Do You Know Where I Am; From Pensacola, FL: TNA Impact Wrestling Live House Show 07/27/13

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Do You Know Where I Am: TNA Impact Wrestling Live House Show

With Billy James

Hey Mayer Nation, this past Saturday I went to Pensacola, FL for a TNA house show which turn from a headache getting there into an amazing time. So kick back and relax because getting there is a whole story of its own. Before we get started, I have to say that I was really  looking forward to this show. There some great matches and lot of crazy people there too. So hang on as I tell you all about the show and the amazing time I had.

I left my house around 9 AM and after getting an hour away from house realized that I left all my 8x10s at the house. So turned around and went back to my house to get my 8x10s which now was going to put me an hour behind schedule. So after getting my 8x10s, dealing with slow drivers, I get pulled by the local police after I across the bay where the officer informs me that my license tag has expired which I thought was still good. The officer let me off with a warning and I continue my three hour journey to Pensacola.

So I got to the Direct Auto Insurance in Pensacola where TNA World Heavyweight Champion; Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky were signing autographs and taking pictures. I got there 5 minutes before the autograph portion was ending and got Sabin and Velvet’s autographs. Chris Sabin is a cool dude, short dude compare to me but still very cool dude. Velvet was so nice enough to sign two additional 8x10s that I had with me. So I got back into the photo line and got my picture with both Velvet and Sabin which is a cool picture. I went to spin the prize wheel which I won the Genesis 2010 DVD which has Tara vs. ODB in a Two Out of Three Falls match for the Knockouts title, Beer Money vs. The Band and Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles for the TNA title.


So I arrive at the Pensacola Civil Center where I spend the hour chatting with other fans about the current status of TNA especially about Bruce Prichard being shown the door which most everyone agreed was a good thing. At around 5:30 PM, Jimmy Jay came out to hype up the crowd with three hot deals of the night. First of course was the Brown Bag special which had a TNA shirt, 4 DVDs, an action figure and the tour book. The second big deal was a Kurt Angle action figure from Series 10 for $30 but you got to go backstage and Kurt Angle would autograph it. The third special was the Blue Bag special which was four T-Shirts for $20. The last big deal was a TNA Championship belt which included the Brown Bag special and VIP pass backstage during intermission plus the end of the night photo op for $375. Here’s the cool thing about buying a TNA Championship belt, bring your belt to any Live TNA house show (TV tapings & PPVs are not part of the deal) and you automatically get the VIP pass and Photo Op at the end of the show for free. That is a very cool idea and I’m planning in investing in one.

I first went to the merchandise stand where I bought the Brown Bag special for $40 which is $10 more than what I’ve paid at last house show I went to. I traded the action figure that came with the Brown Bag special for a Brooke Tessmacher figure and then brought another one for $15. I didn’t buy the Kurt Angle figure because I saving my money for the VIP pass which they did offer this time for $50 which I brought right away.

So I went down to the backstage area and was first in line to get autographs from the following Superstars who were setup at a table; Gunner, “The Cowboy” James Storm, Velvet Sky, Bobby Roode, Robbie E. and Jessie Godderz. Everyone was very nice signing and letting fans take pictures. Bobby Roode was very quiet but was still nice and wasn’t rude to anybody. I think Robbie E. got a kick that I actually had two 8x10s of him to sign.


Next after finding my seat which was second row in section B which was not that great of a seat since it was angle away from the ring, I went back up to the merchandise stand where the greatest Women’s Wrestler active today and current TNA Knockouts Champion; Mickie James would be signing autographs. So I got in line where I had my two 8x10s of Mickie ready for her to sign when one of the guys from the merchandise stand had a box where he tells that if you buy the Mickie James “Somebody’s Going To Pay” CD which was only $10, you can not only get it autograph but you can also go around the table and get you picture with Mickie. Even though I already had the CD, I brought another one so I could get my picture with Mickie. I told Mickie that this was the third greatest day of my life meeting her when she ask me third. I told her that meeting my wife was the second greatest day of my life and the day I married my wife was first greatest day of my life to which Mickie that was so sweet. Before leaving I told Mickie that I love her album specially track 5 “Long Way Down” and that I have her first album which Mickie ready appreciated it.


