Ring of Riley: Ring of Honor Review for 07/07/13

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Welcome back to Ring of Riley where I break down each segment and match of Ring of Honor. At the end of the review, I will talk about Riley’s Rewind which is the match that I cannot stop watching and Riley’s Regret which is the most cringe worthy moment of the hour long show. Also I will be awarding a top honor to a wrestler or wrestlers that stole the show; this honor is called Star of the Night. Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly are on commentary to talk about the fallout from Best in the World.

Alex Reynolds/John Silver vs. C&C Wrestle Factory—This is Silver and Reynolds debut in RoH. Cedric Alexander and Silver kick off the match and Cedric is kicking Silver’s ass with chops and a snapmare. He then kicks the man in the back of the head and goes for the pin but Silver kicks out. Here comes Caprice and he isn’t playing as he does a leg drop and goes for the pin. Here comes Alex Reynolds, he goes for the pump handle slam but Caprice counters. Holy shit Caprice can fucking move. He clothesline the John Morrison wannabe and he attacks the tag partner but Reynolds takes him down. Here comes Silver, fresh off the tag and Caprice is getting his ass kicked as they double team him. I’m not trying to be mean when I say this but I do not like Silver and Reynolds. To me, they are a broke version of Gillberg and John Morrison. Caprice double dropkicks them and tags in Cedric Alexander. He slams Silver down and goes for the pin but Reynolds breaks it up. Silver goes for the bridge pin but Caprice breaks it up. Caprice throws Reynolds over the top rope and Silver is trying to take him out but Alexander makes the save. They take down the petite wrestler and make him their bitch. HOLY FUCKING CATNIP I LOVE C&C Wrestle Factory. Winner: C&C Wrestle Factory

ACH and his partner TaDarius Thomas are watching from the back. We learn that C&C Wrestle Factory will take on the reDRagons next week.

Nigel McGuinness is in the ring talking about how the Best in the World iPPV reminded him of why he loves the company so much. He says that all the wrestlers gave their all. He mentions the main event which featured the Briscoe Brothers. He says that Jay Briscoe reinjured his shoulder and his back and that Mark has a severe concussion. Dude, why don’t you have the balls to admit that they are not coming back to Ring of Honor. Your loss will be someone else’s gain. Here comes Kevin Steen and he takes the mic from Nigel. He says that Nigel needs to put him in Steel Cage Warfare. The crowd is chanting for Nigel to do it but Nigel is balking at the request. Steen says he wants payback and that yes he started S.C.U.M. but he tells him to grow a set of balls and to put him in the match. Here comes members S.C.U.M. to circle the ring and to attack Steen. Here comes Jay Lethal, BJ Whitmer, and Michael Elgin to even the odds.

Veda Scott vs. MsChif—The match starts off with the two ladies shaking hands while getting up in one another’s face. MsChif flings her to the outside and follows her. MsChif flings her into the barricade and Veda tries to do the same to her but MsChif sends her flying again. She puts her in the ring and goes for the ring but Veda kicks out. Veda is trying to fight back by throwing elbows into the midsection or as Corino calls it ‘the babymaker’. Veda takes her down by clubbing her in the back of the knee and follows up with a dropkick to the chest. She has MsChif in the corner but she tries to counter it and Veda German Suplexes her. She charges at MsChif and knocks her thru the ropes. MsChif takes her down and gets in the ring as the referee counts to ten. Veda is trying to get to her feet and she rolls in at the count of 17. Holy Shit Veda is impressing me with her suplex and bridge pin. However my girl, MsChif kicks out and screams in Veda’s face. She delivers the Sky High and goes for the pin but Veda kicks out. MsChif nails her with the Desecrator and goes for another pin but Veda kicks out. MsChif is slamming Veda’s head into the turnbuckle. She nails Veda with the Obliteration which is a modified DDT. Winner: MsChif

Silas Young is on the microphone bitching about having to follow a women’s match. Hey you inbred jed, I am sure that those two women will continue to shine while your little sexist star fades to obscurity. Oh fuck no, I know he didn’t say a woman belongs in a kitchen. Oh hell no, someone better put him back in the cage he escaped from.

Silas Young vs. Adam Paige—the match starts off with both men trading blows and I hope Paige knocks that asshole back to the ‘50s. Young goes to the outside of the ring and Paige tries to do a baseball slide but Young moves out of the way. Paige dropkicks Young into the ribcage and then slams him into the barricade repeatedly. This match needs to be stopped so Young can take care of his wardrobe malfunction. No one wants to see your flabby ass cheek hanging out. Both men are on the apron fighting and Young slams him into the steel post. He charges at Paige who is resting by the barricade but Paige moves out of the way and sends Young crashing nuts first into the barricade. In order for it to hurt, he would have to have balls. Paige chops him but Young comes back with a headbutt. He stands on the barricade and here comes Paige to superplex him. HOLY SHIT this is why I love RoH. Paige puts him in the ring and goes to the top rope and takes him down with a crossbody. He goes for the pin but Young kicks out. Paige puts Young on the top turnbuckle and is chopping the shit out of him. Young punches him down and does a backbreaker on Paige. He goes for the pin but Paige kicks out. They are trading chops back and forth until Young kicks him. He goes for a full Nelson but Paige rolls him into a cradle pin. Winner: Adam Paige.

They shake hands but Silas Young in a pure bitch hissyfit attacks Paige.

Eddie Edwards vs. Matt Taven—Truth Martini and the Hoopla Hotties comes out to escort Taven. Dear Mr. Martini, Willy Wonka called and he wants his look back. This match is for the RoH Television Championship. The match starts off with a lockup and Edwards taking Taven down. Taven puts Edwards on the ropes and takes him down with a knee.  He kicks Edwards in his face and chops him off the top turnbuckle. As Taven is hanging upside down, Edwards dropkicks him.  He is chopping Taven as the referee counts. The Hoopla Hotties yell at him but Edwards ignores their shrill shrieks as the Willy Wonka Pimp version watches on. Both men are in the ring and Edwards goes for the surfboard. Edwards shifts him into a pin but Taven kicks out. Taven dropkicks Edwards off of the apron. While the referee is distracted Martini the Martian attacks Edwards. Back from commercial and Taven goes for the pin but Edwards kicks out. This match is truly one of the best I have ever seen. Taven suplexes Edwards and goes for the pin but Edwards kicks out. Taven has Edwards on the ropes but Edwards kicks him in the head and goes to the top rope and delivers a double foot stomp. He goes for the pin but Taven kicks out. Martini distracts him and one of the ladies throws in the belt. Taven DDTs Edwards. Winner: Taven

Riley’s Rewind—this honor goes to the tag match between C&C Wrestle Factory and Silver and Reynolds. All four men gave it their all and C&C gained me as a fan.

Riley’s Regret—this dishonor goes to RoH and Sinclair for not re-signing the Briscoe Brothers. Also this goes to Silas Young and his sexist comments. Dude, say that shit to MsChif’s face. I’ll get the popcorn ready and watch intently as she mops the floor with your whiny, pathetic ass.

Star of the Night—this honor goes to Eddie Edwards for putting on another stellar match. You have made me a believer.

In closing, I’m even more in love with RoH than ever before especially with Steve Corino on commentary. From their commentary, promos and matches this company knows how to appease their fans. If you don’t watch Ring of Honor, you are really missing out on a wonderful product. Thank you Ring of Honor for giving me hope for the future of wresting. Make sure you all check out http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-shark-attack-live. We’ll be airing Tuesday at 10pm ET Call in at (347) 945-6363. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!

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  1. Jason says:

    The skit about Silas Young was uncalled for.

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