Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 07-04-13

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Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. It’s the 4th of July special edition of Impact Wrestling taped from Las VegasNV. Last week, Impact Wrestling fans were shocked when Suicide pinned Kenny King to become the new X Division title only at the end of Impact Wrestling to reveal himself as Austin Aries. What will Hulk Hogan have to say about Aries’s conversational title win? Last week, Sting and Kurt Angle introduction the third new member of the new Main Event Mafia as Samoa Joe and promises tonight that another new member will be introduce tonight. Who will be the next new member of Main Event Mafia? Last week Adam Ohriner faced Ryan Howe in a Gut Check match which saw Ohriner defeat Howe. Who will go in front of the Gut Check judges to possibly earn a TNA Development contract? The Bound for Glory Series continues as tonight Joseph Park takes on Jeff Hardy. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


AJ Styles defeats Kazarian by submission in a Bound for Glory Series match

Hernandez pins Jay Bradley in a Bound for Glory Series match

“The Cowboy” James Storm & Gunner beat Bro Mans (Robbie E & Jessie) in a non title match

Jeff Hardy defeats Joseph Park by disqualification in a Bound for Glory Series match

Ryan Howe does not receive a TNA Development contract in Gut Check

Chris Sabin pins Austin Aries in a triple threat match to become the new TNA X Division Champion


No Impact


I Don’t Get Released & Then I Go & Have A Shitty Match On TV!

Ok TNA releases Christian York but keeps Jay Bradley under contact and has a barely decent match tonight against Hernandez. Hernandez dominated most of the match especially with hitting Air Mexico and Border Toss on Bradley. Bradley’s only major offense was raking Hernandez’s eyes which sad. I was kind of hoping for a “Heel” turn by Chavo Guerrero but that didn’t happen tonight but I still for it because Hernandez needs someone to put him over and Guerrero is the perfect guy to do it. All I can say about this match is don’t waste your time watching.


Ryan Howe; You Suck! That’s My Final Decision!!!

Ok so let get this straight TNA. First you get rid of Adam Ohriner “The Big O” and Bruce Prichard has the balls to tell Ohriner “To get out of their O Zone.” Way to go there Prichard. As we didn’t have enough reasons to hate your guts. Then Ryan Howe goes before the Gut Check judges and gets denied a TNA Development contract. No Shit as Howe sucked in the ring and his gimmick sucked worst then the “Beaver Cleavage” gimmick. (If you get the “Beaver Cleavage” then once again welcome to Middle Age. You’re Welcome!) Any idiot in their right mind knew that Howe sucked and had no business even getting in front of the Gut Check judges, it should have been Ohriner out there. I know my good buddy John Mayer gave a Reality Check on the subject as John is a big supporter of Ohriner as he has wrestle for Pro Wrestling Syndicate. Personally at  this point I think that TNA should just do away with Gut Check all too together.

OK Impact


We Actually Make A Good Tag Team Bro!!!

Wow I was shock by the team work of Robbie E and Jessie AKA Bro Mans tonight when they took on “The Cowboy” James Storm and Gunner. I thought that Jessie was impressive tonight as he hit an impressive drop kick on Gunner and several double team moves with Robbie E. The two did a great job taking turns working on Gunner until Gunner came back with a fall away slam and tags in Storm who goes to town on Jessie and Robbie E hitting Closing Time to Jessie which allows Gunner to hit an impressive back breaker followed by a double team move with Storm that allows Storm to pin Jessie for the win. Despite the loss, I expect to see the Bro Mans to get a title shot against Storm and Gunner down the road.


Holy Shit! I’m Not Listed Under “No Impact” This Week

Ok I think that this is the first time I haven’t given a Joseph Park singles match a “No Impact.” I think that the fact that Jeff Hardy was the factor that helped make this match alright. Hardy kept the match at a fast pace much as possible hitting a Twist of Fate followed a Swanton Bomb which Park is able to roll out of the way. Later in the match, Park hits an impressive Samoa Drop on Hardy but Hardy comes back with a cork screw off the ropes taking Park. The match ended with a disqualification after seeing blood on his face, Black Hole slams the referee. Again the match was decent but I think that this most likely will be a one time deal.

High Impact


What Do You Mean I Don’t Get My Title Shot? I’m The Greatest Man To Ever Live!!!

Everyone was wondering where TNA was going with Aries walking out with the X Division title as I thought that TNA was going to have Aries face Bully Ray on the 18th for the TNA title. However TNA decided to throw a curve ball by having Hogan announce that Aries was going to defend the X Division title tonight against Manik formerly known as Suicide and Chris Sabin. I loved how Aries pointed how some people love him referencing his fan base. I liked how Aries own up scamming his way into winning the X Division title as nobody including myself was expecting it. Having Aries defend the title against Sabin was brilliant on TNA’s part and the fans in Las Vegas were the real winners.


