Making An Imapct: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 07/25/13

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Making An Impact

With Riley Ross

“Note Riley Ross is cover this week’s “Making An Impact” I’ll be back late Sunday\Monday with a review of the TNA house show that I’m attending in Pensacola, FL tomorrow.”

Welcome back to “Making an Impact”, I’m Riley Ross and I will be filling in for Billy James tonight. Please bear with me as this is the first time I have watched Impact in a while. Tonight we get another BFG series match AJ Style versus Jeff Hardy, we get another X Division match. Also we will get answers on how Bully Ray is going to get revenge on Chris Sabin for winning his title.

The show opens up with the Main Event Mafia coming out. Sting gets on the microphone and talks about Sabin beating Bully Ray for the title. He says that the MEM has won battle number one. Kurt Angle gets on the mic and addresses the members of Aces and Eights. He says there will be a celebration later tonight. Angle welcomes Chris Sabin to the ring. The title does look good on him. A recap is shown on how he won the title from Bully Ray. Sabin gets on the microphone and thanks the MEM for battling Aces and Eights. He says he has a big target on his back and he addresses Magnus and Samoa Joe who both want the title. He decrees that he will challenge the winner of the X Division series tonight to a match next week in a champion vs. champion match. Here comes Bully Ray and his lawyer. His lawyer announces that they have filed a lawsuit against Impact Wrestling. He says this will be resolved if they strip Sabin of the title and hand it over to Bully Ray. They have until the end of the show to hand the title over. Bully is screaming threats to sue them all.

Hulk Hogan is shown backstage on his cellphone while someone is trying to interview him about the lawsuit. Hogan brushes him off rather rudely.

They show a clip of Manik being interviewed. He talks about what he went thru to realize his dream of becoming a pro-wrestler.

Manik vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Greg Marasciulo—the match starts off with Marasciulo attacking Sonjay Dutt. He throws him out of the ring and Manik tosses him over the top rope and onto the ramp. Dutt and Manik are back in the ring but Manik sends him flying thru the ropes. Sonjay gets back in the ring and sends Manik flying to the outside. Marasciulo comes over and slams Manik’s head onto the ramp.  He scoop slams him down on the ramp and goes after Sonjay Dutt who is climbing up the structure. Nice Hurricanrana from Dutt to Marasciulo. Dutt climbs the top rope and gets nailed from behind from Marasciulo. Somehow Manik gets back in the ring and gets laid out again. Nice neck breaker takedown from Manik. He head-butts Marasciulo who is standing on the apron, he goes for the shoulder block but Marasciulo counters with a leg drop. Marasciulo grabs the cable that has the title on it but Manik stops him. Manik takes both of his opponents down. Back from commercial, Manik and Marasciulo are fighting on the ramp, he takes down Manik with a modified piledriver and seems like he hurt his left knee. He climbs back up on the top rope and climbs the cables to get to the title but Dutt stops him. They are trading blows and Dutt takes him down with a superkick. Dutt is on the outside the ring and is climbing up the structure, here comes Marasciulo to join him on the structure. Marasciulo makes it to the top of the structure, he is slapping at Dutt. They are trading blows on top of the structure. They are on their feet and he goes for a suplex but Dutt blocks him. They are trading blows and Marasciulo loses his footing but his feet are on the cables. Here comes Manik who is hanging upside down to get the title. He knocks Marasciulo to the mat and scores the title. Winner: Manik

Bully Ray is shown talking to Ken Anderson backstage. They are talking about how the lawsuit has Hogan where they want him. Bully congratulates him on becoming the vice president of Aces and Eights.  He tells Anderson to get the job done tonight.

