Ring of Riley: Ring of Honor Review for 07/21/13

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Welcome back to Ring of Riley where I break down each segment and match of Ring of Honor. At the end of the review, I will talk about Riley’s Rewind which is the match that I cannot stop watching and Riley’s Regret which is the most cringe worthy moment of the hour long show. Also I will be awarding a top honor to a wrestler or wrestlers that stole the show; this honor is called Star of the Night. We have Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly on commentary. We get Matt Hardy vs. Jay Briscoe for the title tonight, Adam Cole vs. Will Ferrera.

Adam Cole vs. Will Ferrera—this is Will Ferrera’s debut in RoH.  Roderick Strong comes out to address Adam Cole and what happened at Best in the World iPPV. Adam Cole takes the microphone and defends himself. He apologizes if he disrespected Strong or the company. He turns to Ferrera and compliments him but says he wants to fight Strong tonight.

Adam Cole vs. Roderick Strong—match starts off with a handshake between the two. The bell rings and the two men go for a lockup and go for a series of moves. Both men are on their feet and go for a more traditional takedown. Cole and Strong are showing off their quick athleticism and agility. They go for another lockup and Strong backs Cole into the corner. Cole does the same to him but the referee calls for them to break it up. Strong has him in the corner again and is chopping Cole’s chest. He scoops him up to slam him down but Cole counters. Cole goes for the pin but Strong kicks out. Cole goes for the suplex but Strong keeps blocking him. Strong ends up suplexing him. He goes to the corner to gain a moment and Cole goes charging at him but he moves at the last second. He nails him with a back chop and Cole counters with a neck breaker. He goes for the pin but Strong kicks out. Cole has him in a reverse chin lock before going to commercial. Back from commercial and Cole is in charge as he suplexs Strong and goes for another pin attempt but Strong kicks out. Cole scoops him up and tosses him down before doing another pin attempt. He goes for a move where he has his legs wrapped around Strong’s throat but Strong somehow counters and puts Cole’s shoulders on the mat. This pin attempt is short lived as Cole breaks his hold. Both men are on their feet and Strong is nailing him with punches, he flings Cole into the ropes and he delivers a beautiful dropkick to Cole. Strong takes him down and chops him again. He nails him with a bulldog and goes for the pin but Cole kicks out. He goes to help up Cole but Cole puts him in the corner. Somehow Strong reverses this and puts Cole on the top rope and maneuvers him to where he is tied up on the ropes. He launches himself at Cole and then delivers a backbreaker. He goes for the pin but Cole kicks out. Cole kicks him but Strong kicks him in the back of the head. He delivers another backbreaker and goes for the pin but Cole kicks out again. Cole uses the ropes to his advantage and does a move on the apron. He rolls Strong inside the ring and goes for the pin but Strong kicks out. Cole has the Figure Four Leglock locked in but Strong maneuvers to the ropes to break the hold. Strong is on the outside standing on the apron and he puts Cole on the top turnbuckle. He stands on the second rope and now they are both on the top rope and Strong nails him with a superplex. Strong goes for the pin but Cole kicks out. Both men are on their feet and Strong goes for a suplex but Cole blocks him. Strong goes for a submission move but Cole kicks him into the referee. Cole superkicks Strong and all three men are down. Corino goes to the ring and throws in a length of chain into the ring. Strong grabs the chain but Cole kicks him and grabs the chain. He nails Strong with it just as the referee opens his eyes. Winner by DQ: Roderick Strong.

Matt Hardy is shown arriving to the arena in a limo. He is wearing an ICON shirt and let me take the time to inform him of two things. One, I’m surprised there is a limo big enough to fit his ass and his ginormous ego and two, you aren’t an icon of wrestling. Maybe you are the icon of lazy, incompetent idiots but not of wrestling. He offers money to a fan in exchange for his unflattering Hardy sign. The fan refuses but S.C.U.M. rips up the sign anyways. Hardy save your money because I’m pretty sure you will need it for your dinner later.

