Mickie James: The Greatest Women’s Wrestler Today

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Mickie James: The Greatest Women’s Wrestler Today

With Billy James

On this past Monday the news broke that my favorite Women’s Wrestler of all time; Mickie James had left TNA. Many of my Facebook friends messaged me asking if I had heard as they all know that I’m a big Mickie James fan. I was a little shocked by the news as I kind of knew that her contract was coming up but I thought that she would renew her contract but that was not the case.  I have mix feeling about Mickie leaving TNA as I was pissed that Mickie was leaving TNA and how it’s going to affect the Knockouts Division. I started to think about Mickie’s career over the years and why I’m a Mickie James fan.  So I decided to write about how I became a Mickie James fan and the times I have seen Mickie wrestle live.

I first saw Mickie wrestling for a promotion called Women’s Extreme Wrestling which aired on one of the local cable channel late Saturday mornings in 2002 under the ring name of Alexis Laree. I became impressed with Mickie after watching her wrestling another Women’s Wrestler named Colleen in a Hardcore in a bar where there was no padding on the floor. I recently watch this match on Youtube and I’m still amazed how Mickie performed in this match especially taking bumps on the hard concrete floor. After watch several shows of Women’s Extreme Wrestling, I was a fan of Alexis Laree AKA Mickie James then on.


Later I watch Mickie come into the WWE with the “Psycho” gimmick being obsessed with Trish Stratus which became one of the greatest Women’s Wrestling feuds of all time. One of Mickie’s greatest matches in her career took place at WrestleMania 22 where Mickie defeated Trish to win her first WWE Women’s Champion. The most interesting thing about this match was the fact that Mickie was being cheered by the fans despite Mickie being a “Heel” I watched the match live on PPV and remember the “Infamous” V lick which pissed Vince McMahon off that it was edited out before the DVD was released.


Mickie would turn face shortly afterwards and go on to feud with the likes of Lita, Melina, Victoria, Beth Phoenix, Maryse, Gail Kim, Alicia Fox, Layla and Michelle McCool over the next four years. During this time Mickie would go on to hold the WWE Women’s title five times and the WWE Divas title one time becoming the second woman to have held both titles. I think one of the matches during this time I remember is when Mickie defeated Beth Phoenix to win her fourth WWE Women’s title on Raw from London, England back on April 14, 2008. My favorite part was after the match; Mickie was being interviewed by Todd Grisham and just grab him planting a kiss on him.


In April 2010, WWE announced on their website that they had released Mickie James which sent shockwaves throughout the internet. I have to admit that I was upset at the news because I felt that Mickie was getting a raw deal from the WWE especially after the humiliating “Piggy James” story line which I still believe was done in poor taste. I honestly thought that I never see Mickie Wrestle again because it was during this time that Mickie was working for her first music album. I was glad to hear a month later that Mickie was going to continue to wrestle while promoting her new album but I kept hoping that I see her back on TV.


So in October 2010, I was happy to hear that Mickie had signed with TNA as at that time, TNA had the best Women’s Division on national TV. Mickie wasted no time jumping into the mix of things starting off in a feud with Tara. Mickie and Tara would have some great matches including their Steel Cage match which aired on December 9, 2010 as the Main Event that night. This was Mickie’s second greatest match to me as I will never forget Mickie hitting the Thesz press from the top of the steel cage. I remember chanting “Holy Shit” when it happen and it was amazing move as Mickie could have easily blown her knee hitting that move.


Over the next three years. Mickie would feud with Madison Rayne which saw Mickie defeat Madison at Lockdown in 2011 for her first TNA Knockouts title and becoming the first woman in wrestling history to have held the WWE Women’s and Divas titles along with the TNA Knockouts title. Next two years Mickie would feud with Winter, Angelina Love, Gail Kim, Velvet Sky and ODB while winning the TNA Knockouts title on two more occasions.  In 2013 Mickie would turn “Heel” for the first time in 7 years when she defeated Velvet Sky for her third Knockouts title reign.  I liked it when Mickie turned “Heel” because as the old saying goes “Bad Girls are more fun.”


So tonight on Impact Wrestling, ODB takes on Mickie for the Knockouts title which you have had the spoilers by now then you know that Mickie drops the title to ODB. I don’t read spoilers but it couldn’t be helped because of it being in the articles about Mickie leaving TNA. I’m hoping that the match will be good which should be as Mickie and ODB have wrestled each before in the past. So in this week’s “Making An Impact” review, Mickie will get an “Honorable Mention” as Star of the week.


