Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind: WWE 2010 Money In The Bank

Andrew' B's Wrestling Rewind 2010 WWE Money In The Bank

Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind

With Andrew B.

Hi guys Andrew B here with another Wrestling Rewind and in case you don’t know the next WWE PPV is Money in the Bank so I figured let’s look at the 2010 MITB PPV. In the main event Sheamus will battle John Cena in a Cage Match for the WWE Title. Plus 16 Superstars will compete in 2 MITB Ladder Matches but only 2 will be winners. Alicia Fox will defend her Divas Title against Eve. Also Layla defends the Divas Title against Kelly. Plus Jack Swagger & Rey Mysterio will battle for the World Heavyweight Title. So let’s begin right now.

We get a video package to start the show followed by the pyro. We then see the crowd in Kansas City & the announcers for the night which are Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole & Matt Striker. We then see the Spanish announcers.

Match 1: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show vs. Christian vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre in the SD MITB Ladder Match:

The match starts as a huge brawl with everyone going at it. Cody brings a ladder in the ring & sets it up. Cody climbs as Show & Kane throw everyone out of the ring. They both pull Cody down & then throw him out of the ring. Show & Kane have a stare down & then trade punches but Show takes down Kane with a shoulder block & Show is left alone. Show goes to climb the ladder but the rungs broke so Show takes the ladder down & everyone comes in the ring but Show takes them all out. Show then throws the ladder at Kane outside. Show goes under the ring to get his reinforced ladder but everyone attacks him & throws him into the stairs. Everyone then brawls & Drew takes them all out & slingshots Christian into a ladder. Drew then throws the ladder in the ring & sets it up & climbs but Hardy stops him. Hardy climbs to the top but Christian pulls him down & climbs but Matt pulls him down & throws him to the outside. Cody climbs up but Kofi stops him as Christian & Matt brawl outside the ring. Kofi climbs the ladder but Dolph stops him. Dolph climbs but Christian is on the other side. They trade punches until Christian hip tosses Dolph off the ladder & then Matt pushes Christian off. Matt hits Kofi with the side effect but then Kane come in & go to double chokeslam matt & Christian but they counter & hit Kane with double DDT. Matt & Christian sandwich Kane with ladders. Matt goes for Twist of Fate but Christian counters & flapjacks Matt on the ladder. Christian climbs the ladder but Cody pushes him over & he lands on Show outside the ring.  Cody hits Kane with Beautiful Disaster & then Kofi hits Kane with Trouble in Paradise & then Matt hits Kane with Twist of Fate. Kofi climbs but Cody climbs up behind him & hits a back suplex off the ladder. Matt & Cody climb but Drew pushes them off & then throw both of them into the ringpost shoulder first. Drew climbs up but Dolph stops him but Drew throws him shoulder first into the ringpost but Kane then pulls Drew outside & tales apart the Spanish & English Announce Tables. Kane goes to chokeslam Drew through the table but Drew fights out but Kane kicks him onto the table. Kofi hits a baseball slide sending the ladder into Kane’s first. Drew tries to get off the table but Kofi hits Drew with Trouble in Paradise keeping him on the table. Kofi then climbs a ladder & hits a Boom Drop off the top of the ladder on Drew through the Spanish Announcer Table. In the ring Dolph climbs but Show pushes the ladder over & he catches Dolph in air & hits him with a chokeslam. Kane tries to chokeslam Show but Show fights out. Show puts a ladder on top of Kane in the corner & then splashes him in the corner. Hardy & Christian hits Show with a ladder but the 2nd time he grabs the ladder & pushes them both down & then splashes on top of them. Show then goes outside & grabs his big reinforced ladder & he gets it in the ring & climbs but Cody hits Show in the ankle with a step ladder. Cody climbs but Dolph stops him & hits an electric chair. Dolph climbs but Show stops him. Kofi springboards onto the ladder & climbs but Show pull him down but Kofi hits him with DDT. Kofi climbs again but Cody takes him down with a missile dropkick off the top rope. Cody climbs but Dolph takes him down & Zig Zags him into the ladder. Show takes out people with head-butts & then climbs but then Kane pushes it over & Show falls outside the ring. Everyone then drops a ladder on Show outside the ring & Show is buried under a pile of ladders. Everyone tries to climb at once but Kane pulls them all down & hits them with chokeslams. Kane climbs but Dolph climbs up behind him but Kane pulls him down but Dolph locks him in the sleeper but Kane pushes him off. Kane then chokeslams Dolph onto the pile of ladders after Cody & Kofi pull Kane outside but Kane attacks them both & chokeslams Kofi on to the pile of ladders. Cody runs up the ramp but Kane slams him on the ramp & then into one of the trucks on the stage. Matt climbs the ladder but Kane pulls him down. Kane climbs hut Christian & Matt hit Kane with a double powerbomb. Matt & Christian climb & they trade punches at the top but they both push each other off. Drew finally gets up & climbs the ladder but Kane is on the other side & then Kane chokeslams Drew off the ladder. Kane then unhooks the briefcase to win the match after 26 minutes.