Get Ready To Give Me My 10 Points

You’ve got to love Christopher Daniels and Kazarian as they came down to the ring dress as Siegfried & Roy which I was laughing my ass off. Styles vs. Kazarian was perfect way to start off the night as these two put on one hell of a match.  The two know each other with Kazarian hitting an amazing drop kick on Styles as later in the match, Styles hits his own drop kick on Kazarian. I loved the nice spring board forearm off the ropes that Styles hit on Kazarian. I like that Styles won the match by using the Calf Killer as it gave ten points which help Styles move up the Bound for Glory Series score board.


Being Bad Never Looked So Damn Good!

If anybody who was thinking that Mickie James wasn’t embracing her “Heel” persona then they be dead wrong. Mickie came to the ring and cut one hell of a promo on the other Knockouts and talk about how she was the one walking the red carpets, getting the commercial endorsements and is the greatest women’s wrestler in this century. Mickie makes a point to make it clear whether it’s Gail Kim or Taryn Terrell who gets the Knockouts title shot against her that she will beat with no sweat. I think what I love about Mickie’s “Heel” turn is facial expressions especially with her eyes. Fans were still cheering for Mickie despite her “Heel” turn which I count myself among them.


You’re Looking At The Real Main Event!!!

Last week  Samoa Joe joined the new Main Even Mafia after his match last week after beating Mr. Anderson. This was cool as Joe was a member of the previous version of Main Event Mafia. This week Main Event Mafia named its newest member in the form of Magnus. I think it’s great that TNA is putting Magnus in a major storyline as he truly is the future of TNA. Magnus was well spoken during his promo and actually made you believe that he’s a main eventer. If TNA did anything right tonight it was pushing Magnus because he is over with the fans and it be about pushing young talent like Magnus. I can’t to see who is going to be the next member of the Main Event Mafia.


Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin; Nuff Said!!!

Lots of fans bitch about TNA not highlighting the X Division got their wish as Austin Aries defended the TNA X Division against Chris Sabin and Manik formerly known as Suicide in a triple threat match that has was off the hook. The match started off with Sabin and Manik fighting each other who was going to beat the shit out of Aries until a fourth way into the match; DOC of “Aces & Eights” took out Manik with one hell of a power bomb as “Aces & Eights” were out at ring side to make sure that there was no winner. The match ready picked up as now was just Sabin vs. Aries. With the Main Event Mafia keeping “Aces & Eights” from interfering in the match; Sabin and Aries stole the damn show. These two kept countering each others moves and escaping near pin attempts. From Aries hitting the Brainbuster on Sabin to Sabin hitting Hail Sabin on Aries, the action was great. Sabin finally defeated Aries to regain the X Division by hitting Hail Sabin on Aries from the top rope. Now Sabin has the chance to cash in the X Division title at Destination X to face Bully Ray for the TNA World Heavyweight title.

Show Rating: 8 ¾      


Final Thought

This week’s Impact Wrestling was just not damn good, it was F@CKING DAMN GOOD! Styles and Kazarian has damn good match in the Bound for Glory Series. Robbie E and Jessie actually showed that they are going to be a decent tag team in their match against Storm and Gunner. Mickie James cut one hell of an impressive promo putting herself as the dominant Knockout of the Knockouts division. Magnus was made a member of the Main Event Mafia and finally Austin Aries and Chris Sabin put on a 4 Star match that is for sure a top contender for Match of the Year. The bad points of tonight’s show were the Hernandez vs. Jay Bradley which sucked and the whole Gut Check segment which Bruce Prichard needs to have his ass kick by The Big O for disrespecting him by using catch phrase against him as he was leaving disappointed that he had been eliminated from Gut Check. I can’t wait to see what is next for Chris Sabin and I can’t to see Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell in a ladder match to see who is going to face Mickie James for the TNA Knockouts title.


Star of the Night: Austin Aries & Chris Sabin 

 Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

Bound for Glory Series Scoreboard

Magnus                      24 Points

Samoa Joe                  19 Points

AJ Styles                    12 Points

Jeff Hardy                 10 Points

Austin Aries                7 Points

Christopher Daniels    7 Points

Hernandez                   7 Points

Mr. Anderson              7 Points

Jay Bradley                  0 Points

Kazarian                      0 Points

Bobby Roode               0 Points

Joseph Park            -10 Points

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