Mr. Anderson vs. Hernandez—this is another match in the BFG series. The match starts off with a lockup and Anderson putting Hernandez in a side headlock. Hernandez gets out and they trade insults before Anderson clubs him like a baby seal. Anderson runs the ropes but Hernandez takes him down with a shoulder block. Anderson is on the apron and he goes to suplex Hernandez but he is blocked. He pulls Anderson over the ropes and Anderson has him in the corner. Hernandez goes to the top rope and Anderson tosses him down. He goes for the pin but Hernandez kicks out. He is working Hernandez’s neck and is striking him before going for the wrist of his opponent. Hernandez is fighting back but Anderson takes him down and goes for another pin attempt but Hernandez kicks out. Hernandez slingshots him into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block. He charges at Anderson and connects with a splash. Hernandez hits him with a backbreaker and goes for the pin but Anderson kicks out at 2. Anderson scoops him up but Hernandez fights out and he takes Anderson down with another shoulder block. Hernandez goes outside the ring and does a running charge at the ring, he launches himself at Anderson but he dodges which causes Hernandez to crash into the mat. Anderson nails him with the Mic Check and scores the win. Winner: Mr. Anderson

Dixie Carter is shown backstage when someone asks her about the lawsuit. She says that they will know when she knows. Joseph Parks is looking for something when Eric Young comes strolling in with an iPad in hand. They are talking about Parks match with Jeff Hardy and Young says that he will help Parks figure out what is going on with him.

Velvet Sky comes out and she is looking good. She grabs the microphone to admit that she made a mistake about her match with Mickie James. She says that she shouldn’t have let Mickie know that she was injured. Velvet announces that she is going to play things closer to her chest from now on. She goes on to say that she will have a ringside seat for the match between Gail Kim and Mickie James.

Gail Kim vs. Mickie James—this match is for the Knockout’s championship. ODB is the referee for this match. The match starts off with a lockup and Gail Kim takes her down to the mat. Mickie reverses it and they are choking each other until ODB makes them break it up. Mickie puts Gail n the corner and is delivering a shoulder block until it’s broken up. Gail reverses it and the same thing happens with her. She kicks Mickie in the leg and then slams her backwards. She goes for the pin but Mickie kicks out. She has Mickie in a side headlock and somehow Mickie fights out. She takes Gail down and goes for the pin but Gail kicks out. Mickie goes for a dropkick but Gail moves. She goes for the pin but Mickie kicks out. So far Gail has the upper hand in this match and she is gloating about it. She goes to the outside of the ring but Mickie kicks her off of the apron. ODB is counting out Gail Kim but she gets to her feet and is trying to get back in the ring. She wraps Mickie’s leg around the steel ring post to do the Figure Four but Mickie kicks her to the floor. Mickie launches herself at her and is pummeling away at her. Both women are in the ring and Mickie delivers a neckbreaker. She goes for the pin but Gail kicks out. Mickie slams her down to the mat and goes to the top rope, she launches herself at Gail who moves out of the way. The ladies are doing submission moves on one another but they keep using the ropes so ODB breaks it up. Gail kicks Mickie in the head and throws her in the corner. She goes to launch herself at Mickie but Mickie kicks her. She goes for the Hurricanrana but Gail powerbombs her and goes for the pin. She tries to use the ropes but ODB catches her. While Gail is arguing with the ref, Mickie hits her. Gail throws Mickie out of the ring and slaps ODB. While she is distracted, Mickie runs in and rolls her up. Winner: Mickie James.

ODB grabs Gail Kim and they start yelling at one another. Here comes Brooke Hogan to scold Gail Kim. She reminds Gail Kim that ODB is an active wrestler. Gail runs out of the ring before ODB can break her in half.

Hogan and Dixie are shown talking about this lawsuit by Bully Ray. Hogan says maybe they should think outside the box when dealing with Aces and Eights. It sounds like a decision has been made and it doesn’t look good for Sabin.

Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe—match starts off with Samoa Joe kicking Daniels in the left leg. They go for a lockup and Samoa Joe pushes him into the ropes. They go for another lockup and Samoa Joe takes him down. He is owning Daniels’ ass. He flings him into the corner and charges at him. He steps on Daniels face and then goes charging at him again. Daniels is trying to mount a comeback and starts stomping away at Samoa Joe. Joe delivers a brutal chop to Daniels. Daniels is trying to wear down Joe and goes for the pin but Joe kicks out. He chops Samoa Joe and does a snap mare. He goes for a choke hold but Samoa Joe is powering out. Holy shit, Samoa Joe tosses Daniels like a football over his head. He takes him down with a clothesline and delivers an inverted atomic drop, he follows that up with a kick. He goes for the pin but Daniels kicks out. He scoop slams Daniels to the mat and goes for another pin attempt but Daniels kicks out. Daniels delivers a series of slaps to Joe’s chest and Samoa Joe knocks him down with one slap. Samoa Joe goes for the pin but Daniels kicks out.  Daniels runs at Joe but Joe catches him and slams him down. He has Daniels on the top ropes and here comes Mr. Anderson to distract Samoa Joe. Daniels takes advantage of this and rolls him up but Samoa Joe kicks out. Daniels delivers a moonsault and scores the win. Winner: Christopher Daniels

Sting is shown talking to Kurt Angle. They are trying to get everyone on the same page but they keep bickering over the Bully Ray legal situation. Sting is trying to assure him that their goal is still the same to rid Impact of Aces and Eights.

AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy—while I have the utmost respect for creativity, painting eyes on your eyelids is creepy. The match kicks off with a lockup and AJ putting Hardy in a headlock. Hardy is trying to fight out of it. Hardy finally takes Styles down with a shoulder block after sending Styles flying into the ropes. Hardy slams his face into the turnbuckle. AJ slams Hardy down. Both men are down. Back from commercial and Hardy is down outside the ring. AJ does a baseball slide and sends Hardy flying into the announcer’s booth. He helps Hardy back into the ring and takes him down again. He is working the neck of Hardy while Hardy powers to his feet. Hardy is mounting an offense but ends up flying to the mat. I’m liking this new AJ Styles. Hardy gets back in the ring and gets slammed down by Styles. He goes back to the neck of Hardy and once again Hardy powers to his feet. Hardy kicks him and he does a freaking sweet move to AJ that puts AJ on his ass. Hardy does a clothesline and hits the inverted atomic drop. He goes for a dropkick on Styles. AJ knocks him down with a freaking beautiful dropkick. Styles charges at Hardy but he moves out of the way. Hardy delivers a splash and goes for the pin but Styles kicks out. Hardy kicks him and tries to fling him in the corner but Styles blocks him. AJ suplexes Hardy on his head. AJ helps him up and flings him into the corner. Somehow Hardy takes him down and goes to the top rope and takes AJ down. He goes for the pin but Styles kicks out. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but AJ kicks him. AJ gets to his feet and he does and goes for the Calf Killer on Jeff Hardy. Winner: AJ Styles.

The crowd is chanting ‘you tapped out’ to Hardy. Hardy extends his hand to AJ Styles but Styles walks off.

Hogan is shown backstage again and someone asks him once more about the lawsuit. Bully Ray makes his way to the ring and tells them to cut his music. He starts whining about losing the title. Seriously he is coming across as a whiney little hypocrite going on and on about the hammer. Man up, you were going to hit Sabin with it to retain the title. So he flipped the script on you. He tells Sabin to come out and hand over the title now. Here comes Sabin to respond to Bully Ray’s allegations. The crowd is behind Sabin 100%. Sabin says he came out to see what a big fat crybaby Bully Ray is. He references his two knee injuries and says he didn’t sit at home and cry or whine. He says he isn’t handing over the title to Bully Ray. Here comes Hogan to make his decision. Hogan has the contract in his hand, he rips up the paper. He says that Sabin will remain the World Heavyweight Championship. He goes on to say that Bully Ray will get a rematch with Sabin on August 15th. There will be no outside interference from either side. We learn that the title will be defended in a steel cage match. The show ends with Sabin and Bully Ray having a stare down.

In closing, I thought the show was decent. I’m not used to watching Impact so I am not going to knock it like I normally knock the WWE. I’m hoping that with all of the struggles that Impact is going thru that they can survive and overcome. You know what needs to be fixed and you know what you have to do Dixie Carter. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!!


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