Winner: Kane Wins SmackDown MITB

Match Rating: **** out of 5

Backstage Sheamus is with Josh Matthews & Josh asks why he saved Cena on RAW last week after they are opponents for the WWE Title tonight. Sheamus said he is not dumb & he understands the Nexus will come after him eventually. He says he finally chose a side & Josh asks if he respects Cena but Sheamus says he only saved Cena so he has no excuses after he loses tonight. Sheamus says he hates Cena & his jokes about his skin & accent. He says it won’t be funny when he loses in the Cage tonight. Sheamus says Nexus are a threat but he is a bigger threat.

Match 2: Eve vs. Alicia Fox For The Divas Title:

They lock up & Fox pushes Eve in the corner & then takes Eve down as they are still locked up & Eve takes fox down. Eve puts Fox in a side headlock but Fox fights out but Eve takes her down with a shoulder block for a near fall. Eve then pins Fox with a bridge & a school boy for near falls & then takes Fox down with
a dropkick followed by a splash in the corner. Fox throws Eve in the corner but then runs into an elbow from Eve. Eve goes for a tornado DDT but Fox pulls her off the top rope & Eve rolls to the outside. Eve punches Fox but Fox then picks her up & drops her on the apron. Fox brings Eve in the ring by the hair & pins her for a near fall. Fox is in control working on the back of Eve but Eve fights back but runs into a tilt a whirl slam by Fox for a near fall. Fox goes back to working on Eve’s back but Eve fights back with a cross body for a near fall followed by multiple dropkicks. Eve goes to suplex Fox but her back gives out but then hits Fox with a kick & standing moonsault for a near fall. Fox comes back with a kick to the head but then runs into boots from Eve. Eve goes for a 450 splash but Fox puts her knees up & then hits the scissors kick to win after 6 minutes.

Winner: Alicia Fox Retains the Divas Title

Match Rating: ** out of 5

Lawler & Cole hype the SummerSlam cups & then shows highlights of Kane attacking Swagger’s dad on SmackDown. Backstage Swagger is on the phone with his mom & he asks how his dad is doing & he tells his mom to shut up & calm down because it is not his fault. Jack says it was his dad’s idea to come to SmackDown & he got what he deserved because he was trying to steal jack’s spotlight. Jack said he feels bad but he could not risk Kane attacking him because he was a World Title to win tonight. He says his Dad would do the same & that he loves them & hangs up.

