Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 08-15-13

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. It’s Hardcore Justice live from Norfolk, VA as in the main event Chris Sabin defends the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Bully Ray inside a steel cage. Will Sabin be able to overcome the odds and retain the TNA title? Tonight we have two special Bound for Glory Series matches as the winner of each match will receive 20 points. In a Bound for Glory Series Ladder match; it’s Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles vs. Kazarian. Who will climb the ladder and get the 20 points? In the other Bound for Glory Series match in which is a Tables match; it’s Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode vs. Magnus. Who will be able to put their opponent through a table and walk out with the 20 points? The Knockouts are in action tonight as Mickie James and Gail Kim team up to face ODB and Velvet Sky in a No DQ Tornado match. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Kazarian defeats Austin Aries, AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy in a Bound for Glory Series Ladder match for 20 Points

ODB beats Gail Kim & Mickie James in a Knockouts Triple Threat Match

Bobby Roode defeats Magnus, Samoa Joe & Mr. Anderson in a Bound for Glory Series Tables match for 20 Points

Bully Ray pins Chris Sabin to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship


No Impact


I’m Telling You That These F@CKING MMA Guys Have To Go!!!

Ok, while I liked the fact that TNA used a segment to explain Kurt Angle’s absences and why the match between “Aces & Eights” and the Main Event Mafia was postponed, I didn’t like that TNA even went down the road of having Tito Ortiz filling Angle’s spot in the big 10 Man Tag Team match. Why not use someone like Austin Aries or Jeff Hardy instead of Ortiz? The segment was boring with Jackson and Ortiz cutting a promo more for their MMA match I guess that they’re going to be having in the future then the actual 10 Man Tag Team match that is taking place next week. This is a prime example why TNA needs to quit bring in their MMA guys thinking that they will boost their rating and focus on their talent.

OK Impact


Yes, This Actually Did Happen!

Wow, I called it last week hoping that I was wrong but unfortunately I was right about Bully Ray was going to win the TNA title and he did. The match itself was good as the match started off slow but then started to pick up once the match got going. Bully Ray was dominating the match with power moves as Bully Ray threw Sabin couple of times into the side of the steel cage. Sabin had some good offense during the match including a great Sabin Driver. During the middle of the match, the pace slowed during to the point where the crowd was dead. Every time Sabin was getting the upper hand, Bully Ray would could back and take control of the match. The finish is why this match is being under “Ok Impact” is because of the unnecessary referee bumps and the distractions from Mr. Anderson, Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz who turned on Jackson and distracts Sabin long enough for Bully Ray to hit a Bully Bomb on Sabin and pinning Sabin to regain the TNA title. I pray to the love of God that TNA isn’t going to do Bully Ray vs. Hulk Hogan for the TNA title because if TNA does then they will lose what little loyal fan base that they have.

High Impact


TNA Match of The Year!!!

What a way to start off the show with the Bound for Glory Series Ladder match which was a great way to get the crowd in Norfolk pumped up. The action during this match was beyond words to scribe it with some damn great spots. I totally marked out when Aries hit a great missile drop kick off the ropes taking both Jeff Hardy and Kazarian off the ladder. Kazarian had a nice spot hitting slingshot DDT on Styles off the apron. Styles had Aries in the Styles Clash when Kazarian hits a STO on Styles. Aries had another great spot that really had the crowd going when Aries hits sunset flip power bomb on Hardy off the ladder. One of the ladders in the match took such a beating that the ladder was barely able to stand. Toward the end of the match, Christopher Daniels and Bobby Roode come down to the ring and distract the referee where Roode tries to take out Hardy only to be mule kicked by Hardy but this give Daniels time to give his appletini to Kazarian who throws it into Hardy’s face which allowed Kazarian to grab the clip board and get the 20 points. While the finish to the match was not great, it still was a great match and very well could be TNA Match of the Year. If you didn’t watch Impact Wrestling last night then you need to go on Youtube and watch this match.


Dixie Carter & TNA Cares About Kurt Angle!!!!

I’m glad TNA did the segment addressing the situation with Kurt Angle with Dixie Carter expressing her support and TNA’s support for Angle as Angle entered rehab after his arrest last week for DUI. Dixie says that she doesn’t know when Angle will be back but that when Angle returns, Angle will be back better then ever. The confrontation between “Aces & Eights” and the Main Event Mafia was well done making next week’s match more important. It was smart on TNA’s part having “Aces & Eights” dominating the Main Event Mafia during the confrontation as it shows how important Angle was to the Main Event Mafia. As the old saying goes “The Show Must Go On” and TNA did a good job while showing respect and concern for Angle.


