Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 08-22-13

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Its Hardcore Justice continuing from Norfolk, VA as we saw last week Bully Ray defeated Chris Sabin inside the Steel Cage to regain the TNA title. Now that Bully Ray is once again, what will Bull Ray have in store for TNA? What will Chris Sabin have to say about losing the TNA title? Tonight it’s Main Event Mafia vs. “Aces & Eights” in a 10 Man Tag Team match where the person who is pinned has to leave TNA. Who will be force to leave TNA? Tonight it’s the Bound for Glory Street Fight match where it’s Jay Bradley vs. Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Joseph Parks. Will who leave tonight with the 20 points and move up on the Bound for Glory Series scoreboard? Tonight TNA X Division Champion; Manik takes on Sonjay Dutt and ODB goes one on one with Gail Kim. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Bobby Roode & Kazarian defeat “The Cowboy” James Storm & Gunner

Manik pins Sonjay Dutt in a non title match

Joseph Park defeats Hernandez, Jay Bradley & Christopher Daniels in a Bound for Glory Series Street Fight match for 20 Points

ODB pins Gail Kim

Main Event Mafia defeats “Aces & Eights” in a 10 Man Tag Match (Devon is gone from TNA)


 No Impact


I’m Only Here To Promote My MMA Career

Sorry but can someone explain to me what Tito Ortiz does for TNA? Wait I can answer that; Nothing ! During the Bully Ray segment and the Main Event, Ortiz just stand there and did nothing but look stupid. Oh wait Ortiz cut a promo hyping his MMA fight against “Rampage” Jackson that is in October. Why does Ortiz even need to be apart of “Aces & Eights”?  I guess the answer would be the fact Eric Bischoff thinks that its 1998 and Tito Ortiz is Dennis Rodman. Hopefully TNA will can Bischoff and get someone to run creative that knows that it’s 2013 and not 1998.

High Impact


We’re So Damn Godd, We Can Wrestle In Our Jeans!

I’m really liking this alliance of Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian as three guys are not only damn good in the ring but all three can cut damn good promos. I think that TNA did a great job having “The Cowboy” James Storm to come down to the ring with Gunner to confront Roode when Roode was addressing Austin Aries saying that Aries could trust him. Storm telling Daniels and Kazarian that Roode would turn on them once Roode got what he wanted. The match itself was very good with Roode and Kazarian really working over Gunner at the start of the match as Roode and Kazarian worked very well as a team from years of knowing each other. Storm was on fire toward the end of the match with a flurry of offense including hitting Closing Time on Roode and the Last Call after Roode pulls the referee in the way. I think TNA booked the ending to this match right as having Roode low blow Storm and holding Storm’s pants to secure the pin fall pulls Roode and Kazarian over as they will do anything to win while not making Storm or Gunner look weak.


Going Back To Their Roots

The Manik vs. Sonjay Dutt match was a good X Division match with good solid action. Manik started the match off fast charging toward Dutt before the ring rang. The action was fact pace with lot of quick moves like a nice Black Widow type submission move on Dutt by Manik. During this match it was announced that starting with this match that all X Division matches will one on one matches which fans have been demanding. The action going back and forth with Manik hitting a nice sit down power bomb on Dutt while Dutt hits a springboard splash on Manik. Manik gets the win when he hits Dutt with a knee breaker. Hopefully moving forward all the X Division matches will be just as good.


Holy Shit Jay! We Got Finally got “High Imapct!”

Believe or not the Bound for Glory Series Street Fight was actually real good considering that Joseph Park and Jay Bradley were involved in this match. At first the match was boring until Bradley got a steel chair and started using it. During the match Roode and Kazarian come down to ring to help out Daniels by taking out Park and Eric Young who came down to ringside with Park. I was surprised by Bradley who actually came across as a bad ass during this match he worked on Daniels with the steel chair including slamming Daniels into the steel chair. One of the cool things during this match was when Austin Aries came down to the ring and fooled Roode, Kazarian and Daniels into thinking that he was joining their group only for Aries to hit the Brain Buster on Daniels. The match ends when Bradley busts Park open causing his mouth to bleed which Park goes nuts and hits the Black Hole Slam on Bradley to get the win. Overall a good match just surprised that Joseph Park got the win in this match.


Don’t Wish Your Girlfriend Had An Ass Like Mine’s!!!