Match 3: The Hart Dynasty with Natalya vs. The Usos with Tamina for the WWE Tag Team Titles:

Smith starts with Jey & they lock up & Smith takes Jey down. Jey comes back but runs into a scoop slam from Smith. Kidd tags in Smith & he hip tosses Kidd into a hurricanrana on Jey for a near fall. Kidd tags in Smith & Smith trades punches with Jey but Jey takes down Smith & levels him with punches. Jey tags in Jimmy who attacks Smith in the corner with punches & kicks. Jimmy tags in Jey & Jey hits a running corner hip attack for a near fall. Jey then runs into a back drop from Jey. Jey tags in Jimmy as Smith takes the baby face beat down. Jimmy runs into a belly to belly suplex from Smith. Jimmy tags in Jey & Smith makes the hot tag to Kidd. Kidd takes it to Jimmy & hits a dropkick to the head followed by kicks in the corner. Kidd hits Jey with a roll up but Jey tags Jimmy & Jey throws Kidd in the air & Jimmy catches him & hits him with a Samoan Drop. Jimmy attacks Kidd with punches & then a body slam. Jimmy goes for a splash but Kidd gets the knees up. Kidd tags in Smith & he takes Jimmy down with a shoulder block & then goes for the sharpshooter but Tamina hops on the apron but Natalya pulls her down & hits her with a body slam. Jimmy goes to super kick Smith but he counters & locks Jimmy in the sharpshooter. Kidd knocks Jey off the apron & then hits a cross body on the outside on Jey as Jimmy taps out to the sharpshooter.

Winners: The Hart Dynasty Retain the WWE Tag Titles

Match Rating: ** ½ out of 5

Michael Cole thanks the band I Fight Dragons for allowing WWE to use their song Money for the theme of the PPV. Striker then throws us to a video package for our next match.

Match 4: Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Title:

The match starts with Swagger going after Rey’s leg but Rey uses his speed to stay away & then they lock up & Swagger picks up Rey & brings him in the corner. Swagger pushes Rey but Rey shoves Jack back & then Swagger goes after Rey’s injured leg but Rey kicks him off & slides under Jack’s leg but Jack catches him & goes for the Ankle Lock but Rey fights off with kicks. Swagger charges Rey but he trips Jack & goes for the 619 but Jack moves & goes for a clothesline but Rey ducks & kicks Jack in the gut & then the leg. Rey goes for a springboard moonsault but Swagger catches him & rams him in the corner & then hangs Rey in the tree of woe. Swagger charges but Rey pulls himself up & Swagger crashes into the ring post & Swagger falls to the outside. Rey hits Swagger with a seated senton on the outside. Rey kicks Jack & they go back in the ring. Rey goes to the top rope but Swagger runs up & hits him with a belly to belly throw. Swagger then goes to working on Rey’s injured leg but Rey rolls outside. Swagger slams Rey on the announcer’s table & then stands on Rey’s injured ankle. They go back in the ring & Swagger goes back to working on the leg & locks in a modified knee bar but Rey fights out with kicks.  Swagger goes for a clothesline but Rey ducks & Swagger picks him up & throws him in the air for a Samoan Drop but its gets botched on the way down but Swagger lands on Rey & pins him for a near fall. Swagger throws Rey across the ring & then goes for the corner slingshot splash but Rey moves & hits Jack with a kick to the head. Rey hits Jack with a seated senton off the top turnbuckle. Rey then runs into a head-butt from Jack but Jack runs into the boots of Rey & then Rey hits Jack with a hurricanrana. Rye hits Swagger with a split legged moonsault for a near fall. Rey goes for a bulldog but Swagger hits him with a wheelbarrow suplex for a near fall. Swagger runs into a boot from Rey but then Jack catches Rey & hits him with the gut wrench powerbomb for a near fall. Jack then goes for the Ankle Lock but Rey fights out. Swagger then picks up Rey for an electric Chair but Rey counters with a hurricanrana that sends Jack shoulder first into the ringpost. Rey then goes to the top rope but Swagger crotches him & goes for a power slam off the middle rope but Rey counters & hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Rey then sets up Jack for the 619 & he hits him with a 619. Rey goes for the seated senton but Jack catches him & locks in the Ankle Lock but Rey grabs the ropes but Jack then hits Rey with multiple corner slingshot splashes. Jack then stomps all over Rey’s injured ankle. Rey loosens his boot & Jack for the Ankle Lock but Rey slides out & hits a hurricanrana into a rollup to win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Retains the World Heavyweight Title

Match Rating: *** ½ out of 5

After the match Jack attacks Rey & locks in the Ankle Lock & Rey is tapping but Kane comes out to save Rey & attacks Swagger. They brawl up the ramp & into the back & then Rey poses in the ring until Kane’s music hits & he comes back out to cash in his MITB briefcase.