These Knockouts Are F@cking Crazying!!!!

We got a Triple Threat Knockouts match which saw ODB vs. Gail Kim vs. Mickie James go at it and they didn’t hold anything back. Mickie tried through out the match trying to get Gail to work with her to double team ODB which Gail refused as Gail wanted to beat up ODB on her own. Mickie showed how hardcore she can be when Mickie brought a steel chair into the ring which Mickie sets it up in the corner with Mickie and Gail ramming ODB into the steel chair. Mickie even got more vicious using a kendo stick on ODB who gets it away from Mickie and starts beating the shit out of both Mickie and Gail. ODB one ups everyone by pulling her bra out and choking both Mickie and Gail with it. ODB wins the match by pinning Gail after hitting a Samoa Drop on Gail into the steel chair with Mickie trying to break up the pin fall but not in time. Damn good Knockouts match but I’m surprised that the match was changed to a Triple Threat match instead of the Tag Team match that was actually advertised. I’m curious why Velvet Sky was pulled from the show but I hope that it’s nothing serious as Taryn Terrell is out of action and Brooke Tessmacher isn’t back yet.


It Pays To Be Roode For Sure!!!

The Bound for Glory Series Tables was good but not as good as the Ladder match earlier in the show as the action was more grounded. One thing that was interesting during the match was that Joe and Magnus worked as a team during the entire match with each saving the other from going through the table. I was totally marking out when Joe took the ring bell and uses it to ring Roode’s balls literately. Magnus really looked good during the match hitting one hell of a power bomb on Anderson. Every man tried to put a man through the table including Joe who hit the Muscle Buster on Anderson only for Roode to move the table out of the way. One Point during the match Anderson and Magnus on the ramp trying to put the other through a table that was setup on the floor. This match ended as the same as the ladder match with the distraction from both Daniels and Kazarian and the appletini being thrown in Magnus’s face allowing Roode to power bomb Magnus through the table to get the 20 points and now puts Roode in 2nd place in the Bound for Glory Series.

Show Rating: 7      


Final Thought

Well for the most part, Hardcore Justice was a success with the two great Bound for Glory Series matches with the Bound for Glory Series Ladder match being the best match of the night. Also it very well could be TNA Match of the Year as the action was awesome and the crowd was really into the match. I don’t have a problem with the finish of either match because the finishes push the new formation of the alliance between Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) and Bobby Roode. Now Bobby Roode is in 2nd place in the Bound for Glory Series which will be wrapping up next month where the top four men on the scoreboard will face off to determine who will face the TNA Champion at Bound for Glory. If you had asked four weeks ago if Bobby Roode would be in 2nd place in the Bound for Glory Series and I would have said that you’re crazy. The Triple Threat Knockouts match was damn good with all three Knockouts getting down and dirty using whatever they could get their hands on. Mickie got a damn good pop from the crowd in Norfolk, VA as TNA was in Mickie’s home state. My big question is where Velvet Sky was as it was supposed to be a Knockouts Tag Team match. I will be curious to find what the reason Velvet Sky was not there. The Main Event was good from a match stand point but I think that the finish sucked and it was Bullshit way to end the TNA title of Chris Sabin. We all knew that Sabin wasn’t going to have a long title reign but still we thought that he would lose it to someone else besides Bully Ray because TNA has pretty much made it clear that they want to do Hulk Hogan vs. Bully Ray which is going to suck but it will be even worse if the TNA title is also on the line. Next week looks to be good as we have the Main Event Mafia vs. “Aces & Eights” in a 10 Man Tag Team match where the person who is pinned has to leave TNA. Also in a Bound for Glory Series Street Fight match it will be Christopher Daniels vs. Hernandez vs. Jay Bradley vs. Joseph Park and Gail Kim takes ODB.

Star of the Night: Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, AJ Styles & Kazarian


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

Bound for Glory Series Scoreboard

Magnus                      39 Points

Bobby Roode             27 Points

Samoa Joe                  26 Points

Jeff Hardy                 24 Points

Mr. Anderson           24 Points

Christopher Daniels 23 Points

AJ Styles                    22 Points

Kazarian                    22 Points

Austin Aries               21 Points

Hernandez                   7 Points

Jay Bradley                  0 Points

Joseph Park              -3 Points







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