PIPE BOMB! TNA  Are Idiots


With Billy James

Ok Mayer Nation, It’s time. It’s time for a PIPE BOMB! I know it’s been a while since I’ve dropped a PIPE BOMB! but I’m sure as all of you know life can keep you busy. In my case, it’s work and a new wife. I was at work yesterday reading the wrestling news site that I always look at saw that TNA released several Superstars and Knockouts. While reading through the names, I came across three names that pissed me off that TNA had the stupidity to release these talents. I’m referring to Christian York, Taeler Hendrix and Madison Rayne. So get ready because I’m dropping a 4th of July size PIPE BOMB! on TNA’s ass.

Ok so five TNA stars were released today including the ones I mention above plus Joey Ryan and Crimson. The reasons for the releases were given as cost cutting measures done by TNA Management as these talents were being paid a monthly guarantee with an additional fee when they were booked for events. So the thought of TNA Management was since those who were cut were not being used regularly so there was no need to keep them under contract. I guess I can see TNA line of thinking there but my problem is why not cutting out paying guys like King Mo and Rampage Jackson who aren’t even wrestling for the company?

I have to say that I’m not upset about Crimson and Joey Ryan being released. Crimson had been with TNA for three years in TNA and despite some big pushes Crimson never really got over with the fans in my opinion. I thought Crimson was ok in the ring; he left lot to be desire in mic skills. Crimson was never able to cut a decent promo to save his life. I guess that my big problem with Crimson is the fact that he has no personality. So releasing Crimson was the right move on TNA’s part and if I was the one making the decisions, I would have done the same thing.

Joey Ryan is a totally different story as my biggest problem with Ryan was the fact that his in ring performances did not live up the hype. Ryan had all the charisma but to me, Ryan sucked in the ring. Ryan could have been a great X Division star or could been a good tag team partner for someone say like Robbie E. I liked Ryan’s character and wonder if Ryan wasn’t just a victim of bad booking. Either way it doesn’t matter at this point because Ryan couldn’t put on good solid matches and letting Ryan go was the right move.

Now to the first of the three releases that have me pissed off with TNA is Christian York. York who is a 16 + year pro should have never had to go through Gut Check in the first place. Then take in the fact that York wrestled Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode and Rob Van Dam in matches that were damn especially that Hardy was the TNA Champion at the time. York was getting over with the fans and was getting very good pops from the crowds at Impact Wrestling shows. To me York would have made a great upper mid carder for TNA and could help put over new talent down the road. The big problem for York now is his age. York is 36 years old and the odds of York being hired by the WWE are slim to none. York could get hired by Ring of Honor but other then that, York is stuck on the Independent scene.

Taeler Hendrix surprised by as being one of the five released at I thought that Hendrix was great addition to the Knockouts division as Hendrix could have been groomed as the next home grown talent. Hendrix had been in OVW from 2010 two years before she won the Gut Check contract with TNA and has won the OVW Women’s  three times. While Hendrix has only wrestled three times on Impact Wrestling and lost each time, Hendrix did a good job in all three matches. I have seen some matches of Hendrix’s matches from OVW and Ring of Honor which were very good. I have read more into Hendrix’s release and it appears that it was Hendrix herself that ask to be released from her TNA contact. I’m not sure how this will affect the current storyline that Hendrix is in at OVW but I think we’ll be seeing more of Taeler Hendrix maybe even in the WWE.

I think that the biggest shock out of these release had to be Madison Rayne. Rayne has been with TNA since 2009 when she debut going against Awesome Kong and later would join the Beautiful People. During her four years in TNA, Madison held the TNA Knockouts title four times and was also a two time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion becoming the first person to hold both titles at the same time. I have always thought that Madison Rayne was very good in ring performer and a damn good “Heel” I have had the chance to see Rayne wrestle twice at TNA house shows that I went to in Pensacola FL and Knoxville TN. Both times I met Madison Rayne, she was real nice and had no problem signing autographic or had any attitude toward fans. With Rayne, TNA decided not to renew Rayne’s contract as it had expired. It’s possible that after Rayne has her baby and is back in ring shape, Rayne will be back in TNA. I hope so because Rayne is important part of the Knockouts division in my opinion.

So if you have been paying attention three of the five who were released were Gut Check winners. I think that Gut Check is now becoming a joke as TNA ignores talent that they should sign and sign talent that suck. My good buddy and the leader of the Mayer Nation; “The Empire” John Mayer wrote a Reality Check about TNA f@cking up by not even giving Adam Ohriner even the chance to state his case in front of the TNA Gut Check judges after Ohriner had wrestled Ryan Howe last week. I thought that Ohriner did a damn good job last week in his match last week despite his opponent not being that great. I think that TNA f@cked up big time by not signing Ohriner because I wouldn’t be surprised if Ohriner gets a WWE development contract in the near future.

TNA it’s time to wake up and start making smart decisions as it comes to the TNA Roster. If you want to make cost cutting measures then don’t sign guys like King Mo and Rampage Jackson who aren’t even going to wrestle for you.  Also cut the salaries of Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan and Eric Bischoff so you can the talent who deserve it. Finally start doing smart booking and better storylines with original talent. If anyone in TNA management is reading this PIPE BOMB! then let me make this suggestion to you. Get rid of your current head of creative and hire me because I can do a ten time better job then Bruce Prichard.


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