Ring of Riley: Ring of Honor Review for 09/08/13

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Ring of Riley

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Welcome back to Ring of Riley where I break down each segment and match on Ring of Honor. At the end of the review, I will give out honors for Riley’s Rewind which is the best match, Riley’s Regret which is worst match or segment, and to cap it the review, I will award a wrestler with Star of the Night. Each honor will have a brief justification as to why they were awarded the honor or dishonor. On tonight’s show we get more matches from the Ring of Honor World Title tournament. On tonight’s lineup we have Paul London vs. Michael Elgin, BJ Whitmer vs. Michael Bennett and Tommaso Ciampa takes on Silas Young. As Jim Ross would say ‘business is about to pick up’.

Silas Young vs. Tommaso Ciampa—the match starts off with a reluctant handshake between the two men. Silas Young did not want to shake hands with Ciampa. They verbally spar before going for a lockup. They roll out of the ring as they didn’t want to break the lockup. They slam each other back and forth into the barricade. Both men get in the ring and Young takes him down and strikes him. Ciampa reverses it and goes for a pin but Young kicks out. Young slams him down and starts stomping away at Ciampa. He has him in the corner and brutally chops him. Ciampa isn’t having this as he fights back. He takes Young down with a big boot and goes for a quick pin. Young kicks out. Ciampa puts him on the apron and stretches his mouth out. He starts kicking away at Young. He exposes his knee and slings Young into a corner, Young follows him and attacks. He kicks Ciampa in the face. Back from commercial and Young is trying to suplex Young over the top rope. Both men are on the apron and fighting it out. Ciampa knees him in the side of the head and finally suplexes him to the mat. The referee is counting as both men struggle to their feet. Ciampa and Young finally make it in the ring. Young head-butts him and Ciampa retaliates. Ciampa is bellowing at Young before delivering a dragon suplex. Young kicks him in the knee and rolls him up but Ciampa kicks out. He goes for a rolling senton and is on the top rope but Ciampa takes him down. Ciampa sets him up on the top turnbuckle and Young pushes him down. Young goes for a cross body but Ciampa goes for a pin but Young kicks out. They trade blows and a series of strikes before Ciampa blows up. He delivers a brutal but beautiful looking power bomb. Winner: Ciampa

Michael Bennett vs. BJ Whitmer—they shake hands and Bennett tries to attack Whitmer but Whitmer takes him down. Bennett goes to the outside of the ring and Whitmer does a suicide dive to take him down. He chops him before suplexing him on the mat. He throws Bennett into the ring and starts stomping away at him. He chops him down and sends him flying into the ropes. He takes him down and goes for the pin but Bennett kicks out. When Whitmer launches himself at Bennett, Bennett takes him down and goes to the outside to dropkick him. The fight goes to the outside and Bennett kicks him into the barricade. Back from commercial and Whitmer is in charge as he slams Bennett down. He goes for the pin but Bennett kicks out. Bennett comes back with a spine buster. He drops his knee repeatedly onto Whitmer. He locks in a reverse chinlock and Whitmer powers to his feet so he can fight out. They trade punishing punches back and forth. Bennett kicks him and both men are down. Maria tries to interfere but Nigel ejects her from ringside. He picks her up and carts her off while spanking dat ass. Bennett goes to the outside and Whitmer drops down on him like a hammer. He rolls Bennett into the ring and powerslams him. He goes for the pin but Bennett kicks out. He does a high flying knee to Bennett and goes for a bridge pin but Bennett kicks out. Bennett fights back and goes for a pin but Whitmer kicks out. Bennett gets punched and suplexed by Whitmer. Bennett rolls out underneath the ropes. Whitmer follows and gets piledriven onto the apron. Both men are down outside the ring. The referee stops the match. No winner to this match. I know that this match happened a while ago but I am still sending best wishes to BJ Whitmer. You sir, are a true hero. Also for those bitching about the piledriver, please quit watching wrestling as you give me a migraine.

Paul London vs. Michael Elgin—the match starts off with the code of honor being adhered to. While Paul London is a talented wrestler, he shouldn’t skip leg day workouts as he has the legs comparable to a chicken. The size difference between Elgin and London is very noticeable. It’s like seeing a punt kicker for a football team facing off with a linebacker. It’s football season so I had to exhaust my football knowledge. Elgin and London lockup and Elgin puts Chicken Little into the corner. London puts him in a side headlock and Elgin picks him up ever so gently and carries him to the corner. He tenderly puts London the top turnbuckle. London goes to the outside for a moment before getting back in the ring. They go for another lockup and Elgin sends him flying into the ropes. London goes for a waist lock but Elgin fights out. London goes for a quick rollup but Elgin kicks out.  Somehow Elgin gets send out of the ring but he quickly gets back in and takes London down with a shoulder block. He puts London in the corner and London kicks him. London dropkicks him and puts a front face lock on Elgin. Elgin picks him up and slams him down. He goes for the pin but London kicks out. He puts London in the corner and chops away at him. Elgin does his standing delayed suplex on London and drops him. He goes for the pin but London kicks out. The fight goes to the apron, London does a sick Hurricanrana on Elgin that sends both men flying to the floor. London rolls Elgin into the ring and does a missile dropkick. Elgin mounts a comeback. London tries to roll him up but Elgin isn’t budging. Elgin and London fight it out and London does roll him up but Elgin kicks out. Elgin slams him down and goes for the pin but London kicks out. After much back and forth action between the two, they fight it out on the top turnbuckle and Elgin powerbombs him from the top rope. He powerbombs him again and scores the win. Winner: Michael Elgin

Riley’s Rewind—all three matches were amazing and action packed. This tournament is awesome to see. Ring of Honor knows how to put on one helluva show. But my favorite match of the night is between Michael Elgin and Paul London.

Riley’s Regret—on a serious note, I hate seeing any wrestler get hurt. So seeing BJ Whitmer hurt nearly broke my icy little heart. Sending positive thoughts, prayers and best wishes your way.

Star of the Night—this honor goes to BJ Whitmer. He is one hell of an athlete.

In closing this was one of the best episodes of Ring of Honor. Seriously if you aren’t watching Ring of Honor then I feel sorry for you because you are missing out. . Seriously everyone should watch it. Make sure you all check out http://www.blogtalkradio.com/live-nation-radio-network.  We’ll be airing Tuesday at 10pm ET Call in at (347) 945-6363. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!

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