Jeremy Borash was the ring announcer and host for the night and started off hyping the VIP pass say that the loudness people in the crowd could win one when Bully Ray came to the ring to bitch about losing the TNA title to Chris Sabin week and a half ago. Bully Ray threated to shut down the show and that was going to be no VIP passes tonight. The Main Event Mafia music plays and Kurt Angle comes out to confront Bully Ray telling him that he’s no longer the TNA Champion. Angle then challenges Bully Ray to a match where if Bully Ray then there will be no VIP passes but if Angle then the VIP passes is going to happen. So we got the first match of the night, Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle.


Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle

DSC06696The match started off with Bully in control working on Angle after hitting Angle in the back of the legs with his chain. Fans were chatting for Angle who came back with a German suplex and then went for the Angle Lock which Bully was able to get out of. The action with back and forth with Angle hitting the Angle to get the win and with that win, the VIP passes were still on which is a good thing since I paid $50 for it. (Note: I think it was pretty obvious that Angle was going to win.) Good match to get the crowd pumped up and kind of cool that two Main Eventers like Angle and Bully Ray would be the ones to wrestle the opening match of a house show.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James (TNA Knockouts Championship Match)

DSC06743I was originally under the impression that this was a non-title match but Jeremy Borash announced it as bring for the TNA Knockouts Championship which was cool as this was the second time that I have seen the Knockouts title defended as a house show. Velvet came out to a great pop as she went around the ring slapping hands before “Letting The Pigeons Loose” which I couldn’t get a good picture due to where I was sitting. Mickie came out next to a good pop of her own. The match slowed off with a lockup and Velvet getting control for the early part of the match. Mickie also had her own offense mocking Velvet early in the match. At one point, Velvet had Mickie in the ropes and smacked Mickie on the ass. After Mickie had a neck breaker on Velvet, Velvet came back with a bulldog on Mickie then rolled Mickie into a Schoolgirl rollup. However Mickie was able to roll through and pinned Velvet with the use of the ropes to retain the Knockouts. After the match, Velvet argued with Earl Hebner the referee about Mickie holding the ropes to win but Earl wasn’t changing his decision. In Case you’re wondering who I was cheering; it was Mickie Dud.

Winner & Still TNA Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

Bro Mans (Robbie E. & Jessie Gooderz) vs. “The Cowboy” James Storm & Gunner (TNA Tag Team Championship Match)

DSC06799Robbie E. and Jessie talking how they’re more entertaining than Storm and Gunner stating that they are going to be the new TNA Tag Team Champions. Storm says that only guy he’s ever seen wearing purple is named Barney which got a big pop from the crowd. Robbie and Jessie has the sound guy hit their music and start dancing which Storm says is that he as least say he’s drunk dancing like that while Robbie and Jessie are sober which is sad. The match was hard to follow from where I was sitting because Storm and Gunner’s corner was right in front of me. Storm and Gunner had control for the beginning of the match until Jessie trips Gunner allowing Robbie to start working on Gunner. Things break down toward the end with all four men in the ring with Storm hitting the Last Call on both Robbie and Jessie. Gunner gets the win for his team hitting a power bomb on Jessie.

Winners & Still TNA Tag Team Champions: “The Cowboy” James Storm & Gunner

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy


Anderson came out to the ring on the opposite side to the boos of fans. Anderson grabbed a sign from a fan and ripped it up in front on them which was “Classic Heel.” Hardy came out to a huge pop as he went slapping with fans around ringside. On a side note there was this creepy guy with Jeff Hardy face paint who was chanting “Hardy” every two minutes. Match starts off with Anderson low blowing Hardy from behind. Anderson worked on Hardy for a while until Hardy comes back and knocks Anderson to the outside of the ring. While Anderson had control of the match there were a couple of fans who were shouting “You Can’t Wrestling” which Anderson chimed back “That’s Way You’re Out There And I’m In Here.” The match was evenly match as Anderson and Hardy were countering each other’s moves with Anderson block Hardy’s attempt at the “Twist of Fate” while Hardy blocked the “Mic Check.” Hardy was able to win the match after blocking another attempt at “Mic Check” to hit Anderson with the “Twist of Fate” to the delight of the fans.

