It’s Riley’s Main Event: WWE Main Event Review for 08/14/13

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It’s Riley’s Main Event

With Riley Ross

Welcome back to It’s Riley’s Main Event. On tonight’s Main Event, we see buildup to the SummerSlam PPV which is this Sunday. Yes we are on the road to SummerSlam and I cannot wait to watch what is shaping up to be the PPV of the year. My only gripe about it is that the match between Dean Ambrose and RVD is going to be on the pre-show. I will save my bitching about that for another column. On commentary tonight we have Josh Matthews and the slightly grating Miz. We are live from San Jose, California. At the close of the review I will pick the standout moment, Superstar or Diva of the show and give a brief explanation of my choices.

ADR vs. Cody Rhodes—the match starts off with a lockup and Cody breaks free. They go for another but ADR grabs him from behind but Cody takes him down. He tries to keep the momentum going but ADR is quick to strike him with kicks. ADR puts him in the corner but the referee breaks it up. ADR goes for a side headlock and Cody is struggling to break free. Cody does a beautiful back drop and follows it up with a dropkick. ADR comes back with a backbreaker and goes for the pin but Cody kicks out. He kicks Cody in the back before trying to choke him with the ropes. He slams Cody down and goes for another pin but Rhodes kicks out. He goes for a reverse chinlock and Cody gets to his feet and starts fighting his way out. Del Rio knocks him down, Cody goes to the top rope and does a springboard dropkick. Cody takes him down with a series of punches and positions Del Rio on the ropes so he can kick him in the midsection. Cody does a snapmare takedown and he nails ADR with the Disaster kick. Before we go to commercial, Cody is in the ring holding his knee and ADR is laying on the floor outside the ring. Back from commercial and both men are in the ring. Cody kicks ADR and ends up on the apron. ADR drops him throat first on the rope and Cody falls to the floor. ADR goes to the outside and tosses Rhodes into the barricade. He does it again before getting in the ring. He starts kicking at Rhodes before doing shoulder blocks. He ties Cody up in the ropes and starts kicking him. He sits Rhodes up on the top turnbuckle before striking him. Cody knocks him down with a series of elbows. Cody does a moonsault off the top rope and both men are down. Both men are up and Cody attacks ADR before going for the pin but ADR kicks out. Del Rio kicks Cody in the side of the head. He goes for the pin but Rhodes kicks out. Del Rio kicks him again and goes to the top rope but Cody attacks him. Del Rio does the Cross Arm breaker using the ropes and holds it for nearly five seconds. Del Rio goes for a move but Cody counters and goes for a pin but Del Rio kicks out. Del Rio does a vicious move that hurts to look at too Cody’s arm. Del Rio goes for the Cross Arm Breaker but Cody counters. Del Rio counters Rhodes’s move with a belly to back suplex which leads into a pin, Rhodes kicks out. Cody connects with the Cross Rhodes and both men are down. They struggle to their feet and Del Rio sends Cody crashing into the corner. He locks in the Cross Arm Breaker and Cody taps out. Winner: Alberto Del Rio.

A more in depth look at the feud between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. This is the match that I’m looking forward to seeing at SummerSlam. I honestly think Punk can take down Lesnar. To the people responsible for the video packages, you do an amazing job with them. Kudos to the WWE for hyping this match. Honestly I think that this will be the show stealer.

The Usos vs. Drew McIntyre/Heath Slater from 3MB—seriously why are they all still employed by the WWE? Jimmy Uso and Heath start it off. The match starts off with Heath screaming like a banshee. He puts Jimmy in a side headlock. They run the ropes for a bit and Jimmy takes Heath down with a weak clothesline. He goes for the pin but Heath kicks out. Here comes Jey Uso to wrestle. Heath takes Jey down and is assaulting him in 3MB’s corner before tagging in Drew McIntyre. Jinder Mahal has been relegated to being the cheerleader as he cheers on Drew. Jimmy gets tagged back in and he does a springboard sunset flip but Drew kicks out. He flings Drew into the corner and then ends up tossing him over the top rope and into his fellow teammates. Back from commercial and Heath Slater is in the match and is dominating Jimmy Uso. Here comes Drew to attack. They trade blows in the Uso’s corner and Jey tags in. Jey goes for the pin but Drew kicks out. Jey works the arm of Drew. He follows up with a brutal chop. Jey takes down all three members of the fake rock band but the numbers game works against him as they beat the shit out of him. Both men are inside the ring and Heath goes for the pin but the Uso kicks out. Sorry but I lost track of which one is in the ring. Heath kicks him and goes for another pin but the Uso kicks out again. Here comes Drew to kick him. He chops away at the Uso before slamming his face into the turnbuckle. Jinder hits him when the referee isn’t looking. Here comes Heath and Drew kicks Jimmy in the head. Heath goes for the pin but Jimmy kicks out. Here comes Drew again and Jimmy Uso drops him like a bad habit. Both men tag in their respective partners and Jey Uso is rocking Heath with a superman punch. I’ll let you finish the match Jey Uso but Roman Reigns rocks the superman punch like no other. Jey launches himself at Heath and goes for the pin but here comes Drew to stop the win. The other Uso comes in and takes down Slater and the other one takes down Jinder and Drew. Winners: The Usos

A recap of Cena and Daniel Bryan guesting on MizTV is shown. While I am not a fan of either man I am hoping for Daniel Bryan to make Cena tap out. Everything DB said is the truth. Cena is a parody.

Big E vs. Justin Gabriel—I used to have mad respect for AJ but I’m honestly sick of seeing her. I either want someone to trip her ass as she skips to the ring or another unfortunate skipping accident. The match starts off with a lockup and Big E is dominating as he strikes Gabriel down. AJ smugly looks on but I have a feeling she won’t be smiling like that after Sunday. Big E takes him down with a huge ass clothesline. He drops down on Gabriel and follows up with a pin but Gabriel kicks out. He pulls Gabriel up by the hair and does an abdominal stretch. He is doing striking grabs at the abs of JG. Gabriel starts fighting back with a series of strikes and a kick. Big E isn’t having it as he delivers a suplex to Justin Gabriel. He goes for the pin but Gabriel kicks out. He locks in a reverse chinlock. The hold is broken and Big E delivers a striking blow to Gabriel’s midsection. Big E does his knee to the spine move repeatedly. Big E runs the ropes before trying to deliver a double knee drop but Gabriel moves out of the way. He kicks Big E in the back of the head and goes for a pin but Big E kicks out. He does a high elbow and a striking kick to Big E. He goes for a cross body but Big E catches him and Gabriel does a neckbreaker on Big E He follows it up with a springboard moonsault, he goes for the pin but Big E kicks out. Big E picks up Gabriel and tosses him across the ring. He hits his finisher. Winner: Big E Langston

Superstar of the Show—this honor goes to Cody Rhodes. He has grown as a wrestler and is showing that you shouldn’t write him off just yet.

Standout Moment—this goes to the ADR and Cody Rhodes match. They both showed heart and soul in this match.

In closing, I thought the show was decent except for the commentary by the Miz. Dude you should always be scared of us females because we can turn you on or turn on you. We’re not to be messed with. Also I do have a suggestion that can be helpful, get Jim Ross to work with the Miz and Josh Matthews to help hone their craft. Make sure you all check out  We’ll be airing Tuesday at 10pm ET Call in at (347) 945-6363. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!

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