Match 5: Kane vs. Rey Mysterio For The World Heavyweight Title:

The bell rings & Rey tries to run away from Kane but Kane catches him & drops him on his injured leg. Kane hits Rey with a chokeslam. Kane then hits Rey with a tombstone to win the match in under 1 minute.

Winner: Kane Wins the World Heavyweight Title

Match Rating: ¼ * out of 5

Backstage Edge is watching Kane on the screen & then Jericho shows up. Edge says he has eyes in the back of his head but Jericho says those are desperate eyes. Edge says Kane is not the only one to win cash in & win a title tonight. Edge says he already won a MITB ladder match but Y2J says that he created this match. Edge says that’s big talk from a guy who never won a MITB ladder match but Jericho says that makes him more desperate. Edge says the fun is just starting then Jericho says no fun but the worst is yet to come for Edge.

Match 6: Kelly Kelly with Tiffany vs. Layla with Michelle McCool for the Women’s Title:

They lock up & Layla pushes Kelly into the corner & Kelly tries to get out but Layla pushes her back in. Kelly then hits Layla with a Thez Press & slams Layla’s head on the mat repeatedly.  Layla throws Kelly into the ropes but Kelly hits her with a kick to the face & then multiple slaps to the face. Kelly then rams Layla’s head into the turnbuckle multiple times & then hits Layla with multiple kicks. Kelly then goes for the springboard in the corner but Layla moves. Kelly hops on the top turnbuckle & goes on Layla’s shoulders & rolls through for a near fall. Kelly kicks Layla to the outside. Kelly walks on the apron but Layla trips her & kicks Kelly’s leg multiple times. In the ring Layla pins Kelly for a near fall & then works on Kelly’s leg. Kelly is on the apron & Layla hits her with a baseball slide accidentally landing her on Michelle. Layla then throws Kelly into the barricade & then Michelle attacks Kelly. Kelly pushes Michelle off the barricade & then attacks Layla throwing her into the apron & then the ring. Kelly hits Layla with multiple clotheslines & a bridge for a near fall. Kelly hits K2 & pins Layla but Michelle puts Layla’s foot on the rope. Tiffany & Kelly hit Michelle with a double shoulder block. Kelly hits a sunset flip off the top rope but Layla rolls through & gets the win after 4 minutes.

Winner: Layla Retains the Divas Title

Match Rating: * out of 5

We get a Don’t Try This At Home reminder.

We see the National Guard in the crowd.

We then see highlights of the SD MITB from earlier.

Match 7: Evan Bourne vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison vs. Miz vs. Edge vs. Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton vs. Ted Dibiase with Maryse in the RAW MITB Ladder Match:

