Ring of Riley: Ring of Honor Review for 09/15/13

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Ring of Riley

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Welcome back to Ring of Riley where I break down each segment and match on Ring of Honor. At the end of the review, I will give out honors for Riley’s Rewind which is the best match, Riley’s Regret which is worst match or segment, and to cap it the review, I will award a wrestler with Star of the Night. Each honor will have a brief justification as to why they were awarded the honor or dishonor. On tonight’s show we get more matches from the Ring of Honor World Title tournament. Nigel McGuinness addresses the injury of BJ Whitmer during his match with Michael Bennett. He announces that Michael Bennett will continue on in the tournament.

Matt Taven vs. Roderick Strong—Taven is accompanied to the ring by Truth Martini and the Hoopla Hotties.  The match starts off with Nigel McGuinness getting on the apron and scolding Scarlett for not having a license. He tells her to sit her ass at the commentary table so they can keep an eye on her. Strong and Taven lock it up and does some chain wrestling. Strong takes him down and Taven goes to the ropes. Strong spits at Taven which is just wrong and nasty as hell. They lock up again and Taven knees him in the midsection. Strong takes him down with a dropkick. He starts chopping him before doing a backbreaker. He goes for the pin but Taven kicks out. Strong starts chopping away at Taven and they both start running the ropes. Martini grabs his ankle but the referee doesn’t see it. Strong takes Taven down before going for another pin but Taven kicks out. Strong is on the apron and Martini grabs his ankle and then Taven kicks him. Back from commercial and Taven is dominating. He does an enziguri kick before going for the pin but Strong kicks out. Truth confronts Nigel about wanting to get close to Scarlett but he denies it. Taven suplexes Strong into the mat, he goes for the top rope and does a splash but Strong puts his knees up.  Strong kicks him before chopping him. He does a really sweet move before going into the pin but Taven kicks out. He gets kicked by Taven but Strong remains standing and back drops Taven. The fight goes to the outside and the remaining Hoopla hottie distracts the referee so Truth can hit him with his book of truths. Nigel gets in his face, and Strong goes to attack Martini. Taven decides to attack Strong but Nigel pulls him out of the way, so Taven takes out Martini. Strong backdrops Taven on the apron, he rolls him in the ring and goes for the pin but Taven kicks out. Taven fights back with a kick. They trade kicks and Taven slams him down. He goes for the pin but Strong kicks out. Taven goes to the top rope but Strong delivers a enziguri kick and then superplexes him down to the mat. He goes for a pin but Taven tries to counter so Strong puts him in a submission hold. Taven gets to the ropes forcing him to break the hold. Taven does a rolling neckbreaker and goes to the top rope for a frog splash. He goes for the pin but Strong kicks out. Strong comes back with a kick and a sick move. He gets the win and advances in the tournament. Winner: Roderick Strong

Kevin Steen vs. Brian Kendrick—the code of honor is adhered too. The match starts off with a standing side headlock from Kendrick. Steen sends him flying in the ropes and Kendrick tries to shoulder block him. Steen didn’t even budge and caused the crowd to laugh when he said ‘I don’t know about that’. Kendrick tries it again and again, he scores some forearm hits in. He rolls him up for the pin but Steen counters out. Steen dropkicks him and Kendrick rolls out of the ring. Kendrick slowly gets in the ring and then gets back out like a cowardly little bitch. Steen follows him out and gets him back in the ring. He slams him face first into the apron. He does a move to Steen on the apron before cutting to a commercial break. Back from commercial and Kendrick has him in a sleeper hold. Steen stands up and slams him backward into the turnbuckle before falling backwards. Both men get to their feet and they are trading forearm shots. Steen brutally clotheslines him before going for a pump handle neck breaker. He goes for the pin but Kendrick kicks out. Steen hits him a few times before he gets up. Kendrick tries to pick Steen up on his shoulders but Steen blocks him. He does a Death Valley Driver on Steen and goes for the pin but Steen kicks out. Steen is on the outside of the ring and they are trying to suplex one another. Steen flips over the ropes and catapults Kendrick into the ropes. He does the tornado DDT on Steen. Steen picks him up and slams him down. He goes for a pin but Kendrick kicks out. Steen goes for the package piledriver but Kendrick escapes and kicks him. Steen goes for a sleeper suplex and the pin and Kendrick kicks out. Both men are in separate corners and as Steen goes to charge at Kendrick, he hides behind the referee. Kendrick delivers a low blow and Steen chokeslams him down. He follows up with a cannon ball. He locks in the Sharpshooter. Winner: Kevin Steen

Adam Cole vs. Jay Lethal—the code of honor is adhered too. The match kicks off with a lockup and some chain wrestling. Lethal puts Cole in the corner. Cole does a side headlock takedown on Lethal. Lethal powers to his feet and ends up taking down Cole. Cole goes for another headlock takedown. Lethal gets up and puts him back in the corner before striking him in the chest. They each go for a pin but each counter and kick out. Cole does another side headlock but Lethal takes him down. He goes for a basement dropkick and a pin but Cole kicks out. He does a backbreaker and goes for another pin but Cole kicks out. After much battling in the ring, the fight goes to the outside of the ring. Both men are down as the referee counts them out. Lethal is the first man in the ring and Cole quickly follows him in. They stare each other down before trading blows back and forth. Lethal unleashes a flurry of strikes but Cole scoops him up and delivers a neckbreaker. Holy hell this match is amazing, Lethal hit him with the Lethal Injection and Cole still kicks out. They are on the top rope but somehow Cole escapes and superkicks Lethal in the back of the leg. He joins him on the ropes and delivers a German Suplex. He advances in the tournament. Winner: Adam Cole

Riley’s Rewind—this honor goes to Adam Cole and Jay Lethal. This match had me chanting holy shit a couple of times. Kudos to both men for a hell of a match.

Riley’s Regret—there are no regrets with this showing of Ring of Honor.

Star of the Night—after much deliberation this goes to Kevin Steen. Despite his size, he is super athletic and can move really quickly. Also he has a sense of fucking humor which makes him even more awesome in my book.

In closing this was one of the best episodes of Ring of Honor. Seriously if you aren’t watching Ring of Honor then I feel sorry for you because you are missing out. . Seriously everyone should watch it. Make sure you all check out http://www.blogtalkradio.com/live-nation-radio-network.  We’ll be airing Tuesday at 10pm ET Call in at (347) 945-6363. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!

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