In my many travels to different wrestling house show, I’ve had the chance to see Mickie wrestle live on three different occasions. Each time was at a different stage of her career which is cool in remembering those shows. I think because three times that I saw Mickie wrestle were years, I got to see a different side of Mickie each time. So I thought that I would talk about the three house shows that I got to see Mickie wrestle live at.


The first time I saw Mickie wrestling was in Dothan, AL in February 2006 before WrestleMania 22. The match was a Divas Tag Match which had Mickie teaming with Trish Stratus as they took on Victoria and Candice Michelle. Mickie was still consider a face at this time but was hinting the “Heel” turn that would happen weeks later. The match was good was Mickie spent most of time in the ring for team as Candice and Victoria worked on Mickie until Mickie got the hot tag to Trish. Mickie and Trish won the match with Mickie hugging Trish to Trish’s dismay.


The second time I saw Mickie wrestle was again in Dothan, AL two years later in 2008 where Mickie challenged Beth Phoenix for the WWE Women’s title. This was a very good match as Beth and Mickie went at each other full force. During this match, the guy sitting behind me was shouting to Mickie if she didn’t win then he wouldn’t marry her which I was laughing inside my head. Mickie fought hard in the match and some points during the match almost had the win but Beth pinned Mickie with the Glam Slam to retain the Women’s title. Another cool thing about this show was that it was my niece’s first going to a wrestling show and she brought her toy belt of the WWE Women’s title that JAKKS Pacific made when they had the WWE license. My niece held that belt when both Mickie and Beth came out and my niece even got to slap hands with Mickie.


The third and last time I saw Mickie was at a TNA house show in Pensacola, FL this past July where Mickie defended the TNA Knockouts title against Velvet Sky who I got to see wrestle for the first time live. This was the first time for me seeing Mickie wrestle as a “Heel” and Mickie was awesome. Mickie was using dirty tricks and aggressively worked on Velvet during the match. Mickie would cheat to win the match by holding the ropes as she pinned Velvet. The interesting thing is despite being a “Heel” there was a lot of “Let’s Go Mickie” chants going on during the match. Yes, I was one those chanting “Let’s Go Mickie” as the match was going on. Another thing I liked about the match was Mickie celebrating like she just won the Powerball after winning the match. I think I’ll remember this match the most as this was most likely the last I’ll get to see Mickie wrestle live.


Another reason I’ll remember the third time is Mickie is the fact that I actually got to meet Mickie for the first time which I got her autograph and picture with Mickie. I bought Mickie’s new album on CD; “Somebody’s Gonna Pay” for $10 in order to get my picture with Mickie which I thought was very good deal. I told Mickie that this was the third greatest day of my life meeting her when she ask me third. I told her that meeting my wife was the second greatest day of my life and the day I married my wife was first greatest day of my life to which Mickie that was so sweet. Before leaving I told Mickie that I love her album specially track 5 “Long Way Down” and that I have her first album which Mickie ready appreciated it.


I was nerviness meeting Mickie as I thought I never get ever meet Mickie little long get my picture with Mickie. Mickie was very sweet and was very appreciative of her fans and was not stuck up in anyway what so ever. Meeting Mickie will also be the wrestling memory I’ll ever have for the rest of my life. I have to say that it was the number one item on my wrestling bucket list which I can say I got to do. Now if I could see Paige vs. AJ Lee vs. Mickie James that would be something.


I truly hope that Mickie does resign with TNA as TNA needs her as Mickie is a top draw for the Knockouts Division which is in poor shape now with only four women on the active wrestling roster. Also I think that TNA would be a better fit for Mickie as she could still wrestle and doing her music career which WWE would do. Whether Mickie resigns with TNA or WWE, I will be supporting her no matter what Mickie does.


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One Response to Mickie James: The Greatest Women’s Wrestler Today

  1. Samcactus101 says:

    If the rumours ARE true, I’d truly be upset. I really really honestly hope Mickie signs a new deal with TNA. She is just pure gold here! Her run as a heel is still fairly new and so amazing so I don’t see why she wants to leave. She has soooo many fans who watch TNA just for her. TNA should be giving her a higher pay, I mean, c’mon, she’s the best female wrestler you’ll ever have, TNA.

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