Edge slides out of the ring & slides a ladder in the ring & they all fight for the ladder & then all go after Henry but he fights them off & they all fight. Miz hits the running clothesline on Henry in the corner but then Bourne dropkicks Miz to the outside. Bourne hits Henry with a running dropkick in the corner as Orton slams Ted’s head on the announcer’s table. Edge climbs up the ladder but Orton pulls him down & throws him to the outside. Orton attacks Edge with punches on the outside as Ted clotheslines Morrison & he lands on the ladder. Ted hits Orton with the ladder but Bourne dropkicks the ladder into Ted’s face. Miz slams Bourne’s head & rams it on the ladder. Miz throws Bourne to the outside. Y2J attacks Miz in the ring & then sets up the ladder but Miz comes back with punches. Henry throws a ladder at both of them. Y2J rams a ladder into the head of Henry & then he drops the ladder on Henry. Bourne sets a ladder up & climbs but Edge pulls him down but Bourne lands on him & hits him with a hurricanrana. Orton attacks Bourne in the ring with kicks. He puts Bourne through the rung of the ladder & hits the hanging DDT. Morrison hits Orton with a flash kick that sends Randy to the outside. Morrison goes to suplex Ted on the ladder but Miz saves him & them double team Morrison.  Miz puts a ladder in the corner between the ropes & they throw Morrison but he slides under the ladder so Miz charges Morrison but Morrison flapjacks Miz on the ladder & then he trips Ted on the ladder. Morrison sets up the ladder & climbs but Edge climbs up the other side & then y2J sets up a ladder next to them & climbs but Orton climbs up the other side. Henry goes between both ladders & tips them both over. Bourne hits Henry with a springboard knee to the face. Everybody is down so Maryse climbs up the ladder but Morrison pulls her down & tells her to leave as Ted climbs the ladder but Morrison stops him. Ted slams Morrison’s face on the ladder & he charges the corner with the ladder but Morrison slides to the outside & then pulls Ted to the outside. He throws Ted into the guardrail but then gets hit by a ladder from Miz. Miz leans the ladder against the guardrail & then drops Morrison on the guardrail. Miz slingshots Morrison into the ladder but Morrison hangs on & climbs in the ring & then pushes a ladder on to run up the ladder & get on the ladder Edge is on. He punches Edge down but Edge grabs his ankles & puts his body between the ladder & then he & Miz slam a ladder down on Morrison & then he hits Miz with the ladder & pushes the ladder over with Morrison in it. Edge sets up a ladder to climb but Ted hits him with a ladder. Ted hits Y2J & Orton with ladders & then climbs up the ladder but Henry grabs him but Ted kicks off & then jumps off the ladder but Henry catches him & hits him with the World’s Strongest Slam. Henry then kicks Y2J who was holding a ladder. He then drops Miz on top of Y2J who had a ladder on him. Henry climbs but Bourne hops on his back & they climbs but Rated RKO stop them. Rated RKO throws Bourne out of the ring on top of Henry but Henry catches him & hits him with a World’s Strongest Slam outside the ring. Outside Morrison hits Henry with a Flash Kick & then Y2J hits Henry with a code breaker & then Edge spears Henry. Miz, Morrison, Y2J & Rated RKO are all on one ladder & Ted comes in but Miz kicks him out of the ring. Ted slides a ladder in between the ladder & then pulls Miz down & he hits the ladder. Ted climbs up as Rated RKO fall down & they double team Ted & then slide the ladder out of the ring & then Orton hits Edge with an RKO but Y2J kicks Orton out of the ring as Y2J & Morrison are on the ladder but Y2J slips & he is hanging upside down but Orton pulls Morrison down & hits him with an RKO but Bourne then hits Orton with a SSP. Bourne climbs up but Y2J pulls himself up & they trade punches but Y2J hits him with the briefcase & knocks him off. Edge & Y2J fight at the top of the ladder. Y2J falls down a few rungs & Orton hits him with an RKO but then Orton pushes Edge off. Orton climbs up the ladder but Miz pushes the ladder over. Miz then climbs the ladder & pulls down the briefcase after 20 minutes.

Winner: The Miz

Match Rating: *** ¾ out of 5

After the match Miz cuts a promo saying that everyone is living in his moment. He says however you call it & that since he won MITB he made it & he made them all believers. He said get a look at the man with the briefcase cause he is Mr. Money in the Bank & a future WWE Champion because I’m the Miz & I’m Awesome.