Bully Ray’s celebration of his regaining the TNA title was boring until he started talking about the love of his life Brooke. Lot of fans were expecting Brooke Hogan to come out especially when her music played but to everyone surprised it wasn’t Brooke Hogan that came out; it was Brooke Tessmacher. I think most people were shocked and I think that it was an interesting move on TNA’s part to turn Brooke “Heel” which fans in Norfolk were booing Brooke the minute she started kissing Bully Ray. I have to say that Brooke looked damn hot in those tight black leather shorts which were really tight. I like the way TNA ended the segment with Brooke removing the wedding ring off of Bully Ray’s fingerer with her mouth. I can’t wait to see which direction this is going with Brooke Tessmacher and Bully Ray.


ODB vs. Gail Kim II Work For Me!

Tonight we got another classic between Gail Kim and ODB as the feud between these continue as they face each other one on one. ODB started off with control of the match hitting the Bronco Buster in the corner on Gail. ODB continues work on Gail until Gail is able to take out ODB’s left arm. Gail keeps working on ODB’s arm with a shoulder beaker off the top rope. ODB starts to make a comeback with a flurry of offense including ODB hitting a superplex on Gail off the top ropes. Unfortunately ODB’s arm gives out and Gail gets the win by pinning ODB with a crucifix. Again a good match and I expect that we’ll be seeing these two going out it again in the future.


A Phenomenal Surprise!!!

Going into the Main Event, I was expecting a train wreck as Sting can’t wrestle a fast pace match anymore, “Rampage” Jackson has no wrestling experience and the fact that Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff suck in the ring. However did we get a surprise as Main Event Mafia got their fifth man in the form of AJ Styles as Styles came down and jumps into the ring with a brawl starting between the two teams. “Aces & Eights” have control for the beginning of the match working on Magnus with quick tags as fans were chanting “Devon Sucks” which I find fun as Devon is a very good power style wrestler. I think that fans should have been chanting “Brisco or Bischoff Sucks!” After being worked on by “Aces & Eights,” Magnus tags in Sting who hits two Stinger Splashes on Knux and then all hell breaks as loose as all ten men start brawling in the ring. Sting tags into Styles who after taking out all the members of “Aces & Eights” hits the Styles Clash and pins Devon who now has to leave TNA to the dismay of Bully Ray and “Aces & Eights” I knew it was to be a member of “Aces & Eights” but I thought it would either Knux or Brisco. I don’t know if Devon is truly gone from TNA or just being taken off of TV but it’s going to be interesting to find out.

Show Rating: 8      


Final Thought

Well the second part of Hardcore Justice was much better than last week as all of the matches were good specially the main event which I thought was going to suck. Hell even Joseph Park was good in the Street Fight match which anybody who reads my reviews knows that I can’t stand Joseph Park. Again I like the pairing of Roode, Daniels and Kazarian as their promos are great and tonight was no exception. I like how Austin Aries fooled Roode, Daniels and Kazarian hitting the Brain Buster on Daniels during the Street Fight match and later made it clear than he doesn’t need anybody but his God given talent which he has. I think TNA made the right decision making X Division matches one on one as the Triple Threat matches were getting old. The two big surprises of the night had to be Brooke Tessmacher being the “Brooke” that Bully Ray loves and AJ Styles going back to his Phenomenal One gimmick. I have to say that I’m really interest to see where TNA with this “Heel” turn for Brooke Tessmacher as I’m a fan of Brooke. I be curious to see if Brooke goes off the Knockouts title and the current champion; Mickie James. AJ Styles returning back to his Phenomenal One gimmick was great to see and it’s like TNA is going to give Styles a big push which TNA should as Styles has always been the face of TNA in the eyes of TNA fans. I can’t wait to see next week’s Impact Wrestling which will be live from Cleveland, Ohio.

Star of the Night: AJ Styles


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

Bound for Glory Series Scoreboard

Magnus                      39 Points

Bobby Roode             34 Points

Christopher Daniels 30 Points

Austin Aries               28 Points

Samoa Joe                  26 Points

Jeff Hardy                 24 Points

Mr. Anderson           24 Points

AJ Styles                    22 Points

Kazarian                    22 Points

Joseph Park              17 Points

Hernandez                   7 Points

Jay Bradley                  0 Points


 Here’s An Extra Bonus Shot of Brooke Tessmacher Just Becuase She’s Hot!






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