Matt Hardy vs. Jay Briscoe (RoH World Championship is on the line)—Steve Corino is escorting his best friend, Corino please seek help if you trust Hardy. Jay Briscoe comes out with a heavily taped shoulder. Corino introduces Matt Hardy and is blowing smoke up Hardy’s ass. My respect for Corino is slowly fading to nothing. You and Hardy need to be slapped in the face repeatedly with a baseball bat wrapped in barb wire. The only thing Matt Hardy is the savior of is his own imagination. How many cheeseburgers had to be sacrificed to get him to the arena? If Hardy needs to be coddled that damn much then maybe his ass needs to get out of wrestling. Finally the match gets underway and they go for a lockup. Each are struggling to push the other into the corner. Hardy starts working the left shoulder of Briscoe but Briscoe shakes him off. You can hear him scream as Hardy goes back to work on the left arm. Briscoe makes a comeback as he tries to stomp the fat out of Hardy. He collides into Hardy like a tank. He has Hardy in the corner and is delivering shoulder block after shoulder block. He goes to do it again but Hardy counters and slams Briscoe bad shoulder first into the ring post repeatedly. Hardy has him in a Hammerlock but Briscoe powers to his feet. They trade blows before Hardy slams him down with a Side Effect. He goes for the pin but Briscoe kicks out. Briscoe goes for the Death Valley Driver but Hardy counters with the Twist of Fate. He goes for the bin but Briscoe kicks out again. Corino is pacing back and forth like a nervous defense attorney. Hardy has Briscoe in the corner and is pounding away at Briscoe. He goes back to work on the left shoulder of Briscoe. Back from commercial and Briscoe is fighting back with everything he has. He executes a beautiful dropkick to Hardy. He goes to charge at Hardy who is lounging in the corner to regain his breath, however Hardy greets him with his boot. Hardy goes to the second rope and does a weak ass elbow drop. While Hardy is gloating like the bitch he is, Briscoe superkicks him. He goes for the pin but Hardy kicks out. Briscoe flips someone the bird. He is kicking Hardy and Hardy sends him flying into the ropes where Corino sweeps his feet out from underneath him. Hardy nails him with the Twist of Fate and goes for the pin but Briscoe kicks out. Hardy throws him out of the ring and throws him into the barricade. He does this a couple of times before throwing him into the ring and going for the pin. Once again Briscoe shows his gumption as he kicks out. He is mounting a comeback and nails Hardy with the Jay Driller. He goes for the pin but Hardy kicks out. The tape is coming off his shoulder as he stomps away at Hardy’s ankle. Hardy calls for a timeout but Briscoe isn’t having it. Hardy nails Briscoe with his boot that he took off and goes for the pin but Briscoe kicks out. Hardy hits him with another Twist of Fate and another. He goes for the pin but Briscoe kicks out and the crowd is on fire. Hardy goes for a submission hold but Briscoe fights out. Hardy is punching away at Briscoe while Corino coaches Hardy on what to do. He goes to the top rope and Briscoe nails him. Hardy is trapped on the ropes and Briscoe pulls him down. Hardy goes for a pin but Briscoe kicks out. LET’S GO BRISCOE!!! They are trading blows back and forth. Briscoe is wailing away on Hardy’s untalented ass. He goes for a Jay Driller but Hardy blocks him and goes for a Twist of Fate but Briscoe rolls him up and wins. Winner and thankfully still RoH World Champion: Jay Briscoe.

S.C.U.M. attacks Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe.

Riley’s Rewind—this honor goes to the Jay Briscoe and Matt Hardy match. Both men put on one helluva match. It was action packed and honestly had me glued to the seat. I almost threw the laptop when I thought Hardy was going to win.

Riley’s Regret—this dishonor still goes to RoH for not re-signing Jay Briscoe at this time. You need him more than he needs you. So make it happen.

Star of the Night—without a doubt this goes to Jay Briscoe for putting his heart and soul into this match. Even with a bad shoulder injury, he managed to carry Hardy’s deadweight around like a champion. Thank you Jay Briscoe for making me a Ring of Honor fan.

In closing, I thought the show was blah at first but the main event picked up steam. I thought the Adam Cole and Roderick Strong match was decent. I could have done without seeing Hardy’s entrance to the arena. Make sure you all check out http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-shark-attack-live. We’ll be airing Tuesday at 10pm ET Call in at (347) 945-6363. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!

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  1. Do you legitimately hate Hardy as a dude or just as a character? Cause the whole icon, ego thing is hilarious and purely kayfabe. Cut the guy some slack. If you haven’t seen the Matt Hardy anti-bullying video yet, check it out on Youtube and prepare to see him as an icon of comedy.

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