grabs the ropes. London kicks Strong and tombstones him to the mat. London throws him in the ring and goes to the top rope. He delivers a shooting star press. Winner: Paul London

Riley’s Rewind—this honor goes to Homicide and Eddie Kingston. This match between them and Adrenaline Rush was freaking fantastic. I have said this before and I will say it again, Outlaw Inc. will be the tag team champions in Ring of Honor.

Riley’s Regret—there are no regrets with this showing of Ring of Honor.

Star(s) of the Night—after much deliberation this goes to Jesse Sorenson. Even though I will admit that I am not familiar with his work, he has shown courage and a dedication to wrestling that didn’t fade when he was injured. A tip of the hat to you Sorenson.

In closing this was one of the best episodes of Ring of Honor. I apologize for my long absence away from you all. Seriously if you aren’t watching Ring of Honor then I feel sorry for you because you are missing out. Seriously everyone should watch it. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!

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