It’s Your Main Event: WWE Main Event Review for 07/10/13

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It’s Your Main Event

With Andrew B.

Welcome to “It’s Your Main Event” as we review the final Main Event before Money in the Bank this Sunday. In our feature contest Dolph Ziggler will battle Antonio Cesaro. Also we have a huge 6 man tag as Great Khali teams up with Tons of Funk to battle Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow & Heath Slater. Plus we will look back at this past Monday’s RAW as the Wyatt Family debuted. So let’s begin now.

We get the pyro & opening video package & then see Josh Matthews will be calling the action with former WWE Champion Miz.

Before the match Colter cuts a promo saying this Sunday Cesaro or Swagger will win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. He mentions they are both real Americans & if you are in the crowd or at home stand up & place your hand over your heart & say WE THE PEOPLE & I did it.

Match 1: Antonio Cesaro with Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler:

The match starts off good as Cesaro takes down Dolph with a shoulder block but then gets hits with a dropkick as we go to break early on. After the 1st break the action picked up as there were some nice spots like Cesaro was in control attacking Dolph with elbows, uppercuts, punches & kicks & then Dolph hits a dropkick out of nowhere. After that Cesaro hits an impressive deadlift gut wrench for a near fall. The running uppercut that Cesaro hit in the match on Dolph was unbelievable as well. The spot that I liked was when Cesaro had Dolph in an abdominal stretch but he was also pulling Ziggler’s leg back. The spot before the 2nd break was crazy as Dolph charged Cesaro but Cesaro tossed him in the air & hit him with an uppercut as we went to the 2nd break. The return was just as intense as Dolph hit the fameaser for a near fall. Also Cesaro picked Dolph up off the apron & hit him with a suplex for a very close near fall. In the end of this great match Dolph hit the Zig Zag but Swagger broke up the count just as it was about to end.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler by Disqualification

Match Rating: *** ½ out of 5

After the match Swagger locks Dolph in the Patriot Lock outside the ring but Dolph fights out & takes down Cesaro & then jumps off the ring steps & over Colter to leave.

We get a video package highlighting the Cena vs. Henry rivalry. It was a good video package & my pick is the upset of Henry entering RAW in Brooklyn as the NEW WWE Champion.

Match 2: Great Khali & Tons of Funk with Cameron, Naomi & Natalya vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & Heath Slater with Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre:

The match starts with Sweet T & Rhodes. Rhodes ducks some punches but then takes a punch to the face. Tensai hits him with a splash & then he rolls to the outside as the match went to a break. Back from break & Cody is still in the ring but Brodus is taking it to Cody & then he tags in Tensai. Cody ends up hitting a disaster kick out of nowhere & tags in Slater. All 3 heels make quick tags & beat down Sweet T as he is the baby face in distain. In the end Sweet T comes back & Team Rhodes Scholars leave Slater to take a chop from Khali in the end.

Winners: Great Khali & Tons of Funk

Match Rating: ** out of 5

We get a video package of the Wyatt Family & see their debut as they attacked Kane. The debut was impressive & WWE did not edit out the Husky Harris Chants at the end. I am not a fan of this group yet but I am intrigued by what they will do. Just remember THEYRE HERE!!!

Back from break & another RAW Rebound as it is the Vickie Guerrero job evaluation. The show ends after this segment. The segment was good & I’m excited to see Brad Maddox in control of Monday Night RAW.


Main Event was a weird show this week as we had a great match & then an average match plus we saw multiple RAW Rebounds. The Cesaro vs. Ziggler Match was great as both men are amazing in the ring. I liked the finish as it protected Cesaro from looking weak while also not hurting Dolph before his big World Title Match on Sunday. It also showed Cesaro & Swagger are on the same page. I would not mind Dolph & maybe Big E if he turned face feuding with Swagger & Cesaro as the matches would be good & there is history with Dolph & Jack. The 2nd match was ok as one team was full of limited works & the other had 3 great people. I don’t get why Heath Slater was not teaming with 3mB so hopefully they are going to separate soon. I don’t get why Rhodes Scholars were there when a team like Primetime Players could have replaced them or Rhodes Scholars could have went against 2 people from their match this Sunday. The match was not bad though but not a match of the year contender either.

Overall Grade For 7/10/13 Main Event: 5 out of 10

Well that’s all for this week. Hope you enjoy Money in the Bank on Sunday.

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