Winner: Jeff Hardy


It was now time for intermission, so I went to get in line to go backstage where I got to meet the following Superstars; Devon, “The Cowboy” James Storm, AJ Styles, Chris Sabin and Jeff Hardy. Storm signed my other two 8x10s and actually remembered my name which I thought was cool. AJ and Devon were nice as I got my picture with AJ. There was no one I could get to take a picture with me and Devon plus I’ve had my picture with Devon taken before. I got my picture taken for a second time with Chris Sabin who this time signed my book for me. I got in line for Jeff Hardy who I not only got my picture with but I also got Hardy’s autograph which is a rare thing. I didn’t have an 8×10 of Hardy so I got him to sign my book.


Devon vs. AJ Styles


Like Anderson earlier, Devon came out of the opposite side to the ring as the fans were booing him. Styles comes out heading straight to ring not interacting with the fans. The match for the most part went back and forth with Style hitting the Pele in Devon which got a big pop from the crowd. One point during the two were fighting on the outside of the ring with Styles getting the better of Devon. End of the match came when Mr. Anderson came out and distracted the referee allowing Devon to knock out Styles with a chain in order to get the win.

Winner: Devon

After the match, Devon and Anderson mock Styles and then argue with some fans ringside which Devon splashed water in a fan’s face. I’m that the guy was a plant or he was a really good sport. After Devon leaves, Anderson gets back in the ring mocking Styles which Styles hits the Pele on Anderson and then locks in the Calf Killer making Anderson scream like a little B@tch. Styles then heads for the back with the crowd cheering Styles.

Bobby Roode vs. Chris Sabin (TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match)


Bobby Roode comes out looking focus for the match making it clear that he’s the real TNA Champion. Chris Sabin comes to huge pop from the crowd making his way to the ring with the TNA title on his shoulder. Match starts off with Roode shouting in Sabin’s that he’s not the real TNA Champion. Sabin several shoulder block off the ropes but couldn’t take Roode down. Sabin then goes for some fact pace being able to take Roode to the mat. Roode regains control of the match with a nice Pay Off on Sabin. Later Roode and Sabin trade to the chest with Roode getting the better of Sabin. The match ends when Sabin comes up behind Roode who is arguing with the referee to hit All Hail Sabin for the win to retain the TNA title.

Winner & Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Sabin

After the match, Sabin is attack from behind by Bully Ray who starts beating the shit of Sabin with the steel chain while Roode just stands and stares. Bully tried to get Roode to join in on the beating but Roode leaves the ring to Bully’s surprise. While Bully Ray is yelling at Roode, Jeff Hardy runs down to the ring and hits the “Twist of Fate” Bully. Bully heads to back with his head between his legs as Hardy and Sabin celebrate in the ring.

Jeremy Borash then gets on the mic thanking everyone coming to the show and that he’s going to tell TNA management that they need to do a Impact Wrestling TV taping or even a PPV from Pensacola which I serious doubt but it would be extremely cool if they did. Borash then tells everyone the after show photo op is for $20 you can get your picture taken by ringside with both Chris Sabin and Jeff Hardy. Those who have the TNA replica belts or bought the VIP pass get the photo op for free. So I got in line and when it was my turn, I went up and Chris Sabin said “Hey I’ve seen you” which was cool. I thank you both of them and told Sabin that was a great match he just had with Roode which he said thank.

Well it was beyond an amazing which all the hell that I went through to get to the show was worth it. All the matches were great and I got see some stars that I have seen wrestle before like Velvet Sky, Kurt Angle and Chris Sabin. I ended up getting a total of 25 autographs between my 8x10s and book. I got my picture with just about everyone including Mickie James which was just an awesome moment that I will never forget. For those who put down Mickie James and call her a sob can kiss my cat’s ass because Mickie James one of the nicest people that you will ever meet and she is very appreciative of her fans. If you have a TNA house show coming near then I highly recommend that you buy a ticket and go. You will not be disappointed.

Stars of The Night

  1. Chris      Sabin
  2. Jeff      Hardy
  3. Mickie      James

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