Main Event: John Cena vs. Sheamus in a Cage Match for the WWE Title:

They lock up & Sheamus knees Cena in the gut & goes to ram Cena in the cage but Cena counters. They go to lock up but Sheamus kicks Cena & then levels him with forearms & punches followed by spears in the corner & then more forearms & kicks. Sheamus attacks Cena with punches in the corner but Cena comes back & throws Sheamus in the corner & then hits him with a clothesline & then goes to throw Sheamus into the cage but Sheamus counters & throws Cena into the cage & then pins him for a near fall. Sheamus attacks Cena with punches but Cena come back with a spear & punches & then throws Sheamus into the corner but he runs into an elbow from Sheamus.  Sheamus hits a running knee to the head of Cena. Sheamus then attacks Cena with punches & then he drags the face of Cena against the cage. Cena comes back with a suplex for a near fall. They trade punches & Cena hits a running shoulder block but Sheamus ducks the 2nd one & Cena crashes into the cage. Sheamus attacks Cena with punches & kicks. Sheamus goes to climb out of the cage but Cena stops him & they are both on the ropes trading punches & they go to the corner where Cena hits a superplex for a near fall. Cena then goes for the AA but Sheamus counters & hits DDT for a near fall. Sheamus hits Cena with the Celtic Hammer for a near fall. Sheamus hits another Celtic Hammer for another near fall. Sheamus goes for another Celtic Hammer but Cena ducks & comes back with punches & he runs the ropes but Sheamus locks him in a sleeper hold but Cena fights out but Sheamus locks in a rear naked choke but Cena gets up & tries to climb the cage with Sheamus on his back but Sheamus hops down & crotches Cena on the top rope. Sheamus drops a knee on the face of Cena & then steps on his face. Sheamus goes to climb out but Cena pulls him down & drops him throat first on the rope & both men are down.  Cena hits multiple running shoulder blocks & then his signature spinning back slam. Cena then hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for AA but Sheamus counters & tries to climb out but Cena follows him. They are both standing on the top rope trading punches & Cena pushes him down & then goes for a 5 Knuckle Shuffle off the top rope but Sheamus moves. Sheamus attacks Cena with punches & kicks & then ties Cena in the ropes. Sheamus attacks Cena with kicks & punches & then uses Cena as a step stool to climb the cage but Cena breaks out from the ropes & stops Sheamus. Cena hits Sheamus with a bulldog off the top rope for a near fall. Cena goes for an AA but Sheamus counters & hits the Irish Curse. Sheamus hits Cena with a Brogue Kick for a near fall. Sheamus goes a powerbomb but Cena counters & hits an AA for a near fall. Nexus then comes down to the ring with bolt cutters. The ref takes the bolt cutters & goes to the back. They ask another ref for the key but he throws it in the crowd. Cena goes for another AA but Sheamus counters but Cena pushes him into the ref by accident & the ref is down. Cena locks Sheamus in the AA & Sheamus taps but the ref is down. Cena climbs but Gabriel climbs up & Cena throws him into the ring from the top of the cage. Tarver & Young keep Cena on the top as Sheamus climbs the other side & then runs through the crowd.

Winner: Sheamus Retains the WWE Title

Match Rating: *** out of 5

After the match Cena sees Darren Young down & throws him into the cage. Cena then take down Tarver with a huge clothesline. Cena then throws the steps at Tarver after he gets up. He yells that he is going to take them all out & then rips the armband off Tarver. The show ends with Cena walking to the back as Tarver & Young are down outside & Gabriel is down in the ring.


A good PPV that I believe is forgotten in time as both ladder matches were good but are forgotten. The ladder matches were the matches of the night but both World Title matches were good but not great. The Swagger vs. Mysterio match was better than the Cage Match as the Cage Match was boring at points but Rey vs. Swagger told a good story. Kane vs. Rey was like almost every other cash in but at the time it was a huge surprise. The Divas Title match was much better than the women’s & the tag match were good with some nice spots & good fast action. The opening ladder match is the better of the 2 & the spot with Kofi hitting the boom drop on Drew was crazy.

Overall Grade For MITB 2010: 7.5 out of 10

Videos from the Show: – SD MITB – Women’s Title – RAW MITB – Rey vs. Swagger/ Rey vs. Kane

